Minutes, 1 June 1843

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Thursday June 1st. 1843. Ten oClock A. M.
City Col met agreeable to adjournment. Meeting opened by Prayer, names of Council called. minutes of last meeting read & approved. The Mayor presided.
The Bill for an Ordinance to establish a Ferry was proceeded upon, & the rules being dispensed with, it recd the third reading & [p. 16] passed, entitled “An Ordinance to establish a Ferry across the , at the City of .”
<​Order issued same date.​>
The Committee on claims reported favourable upon the claim of City Recorder. The report was rejected. The Items of the claim were read, & upon vote, whether the Report be adopted, the adoption thereof was rejected. It was then referred to a committee of the whole. It was then moved, seconded, & carried, that the Report <​of the Committee of the whole​> be received, as favourable, with the exception of the charge for Rent, fuel, & Candles. It was then moved that the report of the Committee of the whole be rejected, <​but​> after some discussion, & upon a proposition from the , that the Charge for Rent fuel & Candles, & a further deduction of ten dollars, be taken off his claim, the balance of his claim was allowed, Amounting to a sum of $147.40.—
Adjourned at Noon, for one hour.
A Bill for an Ordinance respecting mad Dogs & other Animals, was presented, recd the usual readings, was discussed, & the rules having been dispensed with, passed into an Ordinance, entitled as above.—
The Committee of vigilance presented a Letter prepared by them, to forward to the , respecting the commissioning of City officers, which was read, & approved of by the Council. Record Letter.
<​order issued same date​>
A Claim of & , of $9,75 for printing City Script, & for Newspapers &c. <​furnished the , up to this date,​>, was allowed by the City Council.
<​Seperate Orders issued same date.—​>
The following Sums were allowed, upon the Certificate of Captain of the City Watch, for services rendered as Watchmen, <​& commencing Novr. 8th. 1842, up to feby. 23rd. 1843.​>. to wit: 8 nights $12,00.— 8 nights $12,00.— 8 nights $12,00. & the sum of $6,50 is to be deducted from & s claims, (one half from each,) being for Lime bought by them, under sale by , at suit of the City of against Wm. Niswanger, for that amt. of costs.
A [p. 17]
<​order issued same date.​>
A claim of was allowed, of three dollars, for services rendered to the , by <​assisting the in​> the making out of the Original List of City Lots & other Lands
. . . & , were elected <​Members of the​> City Council <​pro tem,​> for the City <​of ,​> by the City Council of said .
Adjourned, until next regular meeting. [p. 18]


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