Minutes, 10 June 1844, Extract, as Published in Nauvoo Neighbor

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Monday, June 10, 1844—10 o’clock A. M.
Adjourned Session.
Bill of , city Attorney, read and referred to committee on claims.
The committee of Saturday, reported a bill concerning libels and for other purposes, which was read, discussed, and passed into an ordinance.
P. M.
The printing establishment of the Nauvoo Expositor” was declared a nuisance, and ordered to be removed by the Mayor.
Petition of Samuel Greely and 9 others, read and granted, declaring the old barn on Hyde St. a nuisance and ordering it to be removed.
The committee on petition of , and about 175 others, for the opening of Knight St., reported unfavorably. Report accepted and petition ordered to be laid on the table.
The collector of the 4th Ward was allowed an extension of 60 days in his collection for 1843.
Adjourned 10 minutes past 6.
, Recorder.
, June 10, 1844.
N. B. The particulars concerning the printing establishment, nuisance, is omitted this week for want of room. Have patience till next paper. [p. [3]]