Minutes, 18 January 1835

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Minutes of a , held at Ohio Jany. 18th 1835
Joseph Smith Junr)Presiding
, President
acting as
Certain brethren from N. Y. came forward for counsel relative to their proceeding to the West, when it was decided that three counsellors on each side be appointed to speak. (Viz.): [p. 82]
The several who were appointed to speak addressed the to considerable length, followed by & . went into some minute particulars relative to the propriety of the tarrying of the brethren, before the council, and gave his mind that they stay. occupieed considerable time. and laid before the council at much length, the importance of assisting the church in this place, to move forward the great work of preparing a place in which the might be , and of printing and sending out the word of the Lord. President Smith took up the subject still further, and occupied a long time in presenting the importance of the same thing and gave decision that assist with his might, to build up the cause by tarrying in . The vote of the council was called and passed by unanimous voice. Closed by prayer of
The next council will be arranged as follows:
clerk} of Council} [p. 83]


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    On 5 December 1834, Oliver Cowdery was ordained an assistant president in the presidency of the high priesthood, joining Sidney Rigdon and Frederick G. Williams as assistant presidents. The following day, Hyrum Smith and Joseph Smith Sr. were also ordained to the presidency. The presidency of the high priesthood was different from the presidency of the Kirtland high council, so in this meeting, Cowdery, Hyrum Smith, and Joseph Smith Sr. all took their places as members of the high council, not as members of the presidency of the high priesthood. (Account of Meetings, Revelation, and Blessing, 5–6 Dec. 1834.)  

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    That is, the House of the Lord being constructed in Kirtland. (See Revelation, 1 June 1833 [D&C 95:8].)  

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    A September 1834 conference appointed a committee “to arrange the items of the doctrine of Jesus Christ for the government of the church of Latter-Day Saints” for publication. At this time, F. G. Williams & Co. operated the church’s printing firm in Kirtland. (Minutes, 24 Sept. 1834; Minutes, 11 Sept. 1833.)