Minutes, 16 December 1843

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Special Session. Saturday Dec 16th 1843, 10 oclock A. M.
Names of members called, prayer by , minutes of last council read and approved. was added to the council to supply the place of who was absent, notified and took his seat
The Mayor, Aldermen, and counsellors signed the Memorial to petition congress for redress of Losses.— <​officially.—​> Memorial Read
Counsellor . on the committee for memorializing Congress for protection, read the Memorial. A suggested an amendment. suggested additions Mayor spoke. C spoke. Mayor spoke in reply. stating we wished to ask the privilege of calling on troops to protect us us in our privileges, which is not unconstitutional,— but lays in the breast of congress.——
spoke.— on legal and constitutional points [p. 25] read from the Constitution.— & spoke suggesting the propri[e]ty, & referring the mem
was added to the committee on the Memorial.
Moved by , 2d and carried that be added to the committee, and the memorial referred back to the committee for revision. on motion of A. .
read from the constitution, the Mayor spoke that the had ceded to us the power which they possessed therefore we have a claim on congress. All that right ceded by Congress to the Legislature is now ceded to us.— and continued his speech at considerable length.
spoke by deny.— The mayor replied, at length — spoke. spoke, Spoke
An Ordinance regulating Merchants & Grocers Licenses. was twice read.— spoke. by objection. replied. spoke. The mayor spoke.
Motion by , and carried that Charles Warner be removed from the office of <​City​> Auctioneer.
was duly elected City Auctioneer in place of Charles Warne removed
Resolved by the City Coun[c]il of the City of that the notify C. Warner that he is removed from office. & had leave of absent.
The ordinance Regulating Merchants and Grocers Licenses. amended read by its title & passed. Title approved,
Twenty five minutes past 2 adjourn for 1 hour
Twenty five minutes past 3 o clock council assembled <​spe​> according pursuant to adjournment, <​names of members called,​> Minutes of <​last council read and approved.​>
Notice of Charles Warners discontinuance of office was given to the .
— spoke of the measures of the .— that he had tried a pint cup by measuring it twice in a quart measure, and found it <​Larger in proportion than the quart.​>
spoke in explanation. [p. 26]
an ordinance concerning wharfage and for other purposes in read twice, & amended by erasing the word stop, and, <​insert​> “land” inserted.— the number ten— was erased & fifty added read third time, and Passed. Its Title, An Ordina[n]ce concerning the landing of Steam boats in , passed
was duly appointed wharf master, for one year.
was appointed a committee to wait on Mr. to solicit a block of land on which to build a jail.— A. was added to this committee.
Petition of read for claims as read & refered to committe on claims commite reported favorably,— and the council referred the bill back to the committee,— Comittee reported to allowing 25 dollars,— and the repo[r]t was acceptied, and twenty five dollars was allowed.—
Resolved that the office of city attorny be vacated for the time being, and that the give notice accordingly.
5 oclock P. M Council adjour[n]ed to next thurdy [thursday] 10. A M.— [p. 27]