Minutes, 12 June 1844 [State of Illinois v. JS for Riot on Habeas Corpus]

Document Transcript

Municipal Cou[r]t
June. 12 1844—
Joseph Smith on Habeus Corpus—
5.30. P. M Seventies Hall
was Elected Pre[siden]t Pro tem
Petition of Joseph Smith was read,—— and copy of the writ of —— the writ, & s retu[r]n, & the retun of , constable.—7th. Section of the powr of City council Charter.—
Order of council read.
of Mayor
of Leut Grnal— Joseph Dalt[o]n
, John Kay 1
John Kay——
Robert Clift
A A. Farnham
. James Jackson
2 Adison Everet,
Augustus Stafford
James Jackson 3
John T. Gleason—
John P. McCuen [McEwan]—
James Goff—
John [S.] Higbee—
[p. [1]]
the gn Truth, prop[e]r auth[orit]y disordrly no noise— or tumu[l]t th[a]t he be dschrg and chrged to pr[osecution?] [3/4 page blank] [p. [2]]