Minutes, 13 April 1844

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April 13th 1844. 10 AM.
Regular Session
Names of Members called. sworn as counseller, Quorum present. elected Prest. Protem.— Minutes of last council read and approved. Mayor took his seat.
Bill of $22.00 refred to committee on claims
Bill of .—— read.——
moved that esqr— be appointed city Atorny.—
. proposd an <​to​> <​havve an​> ordinan[c]e on this subject.
A. — spoke.— by explanation &c.—
.— suggested that the city attorny have his office with the s
Mayr of council proposed to the council to stick to the Motion before the house for the furtue [future].—
Motion carried.— . elected city Attorney.
Ordinance on duties of city Attorney read.
, proposed that the city Atto[r]ney hold his office [p. 8] with the and <​that​> all papers originate with the Atoney, thought the salary not a sufficient inducement. sugested the ordinane be repealed.
suggested the Idea of the parties litig[a]nt, paying the Attorny or the one who breaks the ordinace.—
remarkd (that the counsel take such a course as will protect the innocent,— that in many cases. he would get his pay of the individual employing. that the appointmet would. be a valueable considerable considration, and for. 1 year perhaps a salary <​of​> $100; would be sufficent.— perhaps 150, the next year.— &c increasing as the increases. and if $100 would not satisfy, we had better have an <​no​> attorney, would rather give his services as counseller. &c than levy a tax the people are not able to pay. and that eve[r]y man ought to be willing to help prop the . by bearing a share of the burdn till the was <​is​> able to pay, a higher salaray.— his opinion was that the officers of the be satisfied with a very small salary.— had never received $25.00 for his services, but the peace he had enjoyd in the rights & liberties of the had been ample compensatin Suggestd the proprity of a clause in the ordinace to be made of authorizng the city Attorney to claim fees of parties in certain cases, and the small salary satisfy the attorny in cases where he can get not fees, from his client.— would rather drop be docked $100 <​in his salery​> than have the 2d hundrd dollers givn to the city Attony by the) .
— had attended almost all the cases of the for the past 2 ye[a]rs and asked nothing for it, approved the remarks of the Mayor.— that evry moment of the mayor had cost one hundrd dollars.—
C. , supposed there were <​or should be​> fixed duties, for the C. Attoney and would like to have an understan[d]ing of these duties in the proposed ordinances— thought $1.50 cts might be compensation for assessors, considering the bargains they might make ahead
proposed curtailing some of the city officers fees.
spoke— <​said​> that it was not the amount of salary he [p. 9] anxious for, but for the honor of the there should be an a city Attorny, & would be satisfied with 100. or any sum which the council think proper.—
moved that the ordince on city Attorney— be refrred to the comitte on Municipal laws— with the additi[o]n of 1 member and that comittee repo[r]t. on the duties & fees of the city Attorny.
on motion was added— to the committee
was find $5.00— for not rising when He addr[ess]ed the house.—) <​Mayor Decided that all cost, arising in— be collected as in other suits.—​>
Mayer proposd the counesl [council] take into consideration the payment of the police.—— proposd a public meeting for the payment in each ward to see if the people will pay the police, & if they will not— then the council will take the case into considerati[o]n
moved the assessors and collecters be a committe to get up there meeting & make collections.
suggstd we should <​then​> have another .—— and objected
Moved & secd. & caried that the Mayor & be authorized to call Meeti[n]gs in the differet wards, and collect funds to pay the police, for their services the past season.
Mayor, said he would get up meetings— until the peoplle would pay, the whole—
that he had called upon the to do this thing but the would not serve until it was acted upon by the council— I <​&​> told the to do this and he came back & said he would not do it.—
Adjnd [Adjourned] till next regular session, <​at​> 1/4 past 12.— [p. 10]