Letter to William Thompson, 2 November 1839

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Nov. 2nd 1839— Mr William Thompson— Dear Sir— by the directions of Joseph Smith Junr I write to inform you that a town lot is selected & reserved for you— supposed to be the one of your choice— being situated on the a few rods below s [Sidney Rigdon’s]— and is a fine and full lot of 11 by 12 rods square— the pieces of Town are regulated by the high council— and the one Selected for you is of the first sort and comes at $800.— The council expect to erect for the church public & business buildings as soon as funds shall be recd from the [p. 29] sale of their Lots— this was also from Joseph who recently left here (for City ) in company with and — very respectfully yours—
for the Ch
Wm Thompson Esq)
Peor[i]a Ill.)
A true Copy sent pr order of Joseph & the council— [p. 30]