Lilburn W. Boggs, Affidavit, 20 July 1842, William Clayton Copy [Extradition of JS for Accessory to Assault]

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State of Missouri,) Ss [scilicet]
County of .)
This day personally appeared before me a Justice of the peace within and for the County of the subscriber who being duly sworn doeth depose and say that on the night of the sixth day of May 1842 while sitting in his dwelling in the Town of in the County of , he was shot with intent to kill, and that his life was dispaired of for several days, and that he believes, and has good reason to believe from evidence and information now in his possession, that Joseph Smith commonly called the Mormon Prophet was accessary before the fact of the intended murder; and that the said Joseph Smith is a citizen or resident of the State of , and the said hereby applies to the of the State of to make a demand on the of the State of , to deliver the said Joseph Smith commonly called the Mormon Prophet to some person authorised to receive and convey him to the and aforesaid, there to be dealt with according to Law.
Sworn to and subscribed before me this 20th. day of July 1842
J.P [8 lines blank] [p. [6]]
State of
Office of Secretary of State
I , Secretary of State, of the State of , do hereby certify the foregoing to be a true and perfect copy of the demand of the of the State of upon the of this , for the apprehension and Surrender of Joseph Smith who is charged with being a fugitive from justice, and the affidavit of attached to the same, which are on file in this office
L. S
In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the Great Seal of at this thirty first day of December A. D. 1842
Secretary of State
I do hereby certify the foregoing to be true copies of the demand and affidavit upon which the writ for the apprehension of Joseph Smith was this day issued
Dec— 31— 1842
Sec. of State [p. [7]]


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    TEXT: “L. S” (locus sigilli, Latin for “location of the seal”) enclosed in a hand-drawn representation of a seal.