Minutes, 27 May 1843

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Saturday, May 27th 1843. The twelve assembled in council, according to adjourment 2. o clock P, M. Present , ; . . & — also, Presid[e]nt Joseph Smith, Patriarchs <​& ​>, and others— Paryer by . after Singing
stated the object of the meeting. was to investigate a letter from Sybbella [Sybella McMinn] Armstrong of concern[in]g — and other business—
The Letter was then read. Dated May 1st. 1843, charging & Stating that had been slandering hear her character,
stated that he was not fully prepared to investigate the merits of the letter in full as had but just learned the contents therof, that sybbella was generelly spoken of by the church in an—
Capt— of steamboats & others— on the ohieo— told him she had been seen drunk in the streets &c.— had often spoke of her in conversation as having heard such things. I have made the. obsevation I did not beleive they were all right.
, I bo[a]rded with she told long stories <​to my wife​> about Sabbella Armstng.— faild for $20 000, did not know how she got so much money.
. last winter,— at my house, her house was run down with bills of merctile making &c &c &c. Mc Niners girls.—
A person. a respcable [respectable] Dr Miller, know any thing about Sybella Armstrong,— just before she went away I was calld to see her, & I pronuced [pronounced] [p. [1]] her dropsical. left late in the evening gone 6 or 8 months in Kentucky, inder suspicus circumstances
Mrs Thacher says that Isabellas sister said every family had a black sheep— & they had one. a certain Lady had seen her in drink, & run in debt to give money to the Saints.—
Ned simpson: Is ferquntly seen with her. & blackley, atrocois villain.—
She have been the public talk in the church, my being silencd by the twelve has caused me a great deal of trouble &c
. when he was in — one said Isabellas conduct was very rediculous. & if she was not moved she ought to be.— towns talk,— when I preached on adultery, she left the house
said he was pesident of the counsil in — when this subject was investegated,
, said the council might be called at my request, to settle the money affair, nothing—
Adams, I deny having in vited any thing about old affairs.— in calling the council—
to <​but​> it was called to investigate the money. & about Bro Derby Darby [Erastus Derby],—— after which.— , & othe[r]s came forward after the money investigation.—
President Joseph Smith called for order.—
said there was no tiel [trial] before the councel.
“J. Smith said that there it was a bag of nonsense to sit here without witnesses & hear one story [after?] another. Prest, J. Smith, it has been the character of from the beginning to contredict every body & evey thing, and I have been under the ire of his tongue.— he introduced me into several familyes & I had to have a contention with him at every house. I disgraced him before the confernce. & to be revenged he told one of the most damnable lies about me. visited Sister Smith sister [Hannah Dubois] Dibble. small hat shop.— told her to come to with me. & I would protect hers & set up a howl [p. 2] a howl that I was guilty of impoper conducte. If Isabella Armstrong, is ever so bad so much the worse.
The patriarchal office is the highest office in the church. and conferred this office, on , on his death bed.—
A baptist minister this morning said sir I am wrong you are right—
Prest Joseph said, he should not act on the case but should reserve himself for a an appeal.—
Minutes of Confrince read, letter, and letter were read to council.
spoke. said at a good meeting in , Elder
in a public meeting in said that there was not three, in the meeting but what had lied.—
It was none of the business of the twelve or the first Presidency where he goes, or his family.— wished if the case was to be passed by, he wished the High council to try the case, <​& he would have him, give up his licence— till he came to ​>
Presidit [president] Joseph said the High Council of could not try the case, the twelve must try it.—
,— said he was not an old g[r]anny & plead that ought to have a heering.—
say — moved that, this case be adjured [adjourned] till tomorow 10 o clock— s[econde]d by. , <​Motion withdrawd​>
objected.— & gave his objection no new evidince can be had.— he has denied the jurisdiction, of the 12ve.—— did not leave &c.— cannot destroy the testimony of from ,
Elder .— said called an old granny.— [p. 3]
Presedint Joseph advised that be suspe[n]ded, and have trial some 3 or 4 months hence and call up the whole chu[r]ch.—
said he felt it was be[s]t for to come to ,
<​Motion withdrawn by .—​>
Moti[o]ned that Elder give up his licince, and move to with his family as soon as he can.
, said, he had not his licence here but says he will not preach—
Prest Joseph said to the Twelve that has come to me and made acknowledgedment, perfect satisfaction— his licence as Elder will be taken from him and he will act as priest.— and , will has now started anew,— and let. all present hold their tongues. and only say that has started anew,—
God will speue out of his mouth they will are luke warm,—— the news from the — is like the simooms breeze.—
is the presdet [president] of the Qurom— can take example from the first creation— the goode will seperete—
voted that Elders Benjamin Brown go on a mission to the Province of Nova Stotia, and Elder Jesse W Crosby accompany him,
voted that , go on a mission to the neghbrhod [neighborhood] of — call at Mr John Riches.—
voted that, go on a mission to the eastern States—
Blank Bond read by Esqr Elder will , and accepted, [p. 4]
Copy of recommendation read and accepted, for the Elders going abroad,
voted that use his discretion in ordering certain families, to have their passage paid from , and , to be retur[ne]d on the or ,
Storm , fathe to bless th[e]ir mind firm and strong, and vision clear,— abut to go native land, my head sectin across the water, ageal [angel] go before visions givn to the people way prepare beforhnd— when sleeping— on the billow, <​spirit operate in the​> who he shall answer this word shall—
defend thy cau[s]e. provide a companion,— to go with. provide food & raynt [raiment] & place to lay his head.— if faithful shall not return empty but bring thy riches as with— enemies rise up agint [against] thee.— shall we find a refuge— may the blesing of A[braham] I[saac] & J[acob] be his & boldness— in order to establish thy truth.—
adjrnd to 6 P. M. next Monday evening.— [1/4 page blank] [p. 5]