Minutes, 12 December 1843

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December 12th 18,43,— 10. A. M.
Special Session, according to adjournment.
Names of members called, quorum present. Prayer by the mayor. Minutes of last council read and approved.
Resolutions passed by the inhabitants of the 3d ward regarding the protection of the Zitizens [citizens] of the & , read Also same of the 2d ward.——
. Spoke. replied
Petition of , in behalf of Temple committee praying exemption from taxation all property belonging to the , which was, and pe[ti]tion granted. & A. instructed to write an amendment to the ordinance.
spoke of on the petitions of the 2d & 3d wards. A. replied. spoke. The Mayor spoke
Petition on <​of​> Assessors and Collectors for continuance of time in advertising lots for sale for taxes, read and <​Petition​> granted by Amendment to that ordinance for assessing and collecting taxes. <​to amend an ordinance concerning the public revinue passed Nov 31. 1842,​> read twice, & 3d time by its title and passed,—
An ordinance for selecting forty policemen & for other purposes. read. <​rules dispensed with​> & twice by its title & passed. [p. 24]
Councillers on the committee for writing <​a​> memorial to congres asked extension of time to report and granted till saturday next. 10 oclock A. M.—
“An ordinance for the health and convenience of travellers and other purposes.” read. The Mayor spoke in explanations A. & spoke— Ordinance passed read again <​and the​> third time by its title, & passed.
Petition of , ,— that the issued his certificat for payment of all bills that have been allowed by the council— read & passed
Claims of for shackles. $2,50. read.— rules dispensed with and Claims allowed,
The stated to the council that he had furnished the old tax list to the new assessors, as their directory, with some other instead of a new list, which the council approved.—
12½ noon. Adjourned till Saturday 16th int. 10 A M. [p. 25]