Minutes, 11 October 1831

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Minutes of a held in Portage County Ohio Oct 11, 1831
Joseph Smith Jr
Certain points were discussed by br Joseph Smith Jr, who said that the Elders present were to tarry untill the Morrow & hold a meeting so that the members might understand the ancient manner of conducting meetings as they were led by the Holy Ghost Also said that this was not perfectly known by many of the Elders of this . Exhortation by br
Br then made a move that this conference take into consideration the propriety of appointing six Elders to visit the several branches of this church setting them in order and also make known the [p. 8] situation of brs Joseph Smith Jr and And accordingly brs and were chosen appointed, the other four remain to be chosen hereafter
It was decided by vote that the general meet on the 25 Inst at the dwelling house of br Serenes Burnett in Cuyahoga County brs & were then to their office or appointment and br an under the hands of conference closed in prayer by br Joseph Smith Jr
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    According to JS’s later history, JS instructed the elders on conducting meetings at the 11 October conference. If a meeting was held on 12 October, as this conference mandates, no record survives. (JS History, vol. A-1, 156.)  

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    In his diary, Cahoon described the purpose of this appointment not as the “setting in order” of the churches but “to obtain money or Property for Brs Joseph & O[t]hers to finish the translation.” (Cahoon, Diary, 9 Nov. 1831.)  

    Cahoon, Reynolds. Diaries, 1831–1832. CHL. MS 1115.

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    Why the conference chose Orange, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, is unclear. It may have been because the area had a significant membership; around seventy members were living in Orange and nearby Warrensville by the spring of 1831. Orange was also a good halfway point between Hiram and Kirtland, Ohio. Serenus Burnett’s home may have been volunteered for the forthcoming conference by his son Stephen Burnett, who was present at this conference. (Murdock, Journal, 2 Nov. 1830–19 Feb. 1832; see also Minutes, 12 Sept. 1831.)  

    Murdock, John. Journal, ca. 1830–1859. John Murdock, Journal and Autobiography, ca. 1830–1867. CHL. MS 1194, fd. 2.