Minutes, 12 October 1844

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Regular Session
Octr. 12. 1844
20 min. past 10. A. M.
Names of Members called Quorum present Mayor
Meeting opened by prayer by
having made some remarks as to his being re-elected assessor and collector for the year 1844 but on account of sickness that he had not yet commenced his duties as such assessor
It was the unanimous voice of the council that he continue in his office as assessor and collector until he resigns his office.
Coun. read a Petition from the City Treasurer complaining of his not being able to obtain from the City Auctioneer Charles Warner any returns of duties It was moved and seconded that Charles Warner be discontinued from his office and that be elected in his stead
Co. rose to make some remarks relative to the City Scrip and stated that it would be a good plan if any means could be made to redeem what is already issued, when,
It was resolved by the City Council of the City of that the be instructed not to issue any more City Scrip unless he receive an order from the City Council
Moved and seconded that the Marshall go and bring the High Policeman , and the City Treasurer to this Council which was carried
Moved and seconded that the foregoing motion be reconsidered, when It was resolved That the financial committee be instructed to see and instruct him concerning the City Scrip [p. 49]
Co. rose and read An Ordinance concerning Spirituous Liquors which was read twice.
moved an amendment be made to the 2nd. Sect. which was carried— Bill read a 3rd. time— when the amendment was made that it read instead of 200 to 400. that they be fined “not less than $25. and not more than $400. which was carried—
Motioned and carried that the attend upon to assist him in the Law Suits which were pending against [the] City Council in which they gave & s note of <​$​>100. to , one other note of 513.75 to , also two other notes to , one for <​$​>30 and the <​other for 81.25​>
Motioned and carried that the be responsible for the amount which the Committee appointed to settle for the Nauvoo Expositor in which they g[ave] & and others note of 100.00 to , one other note of 513.75 to also two other notes, one for 30.00 and the other for 81.25 to alltogether amounting to 725.00
Motioned and carried that the Bill be allowed and the be instruct[ed] and authorised to give the obligations for the same borrowed from Julia Ann Vanorten, amounting to 75.00
Motioned and carried that this meeting adjourn until the next genera[l] session [p. 50]