Minutes, 3 February 1841

Document Transcript

Met at Mr <​the House of ​>s’ at 6 oC. <​PM​> 3rd Feb.y. 1841.—
<​ the​> Mayor Sworn into office by .
Meeting opened by Joseph Smith Jr by Prayer—
gave Notice that Br was appointed Marshall, & requested the public to obey him.—
proceded & Alderman & Councillors were Sworn, unless who was not present—
proposed as Marshall for two years Ensuing,— Voted in,— & Sworn
for Treasurer— Voted in & Swn
for Recorder— Voted in & Sworn
supervisor of Streets <​Voted in​>.— not present—
City assessor— Voted in & Swrn
then addressed the Citizens.— & Cited parts of the City Charter, making his observations as to what he considered should be done in the forthwith &c
Col Joseph <​Smith​> presented a Document <​or Bill of Ordinance​> setting forth the manner of appointed <​appointm[en]t​> of Military Force, or — Read three times & passed.—
Same presented a Bill appointing a Board of [illegible] Ordinance Orgainising the City of <​University of the City [of?]​> Read three times & passed.—
Moved & Seconded <​& voted​> that thanks of Citizens [2 words illegible] be tendered to Citizens of , & Legislature of for their kindness [2 words illegible] [p. 1]
Moved & Seconded that that portion of the <​Message​> Resln as to adopting a Canal be referred to a Committee of 3 (Messrs. , J. Smith, & ) who are to report
Moved & Seconded that that portion of Message as to <​vacating​> Town Platts <​of ​> be referred to Committee of Messrs <​J.​> Smith, , &
Moved & Seconded that <​the​> portion of Message as to Vending Spirituous Liquors be referred to a Select Committee, Comittee Joseph Smith,— , & .
Moved & Secd. that Committee of 5 as to Code of Ordinances for , <​viz​> J Smith, , ,— , &
Moved & Secd that appt of Board of Health be referred to Committee— adopted Col J. Smith, , & .—
Moved & Secd that the Inaugural Address, & proceeds of Meeting be published in Times & Seasons, which was Carried. —
made Remarks as to his Powers, & those of the other officers.
Moved & Secdd for an Adjnt [adjournment] <​of Counsel​> to Monday next at 2 1 oC aftn to meet at ’s.— Adopted.—
Monday <​Wednesday​> 8th 3rd Feby 1841.
City C.
[p. 2]


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