Memorial to the United States Senate and House of Representatives, 28 November 1843

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To the honorable the Senate and house of Representatives of the United States, in Congress assembled
The Memorial of the undersigned Inhabitants of in the State of respectfully sheweth:
That they belong to the Society of Latter Day Saints, commonly called Mormons, that a portion of our people commenced settling in Missouri, in the Summer of 1831, where they purchased Lands and settled upon them with the intention and expectation of becoming permanent Citizens in Common with others.
From a very early period after the Settlement began, a very unfriendly feeling was manifested by the neighboring people; and as the Society increased, this unfriendly Spirit also increased until it— degenerated into a cruel and unrelenting persecution and the Society was at last compelled to leave the . An Account of these unprovoked persecutions has been published to the world, yet we deem it not improper to embody a few of the most prominent items in this memorial and lay them before your honorable body.
On the 20th. of July 1833 a mob collected at , a deputation or Committee from which, called upon a few members of our Church there, and stated to them that the , , and all Mechanic Shops belonging to our people must be closed forthwith, and the Society leave the immediately. These Conditions were so unexpected and so hard, that a short time was asked for [to] consider on the subject before an Answer could be given, which was refused, and when some of our men answered that they could not consent to comply with such propositions, the work of destruction— commenced. The , a valuable two story brick building, was destroyed by the Mob, and with it much valuable property; they next went to the for the same purpose, but one of the Owners thereof, agreeing to close it, they abandoned their design. A series of outrages was then commenced by the mob upon individual members of our Society; was dragged from his house and family, where he was first partially stripped of his clothes and then tarred and feathered from head to foot. A man by the name of was also tarred at the same time. Three days afterwards the Mob assembled in great numbers, bearing a red flag, and proclaiming that, unless the Society would leave “en masse,” every man of them should be killed. Being in a defenceless situation, to avoid a general massacre, a treaty was entered into and ratified, by which it was agreed that one half of the Society should leave the by the first of January, and the remainder by the first of April following. In October, while our people were gathering their crops and otherwise preparing to fulfil their part of the treaty, the mob again collected without any provocation, shot at some of our people, whipped others, threw down their houses, and committed many other depredations; the Members of the Society were for some time harassed, both day and night, their houses assailed and broken open, and their Women and Children insulted and abused. The of & Co. was broken open, ransacked, and some of the goods strewed in the Streets. These repeated assaults so aroused the indignant feelings of our people that a small party thereof on one occasion, when wantonly abused, resisted the mob, a conflict ensued, in which one of our people [p. 1]
28th Cong.)
1 Sess)
Memorial of inhabitants of in Illinois, praying redress for injuries to th[eir] persons & property by [the] lawless proceedings of citizens of .
1844 April 5 referred to [the] com: on the Judiciary.
Mr Temple. [p. 1a]
and some two or three of their Assailants were killed. This unfortunate affair raised the whole in Arms, and we were required forthwith to Surrender our arms and leave the . Fifty one Guns were given up, which have never been returned or paid for to this day. Parties of the Mob from 30 to 70 in number then scoured the Country in every direction, threatening and abusing Women and Children, until they were forced, first to take shelter in the woods and prairies at a very inclement Season of the year, and finally to make their escape to , where the people permitted them to take refuge for a time.
After the Society had left , their buildings amounting to about two hundred, were either burned or otherwise destroyed, with a great portion of their crops, as well as furniture, stock &c for which they have not as yet received any remuneration. The Society remained in , nearly three years, when in compliance with the demands of the Citizens there, it was determined to remove to that Section of Country, known afterwards as . In order to secure our people from molestation, the members of the Society bought out most of the former Inhabitants of what is now , and also entered much of the wild land, then belonging to the in that Section of Country, fondly hoping that as we were American Citizens, obeying the laws, and assisting to support the government, we would be protected in the use of homes which we had honestly purchased from the general government and fully paid for. Here we were permitted to enjoy peace for a Season, but as our Society increased in numbers, and settlements were made in and Carrol Counties, unfounded jealousies sprung up among our neighbors, and the spirit of the Mob was soon manifested again. The people of our Church who had located themselves at , were compelled by the Mob to leave the place,— notwithstanding the Militia were called out for their protection. From the mob went to , and while on their way took some of our people prisoners and greatly abused and mistreated them. Our people had been driven by force from ; they had been compelled to leave and sell their lands there, for which they have never been paid; they had finally settled in where they had purchased and paid for nearly all the Government land within its limits, in order to secure homes where they could live and worship in peace, but even here they were soon followed by the Mob. The Society remained in from 1836 until the fall of 1838, and during that time had acquired, by purchase from the Government, the Settlers, and preemptions, almost all the lands in the County of , and a portion of those in and Carrol Counties. Those Counties when our people first commenced their Settlements were for the most part wild and uncultivated, and they had converted them into large and well improved farms, well stocked. Lands had risen in value from ten to 25 dollars per acre, and those Counties were rapidly advancing in Cultivation and wealth. In August 1838 a riot commenced growing out of the attempt of a member of the Society to vote, which resulted in creating great— excitement and many scenes of lawless outrage. A large mob under the conduct of came into the vicinity of , drive off our Stock and abused our people, another party came into , took away our horses and cattle, burnt our houses, and ordered the inhabitants to leave their homes immediately.
By orders of and a company of about 60 men went to disperse this mob under the command of . A conflict ensued in which and two of his men were killed and others wounded. A mob party from two to three hundred in number, many of whom are supposed to have come from , fell on our people and notwithstanding they begged for quarters [p. 2]
[verso of page 2 blank]
shot down and killed Eighteen, as they would so many Wild Beasts.
They were finally compelled to fly from those Counties; and on the 11th. of October 1838, they sought safety by that means, with their families, leaving many of their effects behind; that they had previously applied to the constituted authorities of for protection but in vain. The Society were pursued by the Mob, Conflicts ensued, deaths occurred on each side, and finally a force was organized under the authority of the of the State of , with orders to drive us from the , or exterminate us. Abandoned and attacked by those to whom we had looked for protection, we determined to make no further resistance but submit to the authorities of the , and yield to our fate however hard it might be. Several members of the Society were arrested and imprisoned on a charge of treason against the ; and the rest amounting to above 14,000 Souls, fled into the other states, principally into , where they now reside.
Your memorialists would further state, that they have heretofore petitioned your Honorable Body praying redress for the injuries set forth in this memorial but the Committee to whom our petition was referred, reported, in substance, that the general government had no power in the case; and that we must look for relief to the Courts and the Legislature of . In reply, your Memorialists would beg leave to state that they have repeatedly applied to the authorities of in vain, that though they are American Citizens, at all times ready to obey the laws and support the institutions of the Country, none of us would dare enter for any such purpose, or for any purpose whatever. Our property was seized by the Mob, or lawlessly confiscated by the , and we were forced at the point of the Bayonet to sign Deeds of Trust relinquishing our property but the exterminating order of the of is still in force and we dare not return to claim our just rights— the Widows and Orphans of those slain, who could legally sign no deeds of Trust, dare not return to claim the Inheritance left them by their Murdered Parents.
It is true the Constitution of the gives to us in Common with all other native or adopted Citizens, the right to enter and settle in , but an executive order has been issued to exterminate us if we enter the , and that part of the Constitution becomes a nullity so far as we are concerned.
Had any foreign State or power committed a similar outrage upon us, we cannot for a moment doubt that the strong arm of the general government would have been stretched out to redress our <​wrongs, and we flatter ourselves that the same power will either redress redress our​> grievances or shield us from harm in our efforts to regain our lost property, which we fairly purchased from the general government.
Finally your Memorialists, pray your Honorable Body to take their wrongs into consideration, receive testimony in the case, and grant such relief as by the Constitution and Laws you may have power to give.
And your Memorialists will every pray &c
, Illinois, November 28th. 1843.
Whole number of Names 3419
Joseph Smith Mayor Counsellor
Aldermen Counsellors
City Marshal
, Recorder
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Signers Names Signers Names
<​Signed the memorial​> John A. Forgeus
David Brinton
Ann Hunter Robert Maxton
Edward Hunter Jr James Downing
Margaret Calhoun John F Renault
Matilda Streeper
David L Rising Martha A Reanault
Louisa C Rising Wm. A Gheen
Abel Butterfield Margaret Sutherland
Caroline Butterfield Nancey Sutherland
Margret Johnson
Silas Nowell Augustus Stafford
Nancy Nowell Martha Stafford
Charlotte Barnes
Henry B Jacobs Wm. C Patten
Francis Welch Ann Patten
James Barnes Allis Walworth
Wm Parshall William Walworth
A M Parshall Catherine Barker
Thomas Barker
Catherine Malin Alfred Pew
Sarah Malin Elizabeth Pew
Eliza Ann Malin Catharine Petty
Samuel Malin Wm Holidge
O[smyn] M Dewel
Charles Bird
Mary Ann Bird William Allen
B. A. Russell Maria Wiles
Margaret B. Russell Margret Wells
Margaret P Downing James Twist
Thomazon D. Woodward Jane Ann Twist
Sarah D Foster Robin W. Bedwill
Addison Greene Elizabeth Bedwill
Amanda Greene George Babcock
Nathan K. Knight Amanda Babcock
Naomia Knight Eliphay Marsh
Hannah Marsh M. D.
