Minutes, 1–2 November 1831

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Minutes of a held in , Portage Co Ohio, Nov 1 1831
Joseph Smith Jr
Br appointed moderater & Clerk br made a request desiring the mind of the Lord through this conference of Elders to know how many copies of the Book of commandments it was the will of the Lord should be published in the first edition of that work. Voted that there be ten thousand struck copies struck. Adjourned until after noon.
Preface received by inspiration
Conference commenced according to adjournment br appointed Moderater & , Clerk [p. 15]
Br. Joseph Smith jr. said that inasmuch as the Lord had bestowed a great blessing upon us in giving and revelations, asked the what testimony they were willing to attach to these commandments which should shortly be sent to the world. A number of the brethren arose and said that they were willing to testify to the world that they knew that they were of the Lord.
Revelation received relative to the same.
Conference convened according adjourned adjourned until morning.
Clerk of Con.
Conference convened according to adjournment.
Br. appointed Moderator, & Clerk. Opened, Prayer by br.
Br was then to the under the hand of br
The Revelation of last evening read by the moderator the brethren then arose in turn and bore witness to the truth of the Book of Commandments. After which br. Joseph Smith jr. arose & expressed his feelings & gratitude concerning the commandment & Preface received yesterday. Conference closed. prayer by br. .
[p. 16]


  1. 1

    By comparison, the first print run of the Book of Mormon was five thousand copies. (John H. Gilbert, Statement, 23 Oct. 1887, CHL; John H. Gilbert, Memorandum, 8 Sept. 1892, photocopy, CHL.)  

    Gilbert, John H. Statement, 23 Oct. 1887. CHL. MS 2370.

    Gilbert, John H. Memorandum, 8 Sept. 1892. Photocopy. CHL. MS 9223.

  2. 2

    Revelation, 1 Nov. 1831–B [D&C 1]. This revelation was intended as a preface to the proposed compilation of revelations.  

  3. 3

    This may be the revelation instructing the elders to have one of the wisest among them attempt to compose a revelation, although that revelation bears the date of 2 November. It is also possible that the revelation here referenced is the actual text of the testimony of the revelations’ divine origin that several elders signed. (See Revelation, ca. 2 Nov. 1831 [D&C 67:6–7]; and Testimony, ca. 2 Nov. 1831.)  

  4. 4

    Johnson was ordained an elder at the conference in Orange, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, that occurred just a week earlier. (Minutes, 25–26 Oct. 1831.)  

  5. 5

    The revelation to Lyman Johnson, Orson Hyde, Luke Johnson, and William E. McLellin given at this conference may have been given either just prior to or just after Lyman Johnson’s ordination, since the revelation discusses some of the responsibilities and duties of those ordained to the priesthood. (Revelation, 1 Nov. 1831–A [D&C 68].)