License for Christian Whitmer, 9 June 1830

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A Liberty Power & Authority
Given to signifying & proveing that he is a of this established & regularly organized in these last days A D 1830 on the 6th day of April All of which has been done by the will of God the Father according to his holy calling & the gift & power of the Holy Ghost agreeable to the revelations of Jesus Christ given to Joseph Smith Jun the of the Church signifying that he has been & received into the Church according to the Articles & Covenants of the Church & under the hand of who is an Apostle of our Lord an Elder of the Church
Signed by (Joseph Smith Jr first Elder
( Second Elder
Given to the Bearer in held in Seneca County NY June 9th 1830 [p. [1]]


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    The title of the license, “A License Liberty Power & Authority,” reflects other contemporary legal language, including that found in the New York laws for incorporating religious societies. (An Act to Provide for the Incorporation of Religious Societies [5 Apr. 1813], Laws of the State of New-York [1813], vol. 2, pp. 212–219; see also An Act Supplementary to the Act, Entitled “An Act to Provide for the Incorporation of Religious Societies,” Passed April 5th, 1813 [12 Apr. 1822], Laws of the State of New-York [1822], chap. 187, p. 187.)  

    Laws of the State of New-York, Revised and Passed at the Thirty-Sixth Session of the Legislature, With Marginal Notes and References. 2 Vols. Albany: H. C. Southwick and Company, 1813.

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    TEXT: A thick black ink smudge is found below Oliver Cowdery’s signature, running about the length of his name. Cowdery presumably made the smudge to ensure that no other signatures were added below his.