[p. 4]
[verso of page 4 blank]
Constantia E Hutchinson
Elizabeth [Hughes] Jones Margaret Copeland
Catharine <​A​> Jones
Mary E Jones Susan Eagle
William Jones Jur
Charlote Jones S. A. Woolley
Mercy Jones Mary Woolley
Anna me◊◊ih Jones Samuel Woolley
Sarah metilda Jones Ellen Wilding
Warren Markham Rachel Woolley
Ira Williams John Woolley
Elizabeth Corbredgy Franklin Woolley
Mary Corbredy Susanna Garman
James Corbredy Q. S. Sparks
Silvia [Butterfield] Morey Alles [illegible]
Sarah Stanford
J W Johnson Edward Stanford
Elizabeth Johnson Nancy W Ott
Frank Ott
Andrew Cahoon Jacob K Butterfield
Alexander Walker
Lydia A Bates Lorenzo Wells
Louis Walker
Louisa Butterfield
Jammima Bell
Uriah B Johnson
Henry C Coltrin Simean Mc.intier
Alpha E Davis Isabella Mc.intier
Benjamin Davis Josh. Billington
Mary Brown Martha Billington
A M B Perry Eliza Billington
Minerva A. Reed Peter Mattice
Samuel Bell
[p. 5]
[verso of page 5 blank]
John Halliday
Emily Halliday
Thomas Dollinger
Eliza Dollinger
J T D Turnball
Lacindia Turnball
Abrm Palmer
P D Palmer
John Laird
Marion Laird
[p. 6]
[verso of page 6 blank]
Sarah [Phinney] Foster Abel Lamb
Hannah Mail Almira Lamb
Edward Pugh Ann Martin
John Procter Sen ◊◊◊an Staines
Jane Proctor Philip Smith
Thomas Proctor Sarah Smith
Samuel Hodge James Hawkins
Theo. J. T. Foster John Parry
Ann Parry
Rhoda Ann [Marvin] Fullmer Henry Nelson
Hannah M. Boynton Isaac Nelson
Abram D Boynton Thomas Nelson
Wm. Milam Betcy Nelson
Elizabeth Milam James Jepson
Thomas Sanders Eleanor Jepson
Mary Thompson Thomas Corbitt
Augustine Morey Ann Corbitt
Moses Olmstead Mary Corbitt
Almira Olmstead James Jarret
Joseph S Scofield Mary Jarret
Clarrissa A Scofield Joseph Barron
Hiram Mace Wm. Box
Elizabeth Mace Jane Brown
Henry E Lamoreaux Joseph Bostwik
Harriet Lamomoreax Ann Bostwik
John Haven James Gorden
Judith S Haven Mary Gorden
Maria S Haven
A. P. Murray Electa Murdock
Lorenzo Murray Arthur Boscow
Thomas Jones Emma Boscow
Mary Jones Ann Thompson
Samuel West Daniel Burch jr
Margaret West Ann Burch
Ralph Thompson Daniel Burch Sen
[p. 7]
[verso of page 7 blank]
Jesse Higgins
Moses Maham Susan Higgins
James Goff Nathanel Higgins
Robert Campbell Maryann Higgins
Susanna Campbell
Jesse Lambson
Ruth Lambson
Fidilia Gillett
Nelson Lambson Roxsina Repsher
Loisa Lambson Edward F Repsher
Mary Jane Robbins Mary Pugh
Lo◊◊◊na Baliey Elizabeth Davis
Alford Lambson Persifor L Maxton
Charles Robinis John Binley
Mary Maxton
Ann Riley
Elizabeth L. Ivins George Washington Boyde
William N S Ivins
Mary S Ivins— Lucy Scovil
Joel F Scovil
Mary S Ivins
Robert Ivins Lucy L Scovil
Garret C. Ivins Sariah Scovil
Jacob C Ivins
Mary ann Ivins
Rachel R Ivins Wm E Horner
Abraham Hoover
Mary A Young
John A. Forgeus
Brigham A Young
Elizabeth Young
Vilate Young Rosannah Forgeus
Hunting Johnson
Mary A Young Jemima Johnson
Fany Muray
Haritt Cook Lucy Ann Munjar
[p. 8]
[verso of page 8 blank]
John Harrington Marcellus L. Bates
Martha Harrington
Richard Garstang
Sarah Garstang Orissa A. Allred
James Proctor Julia A Bates
letis Proctor Horace Roberts
William Hartley Harriett Roberts
Helen Hartley Margaret Wilcocks
Joseph A Kelling Mariah Burgess
Elizabeth Kelling
Dionitia Plum Andrew J. Clothier
Nelson McCarty Alzina M. Easton
Mary Jane McCarty Amy Clothier
Delilah Morace
Vina Holaster Elizabeth Musick
Almira Babbit Gehial Hildreth
Phebe Graves Elizabeth Rowe
Elisa A Graves Louisa Hildreth
lydia Haddock Samuel Simpson
Emily Haddock Eleanor Simpson
Joseph Horne
A. M. Harding Mary J Horne
V. O. Harding Edmund Q Carbine
Mary Adelia Carbine
Dorothy Chase Adelia Carbine
Lucinda Chase William Van Orden
Julia Ann Van Orden
Elisa M Greene Charlotte A Van Orden
Jacob Zundel Peter E Van Orden
Sarah Zundel Everette Van Orden
John Zundel William Carbine
Christina Zundel Mary H Van Orden
Arvet L L Hale
Magdalin Moeser Rachel J S Hale
N. N. Davis David Candlands
Thomas Richmond
Sarah Richmond Mary Ann Yearsley
[p. 9]
[verso of page 9 blank]
Leonora Amy
Olive B Hale Dustin Amy
Olive A. Montgomery James A. Banister
Lettice Bent
George Wm. Fowler Helen Soby
Hanna Wilkinson Jeane Lathrop
James Moses
Eliza Moses Wm. M Powers
James Mccl◊◊◊d Mary A Powers
Roswell Ferre
John Wat◊◊◊ Israel Harriman
Asahel Howe
Fanny Howe
S[amuel] M. Marr Samuel M Howe
Fanny L Howe
Susan E Howe
Amos Davis—
George W. Crouse E M Davis—
Cathrine G. Crouse
Louisa Cahoon
Juliaett Bowen
Nancy Shumaker
Alonzo W. Whitney Lois Cutler
Gustavus Williams
Maria H Williams
Henry Hoagland
Emely S Hoagland
Edw. Johnson
David Stoker Elizabeth Hills
John Stoker Docia Houston
John McDaniels Isaac Houston
Jane M. Houston
Rebecca Hodges
Catherine Rhoads
[p. 10]
[verso of page 10 blank]
Samuel Miles jr
Hannah Worthen Joseph Hartshorne
Thomas Speirs Fanny Hartshorne
Mary Speirs Thomas M Harrell
James Rodeback Asher Baldwin
Phebe Rodeback Jane Baldwin
James Standing Rosannah Beecher
Sarah Gibbs Eli Houghton
Deborah Houghton
Jacob Zundel
Sarah Zundel
Samuel Williams Zepheniah Warren
Cornelia Ann Warren
Ruth Williams Samuel Wood
Sally Wood
Pearis Raymond Olive Smith
Rebecca Raymond Ann B Bowermaster
Pearis A Raymond Martha Orsen
Henry Boley
Barbary Boley
Wm. H. Woodbury Sarah Ann Smith
Clarissa H Woodbury Henry Boley jr
John W. Bell
Ann Bell Sophia Botsford
R. D. Sprague Jabez Botsford
Louisa M, Sprague Thomas Johnson
Polly Deuel Patience Johnson
John S. Twiss William Ralphs
Charles A. Adams Elizabeth Ralphs
Ezra Fait◊◊◊◊ George Wardle
Moses Adams Fanny Wardle
Edward Miller Francis Fox
Clarissa Miller Cynthia Fox
Joseph W. Pierce Elijah N Freeman
Amanda M Pierce Roxann Freeman
Daniel Hill John Hill
Elizabeth Hill Margrat Hill
[p. 11]
[verso of page 11 blank]
Rebecca White Samuel White
Rebecca White
Malinda White Richard Kempton
Hiram Kempton
Shadrach Driggs Caroline Kempton
Eliza Driggs
Hannah Kempton Mary Coltrin
John Kempton Chloe Thayer
Miriam T Kempton Elizabeth M Wight
Levi Loveland Elizabeth Ann Thayer
Hannah Loveland Simeon Thayer
Daniel Dye Joseph Godfry
Ann Dye Eliza Godfry
Isaac Ashton Abigail Ashton
Edward Martin Henry White
Alice Martin Sarah Buckwater
William Pitt Meriness Loveland
Caroline Pitt Renby Loveland
Mary Pitt Samuel Oliver Holmes
Ellen S Edwards Eliza Holmes
Richard Barlow Eliza Barlowe
Eli Colby
Margaret Foutz Susan Colby
John Stevens Ruben C Spaulding
Elizabeth Stevens Mariah Spaulding
Increase Van Densen William Jenkins
Maria Van Densen Eliza Jenkins
James Smithis Charles ayson
Ann Smithis Maria ayson
Hanah Smith Joseph Fisher
Samuel. G. Smith Evelina Fisher
John. P. Smith John Pirce
Andrew W Smith Mary Pierce
Wealthy Pratt Maria L Brown
John Worthen Samuel Brown
John Butler
Archibald Patten Sophia J Stiles
Perces Stiles
[p. 12]
[verso of page 12 blank]
Numan Bludget Charles [W.] Hubbard
Elizabeth G Bludget Mary Ann [Bosworth] Hubbard
Lydia Carter Sally Baker
William Player Andrew Moore
Zillah Player Rebecca Moore
James Grocott Amanda J Moore
Ann Grocott Mary Moore
Zillah Player Junr Robert C Moore
Charles Player Charles Hales
William Player Julia Ann Hales
Laura Pitkin
Sarah D Rich Abigail Pitkin
John McIlwrick
Amanda Pitkin Mary McIlwrick
Benjn T. Mitchell
Caroline Tippets Lavina Mitchell
Zadock Parker
Mariam Parker Marthen Boley
Andrew Brinn Prudence Van Hining
Dan◊◊◊ Brinn Benjn R Bentley
