Letter, William W. Phelps to J. White, 21 December 1843

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City of Ill Dec 21, 1843
Sir:— Two letters, were put into my hands this morning relative to the witnesses of ’s innocence as to being accessory to horse stealing some three or four years since: In the first place was abducted from this state contrary to law; in the second place the principal fin felony in <​by the Law of​> , should be indicted within three years, &c Again: the Revised statutes of have a wise provision in such cases as ’s. If <​therefore​> will sue out a Commission, according to the law concerning Depositions, (R. S. page 219 to 222) directed to Alderman an acting Justice of the peace for the city of , and County of the necessary testimony to establish ’s innocence, will be taken, according to law, and forwarded to the proper officer in due time.
Respectfully &c
J White Esq)
Dep Sh’ff Clark Co. Mo)
P. S. You will have the politenes to show thiz to [p. [1]]
Decr. 21, 1843
Letter to J. White Esqre.
Dep. Sheriff of Clark Co. Mo.
respecting ’s innocence &c [p. [2]]


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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.