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<​Sunday Evening Sept. the 12th 17th 1837​>
Minuits of a of held in the this evening Joseph Smith Jr presided, the conferance was op[e]ned by prayer by Pres. after which the conferance was addressed by from the Chair, on the subject of the of the Saints in the last days and the duties of the of the different relations thereto, It appeared manifest to the conference that the places appointed for the gathering of the saints <​were​> at this time crowded to overflowing & that it was necessary that there be more of appointed in order that the poor might have a place to gather to, wherefore it was moved seconded & carried by vote of the whole that Presidents J Smith Jr & be requested by this conference to go & appoint other Stakes or places of gathering and that they receive a certificate of this their appointment signed by the Clerk of the , Elder who had been appointed, in the after part of the day to be the was called upon to know if he would accept the appointment he arose and said that he would comply with the request of the Church & the Lord being his helper he would discharge the duties thereof to the best of his abilities, After which the Elders present who were in a situation to travel were called upon [p. 243] to number themselves, begining on the South Side of the , & so pass to the north, it appeared that there were one hundred & nine present who wished to travel, they were then divided into eight companies in the following manner, Beginning with No 1 to No 13 formed the first company They were appointed to travel East, The next company was from 13 to 26 They were appointed to travel South East, The next was from 26 to 39 They were appointed to travel South, The next from 39 to 52 They were to travel South west, The next from 52 to 65 They were to go directly West The next from 65 to 78 Their course was North west, The next from 78 to 91 They were to travel North, The next from 91 to 104 They were to travel North East It appeared after this division that there 5 left Nos 105, -6 -7 -8 and 9 No 105 was appointed to travel with the company that go South East, 106 with the Com’y South, 107 to travel with the South Com’y, 108 with the East Company, <​&​> 109 North. It was farther appointed that those who might desire to travel a different course from the one which was appointed to the division to which They belonged, might have the privilege of changing with one of another division. And lastly it was appointed that the different divisions appoint a meeting for themselves to make [p. 244] such arrangments as they shall think proper in relation to their journying and after prayer by President the adjourned
. Clerk of— [p. 245]


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    On 6 April 1837, Sidney Rigdon stated that the gathering of the Saints was “the object of this mission & ministry” and that “the preaching of the gospel was the first thing,” since “nothing can effect the gathering of the Saints but that.” Rigdon further informed the elders that they should instruct those who joined the church to gather at the appointed places for the Saints, including Kirtland. (“Anniversary of the Church of Latter Day Saints,” LDS Messenger and Advocate, Apr. 1837, 3:488–489.)  

    Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate. Kirtland, OH. Oct. 1834–Sept. 1837.

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    Marcellus Cowdery, in a letter to George A. Smith in late September, wrote, “Brother Joseph & Sidney expect to start soon to appoint 11 or 12 new Stakes of Zion” in Missouri. Mary Fielding in a 7 October letter also noted that after JS and Rigdon established new stakes in Kirtland before they left, they would go to Missouri to “set in order the Church in the West” and there establish “11 new Stakes before they return.” (John Smith and Marcellus Cowdery, Kirtland, OH, to George A. Smith, Shinnston, VA, 26 Sept. 1837, George Albert Smith, Papers, CHL, underlining in original; Mary Fielding, Kirtland, OH, to Mercy Fielding Thompson and Robert Thompson, Churchville, Upper Canada, 7 Oct. 1837, Mary Fielding Smith, Collection, CHL.)  

    Smith, George Albert. Papers, 1834–1877. CHL. MS 1322.

    Smith, Mary Fielding. Collection, ca. 1832–1848. CHL. MS 2779.

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    The clerk and general recorder of the church was George W. Robinson, who had been appointed at an earlier meeting on 17 September 1837. (Minutes, 17 Sept. 1837–A.)  

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    See Minutes, 17 Sept. 1837–A.