Alfred Brinn Rhoda Ann Bentley
Wm. Syman Wm L Thompson
Charles Rodaback Abraham Worshburn
J. Finch James Warsburn
John E Royce
Nancy [Waggner] Wilson Kezia Royce
Tanner C Green Mary Ann Merrill
Adolphina Young Rosilla Gren
Rhoda Young Nancy Fluno
Elisha Edwards Lorenzo Drggs
Mariah E Edwards Wm. J Stewart
Urial Driggs Sarah Stewart
Hannah Driggs Levi Stewart
Urben V Stewart Melinda Stewart
Lydia Stewart
[p. 13]
[verso of page 13 blank]
Joel Judd Chancy Nobles
Phebe Judd Anjaline Nobles
Nelson Judd
Evi Judd Permilia Dayton
Thomas Judd Permelia M Dayton
Terriey Judd Ann Dayton
Mary Judd Hiram Dayton jr
Ira Hinkley Benjamin Brown
Thomas Pearson Sarah Brown
Catherine Pearson Lorenzo Brown
Chancy Gaylord Frances Crosby
Mary E Gaylord
Mary. H. M. Winchester
Nancy Winchester, Sen Stephen. Winchester. Jr
Alexa[n]der C Winchester George McKinzie
Elizabeth McKinzie
Thos S. Edwards Sr. Barnet Cole
Elzbeth Edwards Phebe Cole
P. M. Edwards Lucinda Cole
Mary Ann Cole
Thos. S. Edwards Jun James B Cole
Melvin Ross Reuben Atwood
Rebecca Ross Lucy Atwood
George Scholes John Winings
Mariah Scholes
Stephen Hales Martha Peck
Mary Ann Hales Mary A Peck
John Ellis Matthew Peck
Harriett Ellis George Hales
Job C Barnum Sarah Ann Hales
Marcia Barnum Daniel Pierson
Sarah Silsby Julia Pierson
Harmon D Pierson
Louisa Stout Ebenezer Pierson
W. H. Stout George Woodward
Mary Evans
Clarrissa Harriman John Evans
Isabella Thompson
Joseph Thompson
[p. 14]
[verso of page 14 blank]
Albert Banat Frederick Cook
Mary Banta Sarah Elizabeth Cook
Euphma Jackson Nelson Turner
Charity J Banta Lucinda Turner
Samuel H Banta John Peart
William L Banta Nicholas Robson
Hannah A Banta Mary Thompson
Thomas Dobson
Sarah Dobson Julia Pack
Benjamin Jones Phylate Pack
Anna Jones John Alston
Ann Alston
Pamelia. A. Benson Geo Ritchie
Adaline. B. Andrus Christeeny Ritchie
Briggs Alden
Joseph Hutchinson Lydia Alden
Mary Hutchinson Franklin Bevier
Abraham Hoagland
M. A. Maughan Margaret Hoagland
John Craig Allen Taylor
Elenor Craig Sarah L Taylor
Mary Greenwell Joseph Egbert
Henery Landers Mary C Egbert
Elenor Landers Elizabeth Taylor
Ralph Thompson Joseph Taylor
Ann Thompson P G Taylor
John Maughan Sarah Parker
Agnes Maughan Silas W Condit
John Landers Julia Ann Condit
Margart Landers
Richard Bentley Stephen Hales Jr
Richard Benson Eerline Hales
Elizabeth Bentley John Wootton
Jacob Peart Ann Wootton
Phebe Peart Ann Wootton jr
[p. 15]
[verso of page 15 blank]
Armstead Moffett Elizabeth J. Burns
Enoch Burns Isaac Matteson
Daniel Hendrix
Jonas Killmer Louesa M Hendrix
C. W. Blunt Lucinda Sagurs [Sagers]
Henry Pearmain Phebe A Pearmain
William Niswanger Nancy Shoemaker
George Morriss Eunice Baxter
Agnes Nightengale
Briggs Alden Julia Doller
James Steed Meria Morriss
Thomas Bishop Mery Ann Wilkenson
Mary Parsons Mary Call
William Parsons Betsy Turner
Richd Worthen Duritha Lewis
Wm Worthen James Beavan
Samuel Worthen Hannah Beavan
Mary Worthen Mary Ann Beavan
Hannah Maria Beavan
Christeanna Alleman Elizabeth Spotswood
Warren Smith Lucy Spotswood
Mary Ann Henland
Carolin Steed
Catharine C. [Catherine Curtis] Spencer Margarett Pullen
Amanda [Barnes] Smith
James Hendrix Henrietta Whitney
William Hendrix Jane Conner
Sarah Lancaster W. J. Conner Esqr.
Sarah Lancaster jun Drusila Hendrix
Elizabeth M Hendrix
Wm W Rust
Welthy Rust
Wm. William Swett
Lucy Swett Chancy Peck
Hasley Mowry
Evaline Rollins Sarah Higbee
Nancy Walker A J Higbee
Merlin Plumb
[p. 16]
[verso of page 16 blank]
Howard Egan Jesse K Nichols
Samson Egan Caroline Nichols
Samuel Thompson Sarah Parker
William Mendenhall
Huldah Nickerson Sarah L Mendenhall
Mary Thompson Saml. G. Flagg
Caroline Bullard Harriette Flagg
M Jordan Jerome O. Flagg
C A Harper
Lavina Harper Emily Buckwalter
Phebe Danfield
Amy A Smith Levi Fifield
Lewis Robison Amy Fifield
Wm. Casper C. M. Robison
Wm. R Helm Ira N Spaulding
Elizabeth Helm Ann Eliza Spaulding
Wm H Perry
Rhoby Perry Susan Perry
Josiah H Perry Sally S Perry
Asa Barton John Barton
Mary Barton Sally Barton
Salley Ann L Brooker Wm Barton
Jacob Huntsman Matilda Barton
Catherine Huntsman Julia Barton
Luman H Calkins Alvin Horr
Mahetable Calkins Sarah Horr
Edmund [Edmond] Fisher
Cornelia J. Fisher Rufus Fisher
Aseneth Sherman Almira Daley
Kiny Fisher Olive Fisher
Sally Fisher Eliphalet Boynton
James Wareham Susan Boynton
Harriett Wareham Joseph Peck
Martin H Peck
Edwin Peck Jane Lathrop
Hannah Clark
[p. 17]
[verso of page 17 blank]
Charles W Brewster Lydia C Brewster
John Brewster Sarah J Weaks
Allen Weeaks [Weeks] Mary Ann Sabin
E L Sabin Agnes Hill
Alexander Hill Jane Cahoon
Daniel S Cahoon Mary Spencer
John Huse Antoinett Spencer
Thomas Winkless Esther Huse
George Callam Mary Winkless
Andrew Lamoreaux Deborah Leithead
James Leithead Electa Lamoreaux
John Harvey Elizabeth Wilson
Mary Anne Preece Mary Wilson
Thomas Preece Charity Butler
George C. Wilson Senritta Callum
Lewis K Wilson Margaret Herr
James M Butler Melissa Dodge
Edmund B Butler
Lorenzo D Butler Lovina Dodge
Milton Callam Sally Dodge
John P. Herr
Seth Dodge Martha Jane Powers
Augustus Dodge Sarah Powers
Martha Powers
John H Powers Abigail D Hovey
Jane Gland
Solon Powers Elizabeth Wilson
A[a]ron Powers Susan Yocom
Orlando D Hovey Huldah Butler
Guy C Wilson Rose Wood
Willim yocum Lewis Eager
Ormond Butler Mary Eager
David Moor Eleazar King Jr
John Wood Mary C King
John Henderson John M McCard
Betsey Jane Henderson Elizabeth McCard
[p. 18]
[verso of page 18 blank]
William Meeks Elizabeth Weeks
Mary Mitchell Abigal Bentley
Johnson Bentley Milisant Parks
William Parks Fanny Parks
John M King Sally D King
William S Batchelor Huldah H Batchlor
Enoch M King Mary Kinge
Frances Jolly Frances Y Jolly
Henry Jolly Mary Ann Allen
Harriett A Taggart
Robert Telford Jane Telford
John Telford Lucretia Young
Alvira Young Martha Hicks
George B. Hicks Cinthy [Cynthia] Hubbard
Noah Hubbard Christiana Winn
John Winn
Ann Booth
Robert Booth Elisabeth Edwards
Joseph Booth Sary Ann Needhem
John Needhem Elizabeth Smith
Charles Smith Nancy King
Eleazer King Mary Gardner
Arza Judd Sarah Jolley
William Edwards
John Hardman Lewis Judd
William Gore Susannah C Boyce
Charlotte Curtis Mary Ann Edwards
Abel Owen Mary Hardman
Betsey Owen Elizabeth Gore
Lyman Curtis
Nahum Curtis Bartholomew Mahoney
Delia Curtis Mary ann Mahoney
Sallyan Reed Sarah ann Smith
George Curtis Calvin Reed
Moses Curtis Mary Reed
Aurelia Curtis
[p. 19]
[verso of page 19 blank]
Peter W Cownover Sarah Perry
Daniel D Hunt Napolean Perry
Susan Hunt Malatiah Luce
Susan P Hunt Elizath Pea
John A Hunt Jane F Pea
James W Hunt Hugh Lytle
Levi B Hunt Ebenezer Hanks
John C West Horace B Skinner
Thomas J Brandon Junr Cyrus Wineset
T, J, Brandon Senior Elennor Skinner
Abigal Brandon Mary A Hamman
Leah Brandon Christina Lytle
Mary Jane Lytle
Sarah Stephenson Aron H Cownover
Isaac S. Welton Abram G Cownover
Samuel N. Welton Charles W. Cownover
Sarah J. Moon Eveline Cownover
Welthy R. Welton
Keziah Welton
John T. Luce
Chi Tibbets
Harriet Luce
Ruth Tibbets
Andrew Hall
Charles Hall
Isaak j Hall
John Pea
[p. 20]
[verso of page 20 blank]
John Lovel Samuel Fields
Ann Lovel Thomas Gray
Henry Payne Alvah Alexander
Mary Payne Phebe Alexander
Peter Joseph Fory Saml. H Alexander
