Minutes, 1 May 1841

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Saturday 1st. May 1841.
City Col met, <​purst to adjournment​> Meeting opened by Prayer. Voted, that the do notify the absent Counsellors to attend forthwith.
Minutes of last three Meetings read.
Col Joseph Smith moved that the Sympathies of this Council be tendered to the relatives of Deceased, who was the Assessor & Collector for the .
Lewis Robinson [Robison] Voted in as Assessor & Collector in place of deceased.
Col J. Smith moved that a new Burying Ground be procured out of the , & purchased at expence of the , & was seconded & carried.
Voted that a Committee of three be appointed to make purchase.— Viz , <​Col​> , & .— were appointed accordingly.
wished to know where Land wd be, & quantity. moved & it was seconded & Carried that it be Ten Acres, out of the .
Col J. Smith moved, & it was seconded, <​& Carried​> that the Sexton be fined to the extent of the Charter if he refuses to Act in his office, & that the Marshal give him Notice accordingly.
presented a Petn from for liberty to put his Mill out on the outside Butment,
moved that Petn be accepted, seconded,
The spoke, & wished to be excused from Voting, as he <​did not consider it beneficial to to again have it accepted.​>
Col. spoke, & wished to be excused from Voting, as he did not consider ’ labour wd be available,
Voted, that be at liberty to explain his Views, & he did so.
wished that shd. have privilege of trying out his experiment, & thinks he is entitled to it.
said if the Col tampered with this business, they wd have their first work to do over again.
Col. J. Smith stated the rights & priviledges of the owners of the Ferry, & that City Col has not right to take away Ferry Rights, without damages being paid to the Proprietor, & [p. 19] & if he will <​set​> his Fare agst the Petn altogether, if the Ferry Rights be infringed upon.
Question put, & motion put whether Petn wd be recd,— & lost.
moved a Petn <​ that the Supervisor be instructed​> to open that part of Wells Street which is North of Knight St., as far North as Young St., & also that part of Young St.. west of Knight St. to the next Corner by Mr. [Hugh] Herringshaws,— Petn Gran[ted]
Col Joseph Smith moved <​an Ordinance​> that the Citizens be protected for killing all Dogs running at large, which are set upon Cattle or Hogs, or molest any Person, which was seconded & Carried.
moved that all Persons who keep a Slut, & lets her Run at large while she has Dogs following her, be fined Twenty Dollars.
Col J. Smith spoke, & Motion was seconded & carried.
Council adjourned, Sine Die.
1st. May 1841. [p. 20]