Minutes, 15–16 March 1842

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Tuesday, March 15th, A. L. 5842, AD. 1842,
9 o’clock, A. M.
Special Communication, by order of . Lodge met pursuant to previous notice. Present— W. M. [Worshipful Master] , G. M. of the G. L. [Grand Lodge] of ; W. D. McCann, D. G. S. [Deputy Grand Secretary]; Asahel Perry, W. M. p. t. [pro tem]; , S. W. [Senior Warden]; , J. W. [Junior Warden]; , T[reasurer]; , S[ecretary]; , S. D. [Senior Deacon]; , J. D. [Junior Deacon]; , T[yler]; Wm. Felshaw, and , S[tewards]; , Josiah Arnold, Joshua Smith, Lyman Leonard, , Christopher Williams, John Patten, Noah Rogers, , Samuel Henderson, Benjamin Brown, Stephen Chase, George Montague, Noble Rogers, and , Members; and L. B. Adams, Franklin, 22, Ill.; M. Plumb, Franklin, 22, Ill.; Henry King, Sylvan, 229, N.Y.; A. C. Graves, Harmony, 11, Ia.; J. Rose, St. Johns, 21, N.Y.; A. Lambert, Sciota, 28, O[hio]; G. Heberling, La Fayette, Pa.; D. Hibbard, New England, 4, O.; James Cummings, Maine, Me.; E. Jennings, Mt. Moriah, N.Y.; Samuel Miles, Rainbow, Vt.; Thomas C. King, Bodley, 1, Ill.; Caleb Baldwin, Concord, O.; S. Comer, Urbanna, O.; & L. Evans, Urbanna, O.; visiting brethren. The M. W. [Most Worshipful] presided, and opened the lodge in due form, in the 3rd degree of masonry. He, likewise, organised, and opened a Grand Lodge according to ancient usage, in the 3rd degree. The Grand and Subordinate Lodges then called off from labor to refreshment, until 1 o’clock, P. M.
1 o’clock, P. M.
The Lodges called to labor. Present as before. The then directed the Grand Marshal, , to form a procession according to ancient usage, in order to proceed to the , near the , for installation, which was accordingly done. At the , after the ceremonies of installation, the delivered a highly creditable and finished address on the subject of Ancient York Masonry, after which the lodges returned to the lodge room in masonic orders. The Grand Lodge then closed in due form, without day. The subordinate Lodge then adopted the by-laws which they had informally prepared on the 30th of December, as amended at the suggestion of the . On motion, the Lodges [p. [13]] requested a copy of the address of the for publication— carried unanimously, and a copy promised. The Lodge then closed to meet again at early candle lighting.
7 o’clock, P. M.
Lodge met pursuant to adjournment, and opened in the 1st degree of masonry. Present as before. A special dispensation from the was then presented in the words following; to wit:
City of , March 15— 5842.
Know all ye brethren to whom come these presents— That I, , Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of the State of — in virtue of the power and authority in me vested as Grand Master aforesaid do hereby, by these letters of Dispensation, authorize the Brethren of Nauvoo Lodge under dispensation, to receive the petitions of Joseph Smith, and — and act on the same instanter— and should the ballot be unanimous in favor of said Smith and at a full meeting of said Nauvoo Lodge— then in that case— the said Lodge is authorized to confer the three several degrees of Ancient York Masonry on the said Joseph Smith and — as speedily as the nature of the case will admit— Provided, however, that nothing herein contained shall be deemed as authority by the said Nauvoo Lodge for violating any of the ancient landmarks of the order, or of acting contrary to the provisions of their By-Laws— except in the cases herein authorized—
Given under my hand— as Grand Master, the day and date above named—
, G. M. G. L. .
Petitions were then presented from Joseph Smith, and , the persons above named, and on motion the Lodge proceeded to the ballot in each case separately, in order of record— the ballot was found clear, and they were duly initiated— Entered Apprentice Masons. The Lodge was then [p. [14]] closed, to stand closed until to-morrow morning at 9 o’clock.
, Secretary.
Wednesday, March 16th, A.L. 5842, AD. 1842.
9 o’clock, A. M.
Lodge met pursuant to adjournment. Present— W. M. , G. M. presiding; W. D. McCann, D. G. S.; , S. W.; , J. W.; , S.; , T.; , S. D.; , J. D.; Lyman Leonard, T. p. t.; W. Felshaw, & , S.; , J. Arnold, Joshua Smith, , , , J. Patten, Noah Rogers, , S. Henderson, S. Chase, Noble Rogers, Ormond Butler, Members; J. Smith & , E. A. Masons,— and L. B. Adams, M. Plum, H. King, A. C. Graves, J. Rose, A. Lambert, D. Hibbard, & S. Miles, visiting brethren. An E. A. Lodge was then opened in due form, and the minutes of the preceding meeting meeting read. No further business appearing in this degree, the E. A. were requested to withdraw, and a F. C. [Fellow Craft] Lodge was then opened. Joseph Smith, and , signified their desire to be advanced in masonry, and their proficiency in the preceding degree was vouched for— after which they were balloted for, the ballot found clear, and they duly received and passed to the degree of F. C. Masons. The Lodge then called off until 2 o’clock, P.M.
2 o’clock, P.M.
Lodge called to labor. Present as before. A Master’s Lodge was then opened and Joseph Smith applied for the third and sublime degree of M. M. [Master Mason]— the ballot was found clear, and he was duly raised to said degree, and signed the By-Laws. Lodge called off until 7 o’clock, P.M.
7 o’clock, P.M.
Lodge called to labor. Present as before. applied for the sublime degree of Master Mason— the ballot was found clear, and he was accordingly raised. The S. W. was then called to the chair, and the following resolutions unanimously adopted; to wit:
Resolved, That the thanks of this Lodge be [p. [15]] presented to , & D. G. S. McCann, for their attendance with us, and the instructions given in the various degrees of masonry.
Resolved, That they be requested to visit the Lodge whenever their circumstances will permit, at the expense of the Lodge.
Resolved, That be requested to deliver an oration on masonry, in this , on the 24th of June next; but, if not possible so to do, to give the lodge timely notice.
Resolved, That Columbus Lodge, No. 6., & Bodley Lodge, No. 1., be requested to meet with Lodge on the 24th of June— and that all brethren in the vicinity be solicited to participate.
, & D. G. S. McCann, then made very neat speeches, expressive of their entire satisfaction with the proceedings of this lodge, and the kind treatment they had received at the hands of our citizens generally. The lodge then closed, in great cordiality of feelings, to stand closed until to-morrow evening.
, Secretary. [p. [16]]