Elizabeth Fory Walter Crane
Rebecca Highibeger Jane Crane
Prisceler Snider John Barton
Levi Thornton Susanah Barton
Elizabeth Thornton John Edger
Elizabeth Fontroy Ann Edger
Francillo Durfey John Robinson
Miriam Durfey An Robinson
John D Chase Mary Ann Barton
Prissillan Chase Eliza<​be​>th Barton
Nahum Ward Catherine Barton
Sally Ward Chandler Holbrook
Wm. Stanley Unice Holbrook
Julia A Stanley Dwight Harding
Phebe Harding
Malenda Hatch
Joseph Murdock Mary R Hatch
Eunice Murdock
Jerusha Seabury Elizabeth Hatch
Wesley H Seabury Nancy Walker
Sally Murdock Martha Moulton
Wm. Seabury Hannah Holbrook
Loisa Seabury
John Frohock
S L. Forgeus John Cokine
Elizabeth Forgeus Mary Cokine
Eliza Priser Dexter Stillman
Josephus Hatch Barbara Stillman
Henry Moulton Stephen Alden
Nancy Alden
[p. 21]
[verso of page 21 blank]
Nancy Tracy
John F Bennett Sarah Perkins
Lemuel S Beecher Susannah Miller
Thomas Miller Mary Jankins
William Jenkins Ann Bowberry
Peter Sheffield Mary Williams
John G Sheffield Anna B Fordham
Sarah Sheffield Jane Denison
George Sheffield Susan Sheffield
Henry Denison Ann C Busby
James W Denison Emily T Spencer
Hiram Spencer Evelina M Hinman
Claudius V Spencer Aurelia Hinman
A Edna S Hinman
Lyman Hinman esqr Sarah Sp<​e​>ncer
Thos. Jaup Mary Ann Nickerson
Edward Gardner Flora Drake
John Twentyman Sophrona Drake
U C Nickerson Wealthy Richards
John Wheeler Jane Richards
Owen Cole Mariah W. Richards
Lillis Barney
Huldah Cole
Samuel W. Richards Sarah Fish
Joseph W. Richards Mary Brown
Henry P. Richards Rebecka Dalton
Edson Barney Benjamin Covey
Horace Fish
Charles Leavitt Archibald Hill
Phebe Leavitt Isabela Hill
Jermiah Leavitt Agnes Richards
Leonard Hill John Richards
John Dalton
Harry Dalton John A Bouck
Eupheamia Bouck Henson Walker
Eliza Bouck Thomas Heaps
Margaret Bouck Thomas
[p. 22]
[verso of page 22 blank]
Jonathan L Harvey Eli Bennett
Sarah Harvey
Lewis Harvey George H Smith
Elisabeth Harvey Sarah Smith
Alfred Harvey
William Carson Hannah Smith
Currilla Carson Azel J Smith
Alisabeth Frampton
Lu Lidda Braden Henry W willson
Eleanor Braden Matilda K wilson
Thomas M bennett Lucinda F wilson
Margart bennett Malicia wilson
Mary wilson
Mary Bennett Margaret wilson
Marinda Bennett Miles Wilson
Malicia Bennett Sarah West
Elizabeth Smith Lucinda Jackman
[p. 23]
[verso of page 23 blank]
William Wheetley Betsey Parsons
Moroni Parsons Emma S Parsons
Lucinda Kinyon Caroline Parsons
Farnum Kinyon Uriah Roundy
Polly Roundy
Eliza Baldwin Jennet Roundy
Green W Allred Charles Butler
David H Allred Mary Midleton
Barton B Allred William Midleton
Charles F Midleton
Sally Alred Thomas Butler
Maryann Fisher Tuvisa Butler
John R Fisher Isaac Herrin
William L allred Cornelius Hendrickson
Andew T allred William Hendrickson
Joseph Thompson James Hendrickson
Thomas C. Ivie Nicholas Hendrickson
John P Peart Elizabeth Hendrickson
Nichlas Robson Margaret Hendrickson
Robert Thompson Sophronia Hendrickson
Jacob Peart Lucinda Hendrickson
Phoebe Peart Thomas B Foy
Jacob Peart Junr Catharine Foy
Elizabeth Foy
Ezekiel Peck Susan Foy
Evoline Peck Perry Durfee Sen
Electy Peck Perry Durfee Jun
Jane Durfee
S. H. Lewing
Thomas Wheetly Fredrick Levi
Sarah Hall Henry Suit
Phebeann Suit
Sarah Shelley
E B Hewitt Joseph Shelley
Sophia Hewitt Lorenzo. D. Allen
Jarusha Hewitt Tinthy Allen
Julian Levi Mary Parsons
Jediah Wheetly Therit Parsons
Orson B. Adams Susann Adams
[p. 24]
[verso of page 24 blank]
Jeremiah Robey
Rutt Robey
Stephen Sittz
Fanny Sittz
William Sittz
John Fairchild Hariet Newberry
Timothy B Foot Caroline Weeks
Jane Ann Foot
Reuben R Foot
Wm. Foot
Loesen Higgenbotham Melissa Jane Bigler
William Niswanger C W liyns
Mayry Niswanger Sarah Lyons
Ellen Niswanger Ausker F Lyons
Sephrenss Hisky Amanda F Lyons
Wm Finch Caleb W Lyons
John Kirby Benjamin Chapman
Jane Chapman
Ramsom Hickey Allice Chapman
C M Chapman
Susan McArthur Nancy Fleming
Sally McArthur Sarah Ann Fleming
Henry McArthur Thaddeus E Fleming
Olive Case Josiah W Fleming
Horace M Alexander Sussanah Bigler
Nancy Alexander Blackferd Bigler
M. J. [Martha Jane Knowlton] Coray Phebe Chase
Mary Ann Knowlton Clarissa Chase
Hannah Markham Desdemona Gleason
Warren Markham Rhoda Chase
Wm Whiting Markham George Chase
P Fairchild Louisa Chase
Ruby Fairchild John S Gleason
Polly Desmand
William Averett Frances M Stillman
Ben Charles Stillman
Isaac Russell
[p. 25]
[verso of page 25 blank]
Nancy Hollister
Mary Gordon Elizabeth Porter
Nancy Gilbert Lydia A Porter
Joseph Dobson Anna Dolten
Henry Oaks Rachel Drollinger
Prudence Oaks Amos Lowry
Thomas M. Taggart Mary Lowry
Phillis M Taggart
Mary Shaw Edmund Nelson
Mahlon Johnson Jane Nelson
Maryan Marian Johnson
Wm. Johnson Price Nelson
Susing Hamblin
Nancy [Maria] Johnson Elisabeth Nelson
Charles Dolten [Dolton] Martha Nelson
Mary E Dolten
Lorenzo Clark Rhoda Nelson
Juliann Clark
Mary Green
J. S. Woodard Wiliam Nelson
Emily Woodard
Wm Tossett Mary Nelson
Mabley Tossett
Sarah Moore Thos Nelson
Calvin Moore Matthew Mansfield
Nancy Moore
Joseph W. Moore Angeline Jackman
Hannah Henderson Bohan Clark
William Myers Hiram C. Jacobs
John Fox Caroline Jacobs
Jacob Hamblin
[p. 26]
[verso of page 26 blank]
Jacob E Terry
Maria Terry
Elizabeth Kirby Ann Bosley
Horace Rockwell
Aggatheann Lee Ruth Stoddard
James Pace Mary Rockwell
Lucinda Pace George Mills
Anna Partridg
Esther S Pratt Enos W Null
Elisa A Tyler Thirzy W Null
James H P Tyler Jane Judd
Jonathan O Duke
Mary Duke
Charles Hulet James Duke
Margaret Hulet Sarah Duke
Thomas Boardman
Ann M Hulet Jane Boardman
Hannah Henderson
David Pruett
Sophia Packard
Electa Hillman Noah Packard Jn
Orin Packard
Silas Hillman Henry Packard
Davi[d] Wood Sophia A Packard
Catherine Wood Morgan M Thomas
Sarah Ann Wood Milan Packard
Amandah Wood Samuel Parish
George C Bosley James Dack
Marry Bosley
[p. 27]
[verso of page 27 blank]
Milton Stow Altamira Gaylord
Margret Stow Jean Naymen
Chandler Rogers Lemson Colby
Amanda Rogers Ransford Colby
D H Rogrs Samuel Henderson
R. M Rogers
Mark Rogers Whitford G Wilson
Sarah Rogers Nathan Cheney
Samuel H Rogers
Amos D Rogers Eliza A Cheney
H B M Jolley Elizabeth Henderson
Brittanna E Jolley Louisa Follett
Eda Rogers Adaline Louisa West
Washington B Rogers Mary Wilson
Samuel. A. P. Kelsey John Winn
Jennet Kelsey Christiana Winn
Thomas M Kelsey Martha Boley
Elizabeth King Elizabeth Caby
Synthia Humpshieam John Wickel
David Clough Richard Wickel
Betsey Clo<​u​>gh Laman Wickel
William Earl se Homer Wickel
Jacob Earl Eliabeth Wickel
John Earl Thos G Fisher
William Earl jr David Jones
Samuel F M Fretnell Mercy Jones
Moses Jones
Samuel Steele Ameleia Jones
Alvira Steele Zenoses Jones
John Gaylord Jr Elisabeth Jones
Joseph Jones
Joanna Gaylord franklin green
Wm H Redden
[p. 28]
[verso of page 28 blank]
Henry Thos Powell Abigail Thorne
Esther Russell
Elizabeth Powell Henry Russell
Thomas Holt Margaret Ault
Sarah Holt Richard Ault
Rodney. R. Smith John R Blanchard
Susan Smith
William A Empey Mary Blanchard
Mary Ann Empey
Manervy Empey Polly Phelps
Nelson Empey
Emma Empey Morgan Phelps
John Ble[a]zard Polly Perry
Sarah Blezard P M Perry
Huldh Nickerson
Sarah M [Granger] Kimball
Jane Himer K Ann Morrison
John Himer Sabreey Vorhees
Marthey Himer William Morrison
Mary Himer Nancy D Andrews
