Minutes, 25 May 1844

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Saturday May 25th. 1844 1 o clock P.M. Council met by order of the chairman. Present J. Smith in the chair , , , , , , , , , , , , , [,] . Clerk.
The council was opened by a few remarks from the President on the subject of our Memorial before Congress, its prospects &c. After which a letter was read from E[lde]r dated April 30th. 1844.
The subject was discussed by [p. [253]] several of the brethren.
The subject of the was also discussed when
moved that Mesrs and be appointed a committee to confer with on the subject of transferring the
moved as amendment that be added to the Committee which was seconded.
The question was then put on the amendment and passed
The original motion was then put embracing the amendment and carried unanimously.
The chairman made some pointed remarks on the subject of being upheld by this council—calling [p. [254]] upon every member to stand up for him according to our original agreement.
The subject of the was again discussed and a messenger dispatched for who soon appeared.
The Chairman then informed of the matters under consideration and asked him if he was willing when he tendered his resignation to recommend him as his successor.
replied that he had no objections.
It was then agreed that should recommend President Joseph Smith as Post Master for the City [p. [255]] of and that a letter should be written to requesting his assistance in the matter. Also that a letter be written to our Representatives in Congress requesting their aid in accomplishing this object, and lastly that a petition be got up to accompany the resignation
In consequence of so much disorder and confusion—three or four members being all the while speaking at the same time—the minutes could not be taken in full
The council adjourned untill next friday at 2 o clock P.M. [p. [256]]