Minutes, 3 January 1844

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Special Council, Jan 3d 1844 12 oclock—
Names of members called, The Mayor directed the to bring & before the Council, and said told him last evening that had said that some of the police had told him that they had been sworn by the Mayor secretly to put <​him​> () out of the way,—, has had no private conversation with any of the Police but and that to have special care of his <​personal​> safety,— called on the policemen to say no if they had receved any <​no​> private oath from the Mayor & they all said no.
Coun said said that the policemen swore him <​according to Masonic degredatin [degradation]​> to keep the secret, that he was to be put out of the way in 3 months
Mayor wanted policemen to understand forever, that all he wanted was they should excuted the Law, & him his <​orders​> according to the Law,
Policemen called for the individual police
Mayor said he thought proper should come before the council and make his statement on oath,
<​Mayor​> If you saw see a man stealing and you have told him to stand 3 times, & warned him that he is a dead man if he does not stand, <​& he runs​> shoot of his leg— the objct of the police is to stop theeving,— but an enemy should not be harmed until he draws weapons upon you,
, came in and was sworn to tell the truth, touching the case before the Council, by <​ C. M. Court​>
, oath before the <​said he had​> been informed that one <​some​> of the policemen that <​had had​> another oath had been adminted [administered] <​beside the one administed publicly​> that one there was a judas in the <​Gen Smith​> cabinet: one who stood next to him [p. 32] and he must be taken care of, and that he <​must​> not be allowed to go into the world, but must be taken care of <​and not only​> a doe head & judas, but a Brutus,— <​that the idea had been advanced​> that the scriptures support such a doctrine.—
. who is the person, <​&​> who told you
, I am under obligation not to tell,
— that is immaterial you are bound to disclose by your oath here.
— one oath is as good as another.
Mayor said he would protect him— he was bound to tell,—
said he would tell who told him <​& he might tell the name of the police​> Eli Norton told me,
the , <​was​> sent to bring Eli Norton.
Mayor said, <​to the police​> on conditions I have had no private conversation with any of you that they <​you​> will rise up & change the breech of the your guns upwords & all arose & changed the<​ir​> butt of their guns.
Counseller , consid[er]ed the things very alarming when he heard <​it​>, referred to & ’s doings in .— and stated what was said by the mayor on a former council.
Mayor said the reason why he made the remarks he did was on account of the reports brought from Jail By ,— that they wanted to get me <​&c thus​> to put down Mormonism— so that they might organize upon their old principles.— on the orthodox system, did not design to try me but hang me, that they had a man in our midst who would <​fix me [illegible] out—​> deliver me up if they could not get me without, and related his remarks at the previous council
Minutes of last council read,—
Eli Norton sworn to testify the truth the whole & nothing but the truth— by Counseller Clerk of Mayor Court.
all I know about a private oath is on intimation — said all that I have heard,— proba[b]ly referred to what has been stated, about a doe head &c, <​By Mayor​> Did he say he had administd a private oath?, <​Norton​> No! said not much about [p. 33] , did not say you had ever minstred [administered] any private oath. s never in[s]tructed must be put out of the way, did not call s name nor no other name. did not say the policemen had a private oath,— did understand to say there was private instructions, and if a man could not keep a secret was not worthy of a place in the chu[r]ch, did not say the Mayor had given him a charge, did not tell where, told me there were doe heads about. did he <​not​> say the doe heads were in danger the mayor was in danger from the doe head,—
By , Did you not understand from , that he was suspicious of one near him as a doe head, & must be taken care of. & satisfied he had refered to me? <​E. N.​> Yes, he mentioned a doe head standing near Joseph, <​had​> conversation on Spiritual wifes,— I did not believe,— knew was opposed, and in the <​this​> conversation the doe head come in <​​> Did not say <​Joseph​> had anything to do with spiritual wifes <​or​> had not taught any such things, <​did not say​> had any thing to do with it.— <​there was​> no chain to the conversation,— <​he suggested​> there was another Law, the Law of God, do not know who admisted the <​other​> oath,
Mayor, tell what you know that made you so alarmd about ,—
Eli Norton, told me several times Danitesism was not down, never said mayor had any thing to do about Daniteism, , said it was a good system, said Q every department <​Quorum​> had their teachings and they must not tell another quorum’s, did not say I must take an oath to remain his counseller,— I drew the inference that was the doe head from conversation, but did not name ,
, said— I told him we were sworn & our duties specified I said by the covenant we have made in Baptism we are bound to protect each other in righteousness,— daniteism is to stand by each other that is all I know about Daniteism,— Mayor said he was not afraid of any thing but a doe head in our midst!— <​In our conversation we​> referred to spiritual wifes and one thing brought on another,— I was asked who can that man be? I give my opinion, that certain men had been requ[i]red to give their property [p. 34] to certain purposes, & then went & build a mill, & sowed a hundred acres of hemp & lost it in the river,— Norton said knew about the spiritual wife system. I never intimated that life was in danger, I intimated that might be the doe head, previously and me had conversation about stories afloat on spiritual wifes, he thought it was from the devil,— and we must put it down that he knew such a thing was in existince. & breaking up of families &c
By, , <​Did I said not say​> we have a good foundation because Joseph blowed it all up before the Hight Council, & before the Elders Quorum? Yes said ,— did not speak disrespectfully of Joseph or of the Church,— Had no secret converation <​with mayor​>. no charge except before the council never heard any thing from me to endanger the life of any man.
Mayor spoke on spiritual wife system, and explained, The man who promises to keep a secret and does not keep it he is a liar. and not to be trusted, came to me the other night and say <​said​> that he was satisfied & pleased with all I had said.— I did say <​said​> .—
Counseller spoke, at considerable length.—
Gen spoke, said there was no man in the more zealous to support Mormonism than himself. I have ever been ready to stand forth 9 <​one​> against 9, for the defense of Joseph. and am yet, if he lives till I shed his blood or strike a hair from his head he will live till he is as old as Methuselah.— and I firmly believe if I live till Joseph kills me or sets any one to kill me I shall live as long as I shall want to.—
Mayor, Did I ever tell you that any body had told me that you would sell your property you would blast blow up Mormonism?—
,— told me that.
said he had never conveyed the idea to father Norton that Joseph <​had​> said that was the Doe head.
Mayor— where a man becomes a traitor to his friend or country who is innocent, treachous to innocent blood I consider it right to cut off his innocent influence so that he could not injure the innocent,— [p. 35] but not right to meddle with that man without testimony, Law & trial, suggested the propriety, since <​is​> clear & &c, <​& we have​> promise of protection from the &c, of the policemen Laying up their fir guns, and carrying only small arms,— and that the council pass such an order, The Danite system never had any existence, the term grew out of a term I made an off when the brethren prepared to defend themselves from the mob in ,— the in reference to the stealing of Macaiahs images— if the enemiy comes the Danites will be after them, meaning the brethren in self defince, Mayor inst[r]ucted the police to lay up their arms till further order 4½ P. M
Council Adjourned [p. 36]