Samuel Himer Margret f V Andrews
Jane Himer John f M andrews
Abigail Andrews
W W. Edwards Orange Warner
Lydia Edwards Thomas R Kinney
Joseph Edwards Delilah Warner
James Edwards Matilda King
M E Lott Jane Rodeson
T H Murphy
Sary Ann Murphy Davis McOlney
Lucy Olney
[p. 29]
[verso of page 29 blank]
Joseph F Palmer Harriett B Nurse
James L Nurse Esther Warton
Newell Nurse Lydia M Smith
Lydia Braden
Cooley P Smith Lucretia Gaylord
Emeline Hays
Sarah F Smith
[p. 30]
[verso of page 30 blank]
George W Taggart Tarus Borse
Patrick Norris Sophronia Norris
Hyrum Curtis Lucy Hodges
Samuel Reed Luzette Hodges
E C Hodges Lydia Hodges
Melinda Lewis
Stephen Hodges Harriett Dille
Roxcy Keller
David Dille Elizabeth Clark
Alva Keller Elizabeth Madison
Richard Clark Hannah Horton
Thomas Horton Fanny Spilsbury
George Spilsbury William Green
Philip Greene Harriett Green
Boda Green John Dutson
Ann Dutson Jane Dutson
Jane Green Jane Green
Elisabeth Green Julia Ann Farnsworth
Thomas Peterson Jennet Hay
Stephen M Farnsworth Jennet Ballantyne
Alexander Hay Helen Ballantyne
John Ballantyne Hannh Steed
Andrew Ballantyne Sarah Steed
William Ballantyne Rebecka Reed
William Steed Lydia Reed
Henry Steed Amanda M Hartson
John Read Lydia L Loree
Nathanial Loree Maryann Stoebel
Nathan Steel Eliza Filcher
Samuel Fowler Harriett Clark
Thomas Tilcher Elizabeth Burn
Walter Clark Lucinda Barlow
Watson Barlow Julia A Shumway
Phebe Beebe
Isaac Beebe Elizabeth B. Hyde
Milton Beebe Harriett Nurse
William Hyde Mary H Palmer
[p. 31]
[verso of page 31 blank]
Levi Grandy Elizabeth Merill
Silas [illegible] Elizabeth Withnall
E H Allen Mary Withnall
Sarah Allen Margarett Carter
John R Ford Matilda Hook
B. H Withnall Elizabeth Lamb
John Withnall Polly Bend
Thomas Carter Abiah Porter
Charles Carter Mary Grow
Aaron Hook Catherine Katz
Benjamin R Lamb Lorena Barrows
James C Housten Ellen Parker
Jared Porter Morgan L Gardner
John Meilibe Nancy M Gardner
Abraham Pound Mary H White
Michael Katz Lydia B Kent
Henry Grow Sarah Granger
Ethan Barrows Rebeca Warner
Lucy Williams
Samuel White Susannah Cumming
Orang C Kent Hannbal Mathews
Elizabeth Mathews
Salmon Warner B. Brassell
Isaiah Williams Priscilla Mathews
Daniel D Williams Elizabeth Brassell
Gilbert B Williams Sophiah Aldridg
Francis E Williams Hannah Gardner
Norman S Williams Miller Knight
James Cummings hanah Mcbride
William Aldridge Rebecca Mcbride
William Gardner Ann Cross
John Knight Susan Thomas
Amos McBride Hannah A [Dubois] Dibble
Richard Moyle Susan M. Moore
Nathaniel Thomas Charles A. Chase
Susan S. Chase
Lucina Johnson
[p. 32]
[verso of page 32 blank]
Harriet Stanley
James Barr Eliza Barr
Richard Chppall Jane Chappall
Cecelia Durphey [illegible] Durppey
David B Haight Clarrissa Haight
John Wilkie Ann Dutson
Cathren Wilkie Emeline Coling
John Carling Mariah M Green
Ephriam S Evan Ann Enskine
Peter Enskine Rachel Worthington
A Colton James Worthington
Justin J Merrill Elizabeth Mclean
P C Merrill Maria Wells phares Wells
Cyrena Merrill Sarah Wilcox
Commilla Merrill Catharine Harwood
James Willcox Elizabeth Owens
James Harwood Adaline E Van Beck
Joseph Owens Norton Jacob
George D Van Beck Emily Jacob
William W Lane Mariah Lane
James Eastman Clarisa Eastman
Franklin Eastman Widow Whipple
Seth Cook Sarah Cook
William Cook Freeborn B Smith
Christy Ann Mills Nancy Smith
Tidelia Colton
Philander Colton Nancy Newberry
Charles Price Louisa Newberry
John Topham Polly M Colton
John Topham Lucy Ann Merrill
William Topham June Price
Jeremiah Curtis Jane Green
Ruth Curtis James Topham
Eliza Curtis Elizabeth Marriott
P Meeks Hannah Topham
Sarah Meeks Elizabeth Meeks
[p. 33]
[verso of page 33 blank]
Stephen Shelton Abigal Shelton
John Stewart Nancy Stewart
E J Pearson Rhoda Pearson
Elias F Pearson Lurania P Eggleston
Ephrarem Pearson Melissa Stewart
Henry Pearson Losana Newan
Samuel Eggleston Margrett Mace
Joshua Stewart Caroline F Butler
Elijah New[m]an [illegible] Miller
Wandle Mace
[illegible] Miller
Willard Miller Mary Miller
Bethuel Miller Hannah Huntsman
James W Huntsman Amelia Chapman
Welcom[e] Chapman Ann Wordsworth
William Wordsworth Sally Plumb
Eliphalet Bristol Rena Bristol
William Hallim Esther Hallim
Charles Steelar Sarah Hallim
Robert Pixter Eliza A Haight
Isaac C Haigth [Haight]
A[lexander] S. Stanley Caleb Haight
Miles Rom<​n​>ey Kesiah Burk
Richard Riley Philinda Stanley
Elizabeth Riley Elizabeth Standley
Suzanah Riley Elizabeth Romney
Ruth Riley Margerett Riding
John Riley Metilda Lane
Elizabeth Riley Francis Kelly
Nancy Riley Elizabeth Birch
Hugh Riding Eliz goukins
Johnson F Lane Mary Cheese
Francis Birch Harriet Cheese
John Cheese Cathrine Bind
Thomas Bird Mary Robey
John Robey Evan Evans
William Robey Elizabeth Evans
[p. 34]
[verso of page 34 blank]
Stephen Chase Charles S. Peterson
Orryanna Chase Ann B Peterson
Aza Adams Jonah R Ball
Sabina Adams Sophronia Ball
Teyphena Anderson
Clorisa LeBaron Editha M. Anderson
Hugh Herringshaw Joseph Mount
Edward Thompson Elizabeth Mount
Julia Thompson Ann Right
John Maybury Kery Swank
Mary Maybury Annah Swank
Gabriel Maybuy
Joseph Maybury Fanney M Redfield
David Maybury
Thomas Maybuy
May Maebuy th Deantha Bittings [Diantha Morley Billings]
Joseph Stattings Eun[i]ce Billings
Margert Statting
Margaert Shiefflin Luana <​H.​> Rockwell
Mary ann Shefflin William Felshaw
John Mackley Mary H Felshaw
Betsey Mackley James M Chadwick
Elizabeth B Chadwick
Elizabeth Coolidge
Sumner Pinkham Sarah Ripley
Adah Clement[s]
Wm. N. Lindy Samuel D Billings
Margaret Stewart Lucy Ann Billings
Robert B Stewart
James Brinkerhoff Vernon H. Bruce
Sally Ann Brinkerhoff Mercyann Bruce
Alexr Mullinder
Lydia Huntington Sarah Mullinder
Dan Foster
John Burghardt Rachel Foster
Ellen Burghardt Wm. Foster
[p. 35]
[verso of page 35 blank]
Joseph G Hovey Morther A Hovey
John Pye Smith Ann P Smith
Richard Hardman Magerett Hardman
John M Chidester Polly Chidester
William Ainscough Mary Ainscough
Stephen Byington Mary Southworth
Chester Southworth Elizabeth Garlick
Stephen Byington Hannah Garlick
Andrew Creger Mary Garlick
Lumon Shirtliff [Shurtliff] Tabitha Cumy Garlick
George Davis Nancy Creger
Ann Davis
Horace Evans Christian Beard
Candace Evans Eunice B Shirtliff
Olliver Evans Maria Kimpton
Lydia Evans Lebernia Barnet
Emily Evans Sarah Morrison
Samuel Barnet Rachael Davis
John Morrison Sarah Burrows
Henry Davis Charity Banta
David Burrows Diann Banta
William Burrows Charity Banta
Henry Banta Eliza Banta
Abraham Banta Mary Roundtree
Lambird Banta Lucy Groves
Doritha Childs
W J Peden A Peden
Levi Booth Anna Gifford
Edwin Booth Lucy Parker
Eliza Booth Chelnicia Hambleton
Joseph Parker Jane Whitehead
Robert Parker G Y Potter
Madison D Hambleton Jude Allen
W James Whitehead Emily Potter
Mary Ann Allen
James Jefts Sintha Shirtliff
George Whitley Lydia Anderson
Ann Davis
[p. 36]
[verso of page 36 blank]
David Kudz John Pollard
Abraham Hunsaker William Pollard
Charles Davis
Henry W Briggs Jacob S. Wigle
John Davis Jefferson Ring
Horace B. Owens Henry Kingsley
Ezra Kingsley
[p. 37]
[verso of page 37 blank]
J. T. Packer David Evans
Hial Bradford Wm Megahan
John M. Ewell Coleman Boren
Nathan W Packer James T Baldwin
Thomas M Ewell David Penrod
William Watkins Senr. Stephen M St John
William Watkins Junr.
