Minutes, 18 September 1843

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Monday August [September] 18th. 1843— 10 A. M. adjourned Meeting, 10. A. A minority of the council issued an a warrant to Alderman to bring the , which was immediately executed, and the notified absent members.— At 11, oclock & 30 minutes a majority were assembled. was <​chosen​> president Pro Tem. prayer by . Names of Members called. <​minutes of the two last councils read and approved.​> Alderman , (who had acted in place of ,) was appointed in place of who was absent.
Petition was read from and others to open an alley through Block 124,— which was referred to the committee on Public grounds <​Improvements,​>.— who reported favorably, and report was accepted.
A bill <​was presented​> for “an Ordinance for the inspection and measurement of lumber in Nauvoo and other purposes placeswhich was twice read.— spoke, replied. spoke <​by query.—​> follwed by Aldermen & , and replied to by , spoke.— <​Bill​> Referred to a special committee (viz) , , &
A bill <​was presented​> for “an Ordinance concerning the inspection of flower flour &c. in , & for other purposes.” Read twice. spoke, in favor of the bill, three the number three was added to the blank— with other amendmts as shown on the bill, by motion,— read third time by its tittle. and passed into a law,— with its title,— as above
<​A Bill <​was a presented​> for​> An Ordinance to authorize the City Constables to execute and enforce the ordinances, relating to ways and means to Hogs and beasts, and to build a pound in the City of . Read twice,— and the third time by its tittle. and passed into a law with its title, as above.—
1. P. M. Council adjourned to next regular Meeting. [p. 21]