Minutes, 1 March 1841

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Monday 1st March 1841.
City Col met purst to adjournment— Meeting opened by Prayer,
Minutes of last meeting Read.
Col J. Smith moved an ordinance respecting Roads <​& Town Platts​> Read first time.— En Entitled a<​n​> Bill <​Ordinance​> in Relation to Roads & Town Plots.—
Col J. Smith moved an Ordinance respecting the Surveying of any addition to City Platt— En Entitled an ordce in relation to the City Plot.—
Both the foregoing Bills were read a second, & third time, & passed, the Rules being dispensed with.—
Col J. Smith moved an Ordinance to divide the into 4 Wards, <​& appointing the Aldermen <​& Colrs​> to their respective Wards,​> read the first time, read— Second time, & third time, and passed.—
Entitled an Ordinance dividing the into Wards.—
Colr J. Smith moved an Ordce respecting publick Meetings Read first time, Read second time, Read third time, & passed.— Entitled an Ordce in relation to public Meetings.
Colr J Smith moved an Ordce in Relation to Religious Societies Read first time, <​rules dispensed with​> Read second time, & third time & passed— Title as above
Colr J. Smith moved, & it was seconded & carried, that s Pl Map which was laid on the Table, be taken up, & was carried accordingly. & Map was taken up & handed to Colr J. Smith, who spoke respecting the Lotts or Ground which it refers to.—
Moved & seconded that Petr be at liberty to withdraw his Petition. Carried.— & Map handed to .—
Colr J. Smith moved an Ordce, Entitled an Ordce Creating Certain additional <​​> officers therein named, Read second time, Bill [p. 8]
, Monday 1st March 1841.
Bill Read the first third time & passed.
Moved & seconded to be <​high​> Constable for the first Ward & Carried—
, for second Ward.— Voted in.—
, for third Ward,— Voted in.—
, for fourth Ward— Voted in
was sworn in accordingly.—
Colr J. Smith moved a Resln. that the office of Supervisor of Streets be declared Vacant, seconded & Carried.—
Moved & Seconded that be appointed Supervisor of Streets,— Carried.—
Moved & Seconded that the act as Supervisor of Streets in the absence of that .— Sworn in accordingly.—
Colr J. Smith offered a Resolution that the shall give Notice to the Person having encumbrance on the Street, at s House, & to oblige him to have same removed within ten days, seconded, & Carried.
said the Street run all along the , & it was moved seconded & Carried, that all Nuisances on the Street be removed by the .—
Colr J. Smith moved & it was secd that Cols authorize some Person to attend the Commrs Ct [County Commissioner’s Court] for to procure an appropriation for Roads in this part of the & was appointed to be the Person to go.—
Moved & seconded that Vote of thanks & freedom of the be Conferred on Senator for .
Adjourned by vote until Monday next 8th March 1841.— at one oClock, at same place.—
Monday 1st March 1841.
, Mayor [p. 9]


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