P. Ewell Ezra Chase
Joseph H Champlin Eli H Chase
James Shaw Almon Newell
Lewis Thompson
Henry Sprague Robert Wright
John Field Alonzo Rhoades
Samuel Merrils Umphrey M<​e​>gahan
Jesse McCarl Martin Littlewood
Austin S Merrill John Muir
◊◊◊amer Sprague G W Mikesell
Martin Potter Ruben middleton
Daniel Smith Joseph B. Peck
Anthony J Stratton Francis Hornes
Martin Wood John Woodland
Oliver Stratton J[ohn] A Mikesell
J. M. Stewart Israel Stevenson
David Smith John Conyers
James. B. Boren J. C. Owens
Allabama Boren J Sanderson
Thomas J. Fisher Philip Ballard
Ezra Kingsley
Almon Sherman John Jemison
William C Macintosh Elisha Hall
Daniel Fisher John Boame
Thaddeus Cutler Christopher Smith
[p. 38]
[verso of page 38 blank]
T Philena Gibbs Sarah Boame
Denisa Gibbs Porter P Gibbs
Delila noris Mary Boame
Mary Boaine [illegible] Morris Eliza L Christie
G. W. Christie Hyriam Beman
Joseph Bateman William Bateman
John Willson Sen. Sarah Bateman
John William Jun Emma Baitman
Margaret Willson
Elizabeth Willson Ellis Eames
Ansel M Eames Clive Eames
Edson J Eames Harriet Eames
Benjamin Eames Abigail Eames
D L Carter Ann Stedwell
Wm. R. Parrish Mary Eames
John Graves L S Carter
Elizabeth Graves Alvira. L. Parrish
Emeline Kesler Amy Ann Graves
Oliver C Graves Thomas Parker
George Chapman Webb Graves
George W Parrish William Burman
Abigail A Parrish Suanna Burman
Sarah Hancock John Farnsworth
[p. 39]
[verso of page 39 blank]
T S Smithwick James H Neely
Tomas. G. Gibbs David Jackson
Martin Jackson
Esther Brown Hannah Willard
John M. Neely Elizabeth Brotherton
[illegible] Walten Isac Walker
William Jackson Mary Pincock
Ann E. Peaper Beth Walker
Garrett. L. Groesbeck
Henry Whiting Mary Masteler
Robert Walker Mary Bateman
B. F. Brown Allen Springsteen
Thomas Booth Andrew Springsteen
J L. Springsteen
Mary Abbott Martha Steen
Mary Austen Nancy Beckarson
Sally Putnam A D Whitney
Moroni Brown
Rhoda Ann Whitney Joseph D Alford
James Bateman Robert Orton
Thos Bateman Sen
Franklin Brown Emeline Kesler
Raynes Moffet Maryett Kesler
Antoinette Moffet Antynette Kesler
Mari Lacharite John Moffet
[p. 40]
[verso of page 40 blank]
Almina Fisher John Whasley
Andrew Goodwin Elizabeth Caslery
Ester Frost lucinda Stokene
Alvira Frost William Duncan
Elisa Daily Anny Duncan
Elizabeth White Absolum Tidwell
Woods burdno Burdno Elizabeth Tidwell
Wilson Porter Ranson Tidwell
Ellen Wemar Thomas Tidwell
Edward Daily Patsy Tidwell
Jas. Duncan David Winter
Sally Duncan Sarah Winter
Malinda Duncan Francis Beckstead
Susan Duncan Mary Beckstead
M W. Lasley
Beverly Boran Fanny Loveland
A D. Boran Cyril Call
Adaline Boran Lucinda Call
Mary Boran Mary Call
Marcus Lemmons Sarah Call
Malissa Call
Stephen Johnson Samantha Willey
John Wimer Jacob Hess
Elizabeth Wimer John Mc.Crary
Montagama Archer Nancy Crarey
John Frost John Crandel
Hiram Frost Magdalene Crandel
Ann Hess Abner Frost
Elizabeth Hess Margaret Frost
Sarah Hess Saprony Overton
Peter Nichol Joshua Helser
John W. Pickett Margaret Helser
Rhoda Winegar John Hess
Ann Winegar Mary Johnson
Stephen Winegar Polly Smith
Sarah Phelps Nephi Loveless
Lucinda Cunningham Samuel Clenger
James A Cunningham John Dayley
James Warren Catharine Warren
[p. 41]
[verso of page 41 blank]
Frederick D. Winegar John Archy
Loderna Winegar Mary Archy
Henry Munro Ebonade Archy
Lovina Munro Cleopatre Archy
F M Vanleuven Elles Stoker
Lydia Vanleuwen Mary Stoker
Joseph Fletcher Catharine Stoker
Permelia Fletcher Charles Kenedy
John Vanleuven Alvira Kenedy
Fanny Vanleuven Alexander M Shoemaker
Cornelius Vanleuven Margaret Shoemaker
Lovina Vanleuven Daniel Smith
Benjamin Vanleuwen Mahala Porter
Catharine Vanleuven John G Wilkins
Ransom Vanleuven [Vanleuwen] Nancy Wilkins
Lucinda Vanleuven John Loveless
Louisa Vanleuven Sarah Loveless
Deanah Vanlewven Jas. Loveless
Mary Ann Vanleuven Jos. Loveless
Sabey Vanleuven Elizabeth Waymer
Alfred Draper Orlancy Crandel
Poly Draper Thomas Hess
Willis Banks Jacob Stoker
Andrew Cunningham Catharine Stoker
Evaline Banks Privy Porter
Jacob Waggal Sally Porter
James Warren Nancy Wood
Alexander M Shumaker Lorenso Carpenter
Margaret Shumaker John Stoker
daniel Smith John Wood
Cyrus S Sanford William Porter
William Bett
Lovina Johnson Elizabeth Birdero
Michael Stoker William Moony
Martha Stoker Elizabeth Moony
Gabrael Stoker Betsey Bett
John O Johnson Peter Wimer
Sarah Crandle Betsey Golson
Sarah Williams Sarah Stoker
[p. 42]
[verso of page 42 blank]
Mariah Vaniel Eliza Jane Grayham
Sarah Newman Robert Grayman
William Stoker Ann Isabella Grayham
Almira Stoker George Grayham
Samuel D Stoker Sarah Rawlins
William Stoker M. J. Rawlins
John Phelps Geo. Graybill
Mary Phelps Mary Graybill
Sarah Phelps John Stoker
Phebe Phelps Jane Stoker
Alma Phelps Hannah Graybill
C. M. Rawlins
Sarah Smith Hyrum Stoker
Henry Smith Alma Stoker
Hannah Smith Franklin Stoker
Elizabeth Smith C. Lewis
Stephen Smith Isabel Lewis
James Welker Warren Jones
Elizabeth Welker Julian Hudson
Jas. Smith Jacob Wigle
Rhoda A. Smith Franklin Stoker
James. W. Welker Alma Stoker
John Welker M. A. Lewis
Mary Graybill Mary Wigle
William Graybill Sintha Wigle
Adam Graybill George Grayham
Sidney R Graybill Mary Grayham
Levi Graybill Margaret Lewis
Patience Graybill James Tomlinson
John Lovel Sarah Tomlinson
Ann Lovel John P. Wigle
George Lovel Hannah Wigle
Abigail Graybill James B Tomlinson
Edward Lovel Elizabeth B Tomlinson
James Grayham Mary A Tomlinson
Mary Grayham A. T. Tomlinson
Joseph SmithA B Tomlinson
James Rawlin Saml. T Winegar
Jane Rawlin Sylvester Fletcher
[p. 43]
[verso of page 43 blank]
geo parker franklin Chapman
J. Carpenter Elisha Richards
Wm. Willson Truman Richards
Welliton Willson James Surnington
Jacob Chapman James Surnington Jr
Gidny Chapman Lorence Lake
<​Howard Smith​> Jonathan Right
frank John Vance John Barington
William Vance John Presley
David Orton Munroe Crosier
Finley Page Eboneser [Ebenezer] Page
Thomas Dehort Eli Dehort
Joshuay Noleman John tery
Wm. Jackson Harry Parker
J. shetton F Greiner
Jamese Horton Wesley Horton
James Johnson Samuel Keel
James Henry Asa C Earl
John Earl Isaac Rogers
Curtis Rogers Isaac Sheen
Harvey Downy David Labaron
Haus Clevevland Alexander Brin
Charles Cowley Samuel McConnel
