Minutes, 10 June 1843

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Saturday June 10th. 1843.— regular meeting, ten oClock A. M.
The City Council met, meeting opened by Prayer, names of Council were called, minutes of last meeting read & approved.
elected president, pro, tem.
The Counsellors elected on the 1st. instant, were arranged as follows, to act in the absence of those whose vacancies they fill. instead of , for , for , & for .
Three petitions were presented, & moved upon, for a repeal of the Hog law, & the motion was seconded by , for the purpose of having it discussed, & upon discussion, the Petition<​s​> was <​were​> rejected. [p. 18]
The petition of respecting Water Street, is hereby referred to the Committee of public Grounds.
A Bill was presented, received the usual readings, the Rules having been dispensed with, & passed into an Ordinance, entitled, An Ordinance to regulate the rates of Toll at the Ferry, in the the City of .
It is hereby ordered by the City Council of the City of , that Fundy Street be opened from South Street to the burying Ground, & that the be instructed to open it, and make it passable.
Adjourned until next Regular meeting. [p. 19]