Minutes, 21 March 1844

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Thursday March 21— 1844 Council met at 9 A.M pursuant to adjournment and opened by prayer from Elder .
The chairman appointed Elder chairman pro. tem.
E[lde]r called up his resolution offered on the 19th. inst. which was then ordered to be laid on the table
Er motioned that the minutes of the last meeting be read.
Er begged to offer an amendment to motion viz. that the word be stricken out inasmuch as the had no jurisdiction over that Territory.
rose to a point of order [p. [40]] wherefore the motion to read the minutes was decided to be in order which was done and they were accepted.
asked some information respecting the manner of keeping the minutes which was answered by the standing chairman.
On motion the Resolution of Er was taken up for reconsideratin
The standing chairman made some remarks on the resolution showing the necessity and propriety of petitioning government for the purposes therein set forth.
Er agreed with the preceeding speaker and was of opinion that if we petitioned Congress they would grant our petition & gave reasons. [p. [41]]
Er agreed with the preceeding speakers. Beleived congress would grant our petition. He referred to a speech made made by Mr [Robert Dale] Owen in the house of Representatives on the subject of the .
Mr referred to a correspondence between & the authorities of . He said there was a precedent on record and recommended the sending of the petition.
Er was in favor of petitioning Congress.
Prest. Joseph Smith the chairman made some very encouraging and instructive remarks on the subject before the council. After which there was a call for the question which was put & unanimous [p. [42]]ly agreed to.
requested permission to retire on account of his health— agreed to.
The standing chairman read an article from the Congressional Globe.
Er offered an amendment to the resolution just passed by adding the words “foreign invasion & savage aggression” instead of “foreign foes”.
Er made some remarks on the amendment.
The standing charman resumed instructions
Er moved that a committee of three be appointed to draught a petition agreeable to the Resolution offered by to present to Congress. which motion was carried in affirmative
Motioned that , [p. [43]] and compose said committee—which was carried unanimously in the affirmative.
asked if it was designed that this appointment should hinder the one previously made, to which the standing chairman replied they must continue their labors on the constitution at 12 the council adjourned 2 hours.
2 o clock P.M. Council met pursuant to adjournment The chairman called to the Chair The minutes of this mornings council was read and accepted.
On motion of a letter was read which was written to Col. by Er . [p. [44]] and it was ordered that said letter be forwarded immediately.
motion for amendment offered in the A.M. was considered & lost.
On motion of the standing chairman Er was appointed to carry our petition to Congress.
Er expressed his most sanguine expectations that Congress would almost certainly grant our petition.
Er agreed with and expressed his gratification at for the appointment conferred upon him and his willingness to perform the mission.
made some lengthy and animated remarks on various subjects particularly on the situation of & [p. [45]] her position in regard to other nations.
The made some remarks on his experience and views on various subjects.
The standing chairman arose to move that brother be sent on a mission to the Lamanites to instruct them to unite together and cease their enmity towards each other, to & to be diligent and faithful for that would be pleasing in the sight of our heavenly father.
The motion was seconded by
Er asked a question for information which was answered by Prest. J.
Er was favorable to the mission
proposed that have someone to go with him.
Prest. J. Smith objected. He considered [p. [46]] it altogether unnecessary.
Er asked for further explanation of the nature of the nature mission which was also explained by prest. Joseph.
The question was called for, whereupon the vote was unanimous in the affirmative
Prest. J. Smith proposed that some one be appointed on a mission to Springfield and nominated Er
The motion was seconded by the vote was unanimous in affirmative
Prest. J. Smith moved that be requested to accompany to , and requested Er to relate an anecdote concerning having a discussion with a Mr Slocum a sectarian priest, which was done. [p. [47]] Prest. J. Smith motioned that Er have a mission appointed him to which was seconded by Er and carried unanimously.
Er moved that the Elders who are sent out by this council, begin their operations & preach from the time they leave this council untill they return.
A motion was made to adjourn till Tuesday next at 9 o clock A.M.
Er arose to ask some instructions which was given by Prest. J. Smith. He also asked whether he should fulfil his intended mission to . Answer’d in the affirmative
Er asked a question which was answered by prest. J. Smith [p. [48]]
Mr made some observations concerning the feelings & views of in regard to the proceedings of the Senate.
Prest. J. Smith recommended that the Twelve should select men from the Quorums of the seventies and High Priests and send them to preach and electioneer through the different States, and then as many of the Twelve as can, follow these Elders and hold conferences in the various branches of the Church through the States. He then gave Er some instructions pertaining to his mission. Especially advising him not to suffer any part of the memorial to be stricken out, but if Congress will not pass it in its pure [p. [49]] original State, let them reject it altogether. He did not care whether Congress would grant it or not, it would serve to goad them with.
Mr moved that a copy of the memorial agreed to this A.M. should be put into the hands of for consideration in the Senate at the same time that agitates the subject in the house. The motion was passed by unanimous vote.
After a variety of observations from the brethren on subjects of minor importance the motion to adjourn was renewed and agreed to. and the council adjourned untill next tuesday at 9 o clock A.M. [p. [50]]