Bedford Springer Zebedon Springer
J turbit Joseph Spencer
Manley Green William Perkins
Elanson Tuttle
James S. Holman
[p. 44]
[verso of page 44 blank]
Charles Crismon John Smith
Justus [Justis] Morse Daniel P Clark
John Crosby John Brown
Elijah B. Gaylord Jerome Benson
John L Smith Harry Morse
William Johnston Isaac Clark
David Humphry
John Wardle James Keeler
George. F. Kerr John Fife
Simond P Boxted John Vantrouben
Wm. E Boxted Thos. P Kerr
David Holeman Geo. W Baxter
John B Wilson Hiram M Burnham
Harvey Burnham Nelson Burnham
John Lindsey Rufus Forbush
Rufus Forbush Jr Loren Forbush
Sanford Forbush Otis Shumway
Aurora Shumway Lawson Shumway
R B Dutton David Dutton
Ezra Dut<​t​>on Ozias Kilburn
Thomas Callister
Thos Kelly
Jacob Wetherbee David Kemp
James Crookston Robert Cruston
R C Wetherbee Wm. G Perkins
William J. Phelps
Ute Perkins Jnr Peter Boyce
Wm. S Durfee Edmond Durfee Jr
Frederick L. Galacy Schuyler, M, Horton
Absolome Perkins Levi Perkins
David M Perkins Georg Preston
Jesse Johnston John Shipley
Octay Purcet Elijah Elmer
Paul Purcet Tomas Dungan
A Patcher
[p. 45]
Jno Allen
A Stevens
Alson Allen T. Naves
Benj. Andrews N. Wall
Jos. Parkin Chs Thompson
Josh. Parkin J Quayle
Matthias Cowley
Jonathan Newman
William Anges Franklin Taylor
John Fife Cyrus Ellsworth
John Anges Wm Willis
James Fife Jno. Evans
Isaac Y Vance Chs Spry
Martin Lamphere Valentine Pardam
Ira Babbet Geo Brown
Norman Taylor C C Downey
Joseph Kencham Jno Lawson
William Jackson Watson Faburn
Taylor Jackson Geo W Johnson
U[rijah] H Yager A[ndrew] H. Perkins
John Coffern Reuben Perkins
Geo. Evens S. Carpenter
Abm Jackson Benj. Benson
Stephen Pearkins Alfred Benson
Chs Walden Silas Green
Robert A Jackson Noah Green
Isaac Yager Guy Green
Orrin Page John Wakely
David Dutton
Seymor Page Matthew Smith
W. Wade
A W Candit
J Candit Lyman Eaton
E Larkey Erastus Wight[m]an
Alanson Shumway J Hatch
Geo Snider [Snyder]
[p. 46]
[verso of page 46 blank]
Martin White Benj Peck
James Gibson John Larkin
E. D. Whide White Thoret Peck
G G Johnston J McFate
Jesse Johnston R Nall
David White J W Wood
Nathan Frampton A. Tadlock
John Riggs F Beach
M Carpenter N T Brown
Robert Bliss Sidney Chapman
Sextus Johnson H. Downey
Isaac Peck Reuben Napier
Joseph Peck W P Wellson
David N Donough J[oseph] Thompkins
Wm. Johnston John N Cowley
John Myers Alpheus Johnson
Timothy Terry Daily [Daly] Carpenter
Emery Dutton Wm Savage
Lawford Larkin
N Mason Levi Knight
Geo Wellson Thomas Tarbat
H Thompkins Charles Cowley
William Young P. D. Bailey
[p. 47]
[verso of page 47 blank]
C. Houghton Andrew Smith
C. G. Fletcher
Jos. E. Fletcher
Rachael Fletcher
Jno. Fletcher
Hazen Kimball
James S. Kimball
Jno. B. Kimball
Ruhanna Kimball
Solomon P. Mc.Intosh
Sidney Knowlton
Ephraim Knowlton
Hamit Knowlton
Mary A. Knowlton
William Coray
George Coray
Martha J[ane Knowlton] Coray
Maryette Coray
Polly Coray
Bennir Griffin
Sally A. Griffin
Thos. Hayse [Hayes]
Lovina Hayse
Catharine P Spears
Geo. Knowlton
Quincy Knowlton
Jas. Shepherd
Emily Shepherd
Catharine Shepherd
Hannah Akis
Patty Akis
Betsy Akis
Daniel Miller
Rebecca Miller
Susan Miller
Lehigh Miller
Peter Miller
[p. 48]
[verso of page 48 blank]
Jacob Caswell
Abagail A. Caswell Charles Richard Bullock
Pamela Bullock
◊◊◊mit R Beebe Sarah Ann Nixon
Agas◊◊◊ Tuttle
Anson Tuttle Heber John Richards
Percis Tippets
Harriet A Telles
John Cram
Rebekah Cram
Henry Cram
Lorenzo Cram
Jacob Degraw
Sophia Degraw
Rebecca Degraw
Lydia Cleminson
Laura Cleminson
Ebenezer Kerr—
Jane Kerr—
[p. 49]
[verso of page 49 blank]
Mariah Miels E Marthann Miles
Albert Miels B. Adrian Jr Miels
William Brown Mahala Dudley
Lusinda H. Brown Sarah Jane Martin
James Dudley Mary William
Mary Dudley Thomas G Wilson
Moses Dudley Welen Wilson
Sarah Dudley Stratton Thornton
Horace Thornton
Joseph Dudley Hariet Thornton
Sarah Dudley
Sintan Dudley Celia Hunt
Rubian Dudley
Jesey Dudley Gilbert Hunt
Mark Dudley Nancy Hunt
Salvester Dudley Marshel Hunt
Joseph ephrom Dudley John Hunt
John G Dudley Josheph Hunt
Louisa Thornton Herhham Hunt
Mehetable Thornton July Hunt
Calista Thornton Hariet Hunt
Stephen Thornton Selvester Wilson
Charlotte Thornton Elisabeth Wilson
Elijah Wilson Elijah H. Wilson J.r
Martha Wilson Dimon Ferson
Irwn R Wilson Jasper Dudley
Alpherd Wilson Johnthon Cox
Milton [illegible] Wilson emley Cox
Elenor Wilson Indina f. Cox
Sarah Wilson Eivn obanion
Melvina Wilson George obanion
Martha J Dudley Mary Jane obanion
Sarah ann Dudley John obanion
Granburg Wilson James obanion
Adrian Miles Jaspher obanion
Eliza Miles Nathan Miles
Franklin Miels Sallyann Miles
[p. 50]
[verso of page 50 blank]
Phebe H hancock James <​h​> Woodland
Mary Brown Catharine Woodland
Isaac Hancock unes mosher
Solomon Hancock Jun william woodland
Alta Hancock Elisabeth Rose
Abraham Rose Orson H Rose
Katharine Rose Anne V Rose
Adaline Rose [illegible] S Rose
Wm. W Rose Marthy Rose
Wm Harris Doly Garner
Mary Harris Louisa ann [illegible]
John B Atchisson Sariah Cheney
John Garner Mary Elen Cheney
David Garner Francis Brown
Samuel Alger Eunice Brown
Alexander Cheney Israel Brown
Mary Brown Susannah Brown
Daniel Brown Joseph Brown
Charles B Hancock William R Tubbs
Chuck Alger Henry Brooke
Electa Miles John Brooke
Robert A Brooke
Mary A. Noble July A Brooke
Susan Noble Hariet Brooke
Joseph, H. Noble Cal rimmibl S
Edward, A, Noble
[p. 51]
[verso of page 51 blank]
Sarah L. Snow
James. C. Snow Cordelia Morley
Ira Kellsey
J. E. Snow
Artimesia Snow Rebecca E King
Sarah. J. Snow
John C. Snow Horace Rawson
Carlos, Z, Snow Elizabeth Rawson
Matilly Chase
Lewis Whiting Obedience Ross
Elisha Whiting Henry Ross
Philena Case Caroline Allen
Mary Child Willes Ross
[illegible] Child Lucy Allen
Ann Cox Nancy Ross
Lucy D Allen Caroline E Pellsey
Olive Rawson
Mary T King Daniel Rawson
Benjamin R Wescott Polly Ross
Jane. Wescott. Cardelia Allen
Jane A King John Ross
Mary Durfee Solomon Ross
Anna E Pellsey
Enoch E King Samantha Rawson
William Rawson
Augustus Bragg Sariah Rawson
Shepherd Hutchings
Marcellus Bragg Emily Bragg
Lucinda Hutchings Benjamin Bragg Jr
Nancy J putnam
Plina Hutchings Chloe Rawson
Arthur Rawson
Nefi Durfee Therissa Morley
Lucy Morley Lucrecia Morley Jun
[p. 52]
[verso of page 52 blank]
