Military Order to Hugh McFall, 16 June 1844

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Head Quarters
Liut Genls office— June 16th 1844
To ,
Adjut[a]nt Gen N. Legion,
Sir— You are hereby required to proceed witho[u]t delay, to ,— and delivr <​to​> <​Gove[r]nor​>, the <​of th.​> commander in chief of the militia of , the accompanying letter, Marked, <​(A)​> and return his answer with your proceedings to me witho[u]t delay You will also make such verbal communicati[o]n <​to th[e] as th[e] nature of the case may require​>
<​Joseph Smith.—​>
Liut Gen
Adt. Gen
P. S. If you have not expen[se] money call for it when you can get it and it shall be f<​o​>rthcoming. soon [14 lines blank] [p. [1]]
June 16. 1844
Letter to
copied per [p. [2]]


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    Insertion in unidentified handwriting, possibly Willard Richards. Insertion corresponds to a similar “(A)” on Letter to Thomas Ford, 16 June 1844.  

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    Docket in handwriting of Thomas Bullock.