Minutes, 14 May 1842

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Saturday May 14th. 1842. Ten OC. A. M.—
Meeting of City Council as above, Opened by Prayer. Names of the City Council called, Minutes of the last three Meetings were read <​& approved of​>— Several Petitions were presented, read, & referred to the respective Committees.
<​The​> Committee of Municipal Laws Reported upon, & Recommended that Went into a <​the Adoption of the Petition that​> all Brothels or Houses of ill Fame Erected or continued in the City of be prohibited, and by Law declared a public Nuisance.
It was moved Seconded & Carried that the House go into a Committee of the whole, which was done, Colr. was called to <​& took​> the Chair.
Genl. Joseph Smith spoke at length, & wished for an ordinance to remedy the existing Evil.
Genl. spoke to considerable length to the same effect.
spoke <​in strong Terms​> in accordance with the Remarks made by the foregoing Members who spoke before him.
Genl. J. Smith again Spoke, & wished <​that the Bill for​> an Ordinance, amended, as <​that purpose as​> offered by Col , shd be amended.
The Bill was amended accordingly.
Colr spoke at length in Support of the Bill. Colr. also spoke in Support, & at length.
The Bill was read, as amended.
Genl. J. Smith again spoke to consid[era]ble length.
Colr. explained.
Genl again spoke, <​& amongst other things​> agst. Night Suppers, <​night​> Parties & Balls, & c. &c..
Adjourned for one Hour, at one oC. P.M.
Council came to order at Two oClock, P.M.
took the Floor, & spoke in support of the Bill.
also spoke in approbation of the Bill.
spoke in support, & wishes Bill amended, by leaving the <​Penalty​> without limitation, or the Bill was amended, Rules dispensed with, & Bill read 2nd. time, the Usual Rules were gone through & the Bill passed.— Title,— “An Ordinance Concerning Brothels & disorderly Characters. [p. 25]
The Petn. of Thomas J. Brandon & others to have Hotchkiss Street opened from Arlington St east to Winchester St. <​as also a Remonstrance agst same​> were referred to the Committee of Improvement, who reported thereon, which Report was rejected. & it was Resolved that the Petn. be rejected, & it was rejected accordingly.
The Claim of as Marshal, notify for notifying the City Council, & other Services, from 3rd. Feby. 1841, until Octr. 15th. 1841, was Referred to the Committee on Claims, who Reported, Recommending that twelve Dollars be allowed to him for said Services, which Report was received & Adopted.
The Petn. of & others, to have the highway Taxes of the altered, & to Tax every Man according to what the property he possesses, was referred to the Committee of Ways & Means, who reported. the Report was received, & adopted, Rejecting the Petition.
A Bill was brought forward praying that the Act entitled an Act regulating Stores & Groceries be repealed, which was referred to the Committee on Municipal Laws, who reported in favor of the Bill, which was read the first time, Rules dispensed with, & came to a second reading, & upon discussion by J. Smith Vice Mayor, Colrs. , & , & the further usual proceedings had thereon, the following Ordinanc[e] was passed, entitled, An Ordinance to repealg. certain Ordinances respecting Licences in the City of .
<​Order drawn, & paid.​>
The Committee of Claims brought in their report upon the Claim of , which was received, & Adopted, allowing him Six Dollars for Surveying Harris Street, and extending Young Street.
A Bill was brought forward praying for the Reduction of the price for Sealing Weights & Measures, which was referred to the Committee of Municipal Laws, who reported in favour of the Bill, which was read the first time, Rules dispensed with, read second time, the further usual proceedings were had thereon, & passed into an Ordinance, entitled An Ordce to amend an Ordce entitled “An Ordce to regulate Weights & measures.”— [p. 26]
The Petition of & for privilege to <​of​> erecting Butments & Piers in the , was referred to the Committee on public Works, who reported favourably thereon, which Report was adopted, & <​into​> the following Resolution.
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that & have privilege of erecting Butments & Piers in the , between Locust Street & the next Street North, for the indispensable use & convenience of the Steam Mill now being erected between the said Streets, on the River Beach, not infringing upon the Rights of the Ferry.
passed May 14th. 1842.
The Petition of Benjamin Brown & others for opening Winchester Street was referred to the Committee of Improvement, who Reported, Recommending that the Petn. be granted, which Report was Received, & adopted, by the following Resolution.— Resolved &c. that Winchester Street be opened South from Parley Street to Hills Street, at the expence of the Petitioners.—
passed May 14th. 1842.—
, Recorder.
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that Colr. be <​& he is hereby ​> Authorized to Sell a portion of the Lots of the Burying Ground, the Terms of Sale to be, one third part of the price <​or purchase Money​> to be paid down in hand, One third part to be paid in Six Months from the Time of Sale, & the remaining third to be paid in Twelve Months from the Time of Sale, the Obtaining of Security for such payments to be at the Option <​discretion​> of <​the​> said , and he to give Bonds or other <​necessary​> Documents for <​to insure​> the due performance <​fulfilment by the and ,​> of All <​Sales and​> such Agreements he may so make.
passed May 14th. 1842.
, Recorder.
Adjourned until the 2nd. Saturday in June next.— [p. 27]