George Snow John Edmiston
Martha Snow
Mary Snow Eliaz Gardner
Sarah S. Snow Amy Gardner
Elisabeth C. Snow Walter E Gardner
Betsy E Markham Nancey M. Gardner
Mary Gardner Henry F Gardner
william woodland Wilber J Earl
Silvester H Earl
David Tyler Lois C Earl
Wilber J Earl
Clarinda Stanton Loisa Earl
Daniel W. Stanton Eleanor Hillson
Constanza C Stanton H. H. Keys
Eliza Keys
Thomas Hancock sen Alma Keys
Amy Hancock Sarah E Keys
Wm. Mooney John Brown
David Mooney Erastus H. Redd
Marilda Mooney Eliza W. Redd
Eliza A Mooney Alta E. Redd
John G Lofton Osw. F. Redd
Jemila Lofton John Huston
Mildred A Lofton
Thomas D Lofton George Hancock
Solon P Bassett Ruth Tyler
Clarinda Ann Bassett P. O. Tyler
samira C Bassett Orville S. Cox
Melinda E Stanton Leane Durfee
Harriet L Stanton
Caroline A Stanton Willim S Durfee
Nancy Koyl
Jane Koyl
Edward Koyl Bennjamin Bragg
Harriet Koyl
Mary Koyl Abram Durfee
John Koyl
Elvira. P. Cox Hannah Bragg
Adelia. B. Cox
[p. 53]
[verso of page 53 blank]
X <​her mark​> Mona Horne William H Clauson
Catharine Brooke Moses Clauson
Sally King Fredck W Cox jr
Cornelia Leavitt Ruffus Vaughn
Hannah B. Merriam Walace Clauson
Losett Wait Loeza Jane Cox
Lucia Leavitt George Clauson
Jemima Lindsey John Israel
Elizabeth Whiting Morom Clauson
Abigail L Leavitt Amos Cox
Chares T. Cox
Dolly Daniels Amelia Cox
Sarah Weston Wm. D Cox
Lucy McKown Phebe Jane Losee
Elizabath McKown Jemima Losee
Rawana McKown
Marcellus McKown jr David Losee
Susan Ann Brunell Lydda Losee
Elizabeth Brunell Rebeca Losee
Joseph Bunell Jonah Losee
Margarette Brunell Lydia Losee
Laureign Brunell Matilda Losee
Jasinth [Jacinth] M Brunell David Garner
Mary Bragg fredrick grner
Benja R Hall Jan Garner
Mehetabel Hall Thomas King
Horrace L Hall Emeline Cox
Dorothy M Hall Eliza Cox
Mary R Hall George E King
Catharine Hall Asy Garner
Louisa M Hall Eunice Clauson
Wiliam H Hall Cornelia Clauson
Amanda Clauson Wm E King
Edwin Cox Jane Clauson
Wiliam Cox Levina Jane Cox
Elizabeth Israel Susan M. Cox
James Israel Jun Mary Mimerly
Caroline E Israel James Israel Sen.
[p. 54]
[verso of page 54 blank]
Clark Hallett James Woodward
Phebe Hallett Jeremiah Mitchel
Louvina P Hallett Philip Garner
Thacher. C. Hallett
Marcelus Mc.Kown Hiram Hallett
Orin McKown Mary Allen
henry garner
Hiram Hallett
Wm A Lindsey Joseph S Allen
Jemima Lindsey Polly Garner
Abraham Losee
Mary Losee Sary Garner
Enoch King
Sarah King Sally Whiting
Betsey Snow Parthena King
N H Jennings Dewey King
Cornelia Jennings Henry Ettleman
Christina Ettleman
Reuben Daniels
F W Cox Syilvester Whiting
Moses Clauson George King
Dominicus Carter Moroni Ettleman
Henry J Ettleman
Stephen Jackson Thomas King Jr
David B Lamoreaux Isaac H. Savage
Berton Berton B Scott
Henry Deam Jane Whiting
Elizabeth Deam Asher King
Sarah— E— Deam Samuel Ettleman
Cathrine— A— Deam Nancy J Kulsey
Isaac— M— Deam Abraham Israel
Saml Blair Elijah Israel
Catharine Blair Almon Whiting
Mary Elizabeth Blair Joel King
Enoch King Jr Marian Ettleman
[p. 55]
[verso of page 55 blank]
Phillip Ettleman Edison Whiting
James Dunn Stratton Vradenburg
Elizabeth Dunn Salina Vradenburg
Susana Dunn William Vradenburg
Patience Osgood James Vradenburg
James Mitchiel Phenius Vradenburg
Prody Blanchard Ebenezer Clauson
William Whighting Luther Vradenburg
Isaiah Jackson Anna E. Vradenburg
James L knapp Sarah Lamoreaux
Mary A Lamoreaux Abagaile Lamoreaux
John Lamoreaux David Renlock
Lydia S Scott Amos Scott
Amos B Scott Lydia Scott
Caleb Scott Hiram A Scott
Wm O. Daniels Richard Scott
Noble N. Daniels Mahitlable O Daniels
Polly Vaughn Luthrea B Daniels
Hannah York Nancy C Vaughn
Asa York Henry Boss
Julia A. York Willis Boss
James S. York Nancy Boss
A. M. York, Jr. ely Boss
Arlytle Carter John Boss
Lucinda Carter F— Boss
John Deam
Elisebeth Deam Henrietta Bullock
A. A. Smith
William Rowley
A. C. Brewer
W. Leyland George Cannon
John Greenhow Nehemiah Hartley
Ann Smith Margrett Hartley
Wm. Whit. Smith Philip Smith
[p. 56]
[verso of page 56 blank]
Alex. Drown Hiram Watts
Margaro Grosbek John Ogden
John Gressmen Joseph Moffet
Ann Elisabeth Raper Eliza Chapman
Mariah Groosbeck Julia Moffet
Alvin C. Graves George Chapman
Orrin D Farlin Elisabeth Moffet
Daniel Brown Junr Rawfeno Roff
Ann Brown Sylvester Chapman
Cholott Walker Mary Connor
Jas Brown Senr Ellis Schofield
Marge Parmer Ellen Schofield
Effelender Gressmen
William Brown Washington Peck
John Walker
Nancy Brown
C L Whitny
J. S. Brown
Amer S Walker
Ellen Walker
Jacob J Abbott
Ann Austin
Anna Bateman
Lucinda Moffet Margaret Groesbeck
[p. 57]
[verso of page 57 blank]
James Brown Sin Ruth Butterfield
John Bullard Emerson Butterfield
Joseph H Brotherson Mary Rigbey
Jane Pincock
◊◊◊◊ley Jackson John Pincock Jun
John Groesbeck Thomas Bateman Sen
Amos Jackson Mary Bateman
Sophia Lansdale J. M Alford
John M Brown Richard Bradshaw
Asher Gressmen William Bradshaw
Delia Groesbeck Samuel Bateman
Jonas Putnam Joseph B. Austin
Eliza H Brotherson Peter Armstrong
Eliza Watts Ann Armstrong
Isaac Butterfield J P Bateman
John Butterfield William Winterbottom
James Howard Mary Winterbottom
Mary Howard Margaret Winter[bot]tom Sr
C. C Fisher Margaret Winterbottom Jun
Mary A. Fisher H S Parrish
Elisabeth Foster Mary T Moor
Martha Jane Rigbey George A Moor
James Pincock Margaret Bateman
Harriet Bateman Wm. R Parrish
Grace Bradshaw Rachel Steen
[p. 58]
[verso of page 58 blank]
William Black Sen Adaline Melical
William Black Jun Sophia Lansdell
Joseph Black R. H. Watts
Jane Black Wm Bradshaw
George Black Ellen Bradshaw
Sophia Munroe Ann Bradshaw
Julia H Neely John Bradshaw
Eliza Jackson Jane Rigby
Jane Landsdell John Pincock Sen
Rossannah Alford James Southern
Henrey Melimical Mary Boman
◊◊ Hillman Margaret Bateman
Joseph Bateman
Charlotte Pincock Elizabeth Bateman
Tyrus C Moore Frederic Mills
James C Orton Mercy Groesbeck
Emilie Hopner Henry Groesbeck
James Neely Franklin Watts
Ellen Neely Bernice Monroe
Baldwin Watts
Samuel L Sprague Peirpont Orton
Mary Sprague Elisabeth Richerson
Elizabeth Watts Sylva Richardson
James Rigby Jack Orton
Martha Anne Abbott Clarissa Orton
Thomas Bateman Jun Amos Orton
[p. 59]
[verso of page 59 blank]


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