Minutes, 13 January 1844

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January 13th. 1844 11 oclock, names of members called,— prayer by ,— Minutes of the 2 last Councils read and approved.— Petition of and four others, for a continuance of water st. &c, Read.— Mayor observed that water Street was continued where the road is now worked.— moved the petition be referred back to the petitioners.— Mayor explained, that he made a contract with & Law, that water street should be where the street is now worked, and the council had sanctioned the same. Mayor instructed the to make a deed to for all the Land opposite said Lot to High water Mark. Referred back to the Petitioners—
An ordinance concer[n]ing the Recording of deeds, read twice,— amendment offered by , the word Recorder erased and “Registry <​of Deeds​>” inserted.— <​also said conveyance shall be null & void,—​> read the third time, as amended. objected to the penalty, Mayor explained. . continued his objections, Mayor spoke,— in favor of the penalty, spoke again, C. , spoke in favor , enquired who would own the land, if not recorded. Mayor explained concerning the statute, on Registry of Deeds read. <​from the​> statues. , spoke, Mayor spoke. spoke [p. 41] spoke again.— offered an amendment, in full, spoke— moved the bill be referred to a <​the standing​> committee and carried.— Mayor spoke.— that the object of an ordinance on Registry was to keep our own papers & not be obliged to send them to ,—
Petition of for an inteligence office, read twice & referred to the committee on Municipal Laws
Petition of Robert Campbell & 72 others, to tax dogs read— spoke in favor— spoke by objection . spoke again in favor.— moved the petition be granted & seconded.— Mayor objected.— said he would never pay a tax on his dog in this ,— Petition laid on the Table.
Petition of & 21 others— for an James John H. Havens to be appointed Inspector of flour— Read, petition granted.—
And on motion James John H Havens was elected 2d inspector of flour in this , to give the same bonds <​and be governed by the same rules​> as <​the​> first inspector— & be sworn in office.—
10 minutes before 2 o clock adjourned one hour
10 minutes before 3 assembled according to adjournment. Names of members called.
Mayor introduced, The ordinance in relation to Merchants Lice[n]se was conversed upon. at considerable length,— and the words “Auctioneers or druggists” were ordered to be inserted in the ordinance Regulating Grocers and Merchants Licenses, passed Dec 16, 1843, immediately after the words Merchants and grocers in the third line on the Record,—
Policemen, Benjamin Boyce, Josiah Arnold, Richard D. Sprague, Howard Egan, Geo W. Clyde,— Davis McOlney , , , Dwight Harding, were sworn to tell the truth the whole truth <​and nothing but the truth​>. in the matter between & & the City Council, and they all testified they had receved no private instruction from the Mayor,
Petition of <​for Retailing spirits​> was called up, and read.— and the Mayor spoke proposing that said petition be granted, [p. 42] on the principle of equal rights,— and on condition the petitioner give bond for security to the that the He keep an orderly house Alderman spoke by way o proposed to disannu[l] the ordinance now in force to rather then take up the time in discussion.— should reci record his vote against granting the peti[tioner] , spoke, against the petition, and requested that the Mayor rather give up the his license than grant more, .— concurred, <​Mayor <​says​> resigned his & <​I​> gave <​give​> up his <​my​> license,—​> and spoke against the petition.
<​Alderman ​> thought there should be one place to sell spirits did wish. to intrude on the Mayors License.— should vote against granting any Licence to retail spirits.—
Mayor said he was willing to give <​up​> his license if that <​was​> thought the best way, but wanted some ordinance passed to prevent drunkards com coming to my <​his​> house to stay over night. <​said​> Id <​he​> give up my <​his​> license. I wont <​would not​> have it any how, since being admonished by father .—
proposed a special committee be appointed to draft an ordinance concerning the sale of spirits.
asked leave to withdraw his petition, had leave, Mayor directed his License be entered as repealed, council decided not.— spoke in favor of the Mayor retaining his license.— spoke, in objection to all Licencences for spirits.— Mayor spoke.— suggested that if Lewis & Butler could have the privilege to retail, he would give up his license, <​& not be obliged to go to .— The council has not the constitutional​>
R. H. Loomis Petition for retailing, read,
power to prohibit the selling by the Large, wanted his fri[e]nds to have the same chance as his enemies, was willing to transfer his License to Lewis & Butler, grant the honorable portion of community, the privilege which the dishonorable take, & I he would call it equal Rights.
, was sorry the Mayor had offered to give up his License.
C. concurred, <​&​> proposed the Mayor continue his License and use Gentlemn Lewis & Butler as clerks.—
concurred— , wished the Mayor might retain his License.
, said if we are to have Licences would think the Mayor the proper person to give Licenc for a certain term [p. 43]
Mayor said the reason why he asked for a Licence were asking was, that others were selling and he wanted the privilege lawfully which others took unlawfully,— was willing to hold my licence if the council says to, & have men appointed in each [wa]rd.— <​Temperance house cannot support, itself, and if any body needs those proffits, I do.​>
— moved an amendment, “or such person or persons as he shall depute” to be added to the Mayors Licence,— proposed an ordinance, proposed <​to​> refere to a committee, spoke in favor of the amendment, referred to the <​a​> committee,— <​, <​Counseller​> —​>
10 min <​before​> 6 adjourned to next Tuesday 10 o clock A M. [p. 44]


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