Marriage License for Robert B. Thompson and Mercy Fielding, 2 June 1837

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The State of Ohio,)
, ss.)
PERMISSION IS HEREBY GIVEN TO & of the County of aforesaid, to be joined together in the bands of MATRIMONY; and any Minister of the Gospel, resident in the State of aforesaid, who has a license from any of the Courts of Common Pleas within said , in conformity to the provisions of an act entitled “An act to regulate Marriages;” or any Justice of the Peace in said , who has been duly commissioned and sworn, is hereby authorised to solemnize the Marriage contract between the parties aforesaid.
GIVEN from under my hand, and the seal of my office, at the town of , in said , the 2d day of June Anno Domini, one thousand eight hundred and thirty seven—
Sanford & Lott, printers, . [p. [1]]
<​Maried the within named [3 words illegible] day of June 1837​>
Licence [p. [2]]


  1. 1

    TEXT: Decorative border around text of license. “MARRIAGE” included in the decorative border on the left-side.  

  2. 2

    TEXT: To the left of this paragraph is an embossed seal.  

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    Insertions in unidentified handwriting.  

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    Docket probably in handwriting of Mercy Fielding Thompson.