Minutes, 3 July 1840

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July 3rd 1842 <​1840​>. The of the of Illinois met in Council at the office of Joseph Smith jr.
1 The subject of the memmorial of Joseph Smith jr was again taken up for a rehearing, according to the decision of the last Council (June 27) and the following resolutions were passed unanimously.
1st Resolved— that we feel perfectly satisfied with the course taken by Joseph Smith jr & feel a disposition as far as it is in our power to assist him so as to relieve him from the temporalities of the Church in [p. 64] order that he may devote his time more particularly to the spiritualities of the same, believeing by so doing we shall promote the good of the whole . But as he (Joseph Smith jr) is held responsible for the payment of the City <​Plot​> and knowing no way to relieve him from that responsibility at present, we would request of him to act as treasurer for the City Plot and to whom those persons whom we may appoint to make sales of Lots and attend to the buisness affairs of the Church may at all times be responsible and make true and correct returns of all their proceedings as well as to account for all monies, properties &c which may come into their hands.
Therefore Resolved. That act as clerk for the same. That be appointed to provide for the wants of the and make such appropriations to them and to their Clerk or Clerks which they may require.
Resolved. that the funds of the City Plot shall [p. 65] not be taken to provide for the or Clerks but that the be instructed to raise funds from other sources to meet the calls made on them.
And mon[i]es recieved for lots shall be deposited in the hands of the treasurer to liquidate the debts of the City Plot.
Resolved that the shall have a stipulated sum for his services for transacting the buisness of the City Plot and that he recieve the sum of twenty-six dollars pr month for said services.—
Resolved— that the remaining items of buisness relative to the memmorial before the shall be laid over to be taken up again at the next Council.
Clerk pro tem [p. 66]


  1. 1

    Minutes, 27 June 1840.  

  2. 2

    In his 18 June 1840 memorial, JS specified that his spiritual work included “translating the Ejyptian Records— the Bible— and wait upon the Lord for Such revelations as may be suited to the condition and circumstances of the church.” (Memorial to Nauvoo High Council, 18 June 1840.)  

  3. 3

    JS and his counselors in the First Presidency obligated themselves either directly to individuals from whom they purchased land in 1839 or to agents who purchased the land on their behalf. The debts for these land sales exceeded $150,000. (Agreement with George W. Robinson, 30 Apr. 1839; Bonds from Horace Hotchkiss, 12 Aug. 1839–A and B; Hancock Co., IL, Deed Records, 1817–1917, vol. 12-G, p. 247, 30 Apr. 1839, microfilm 954,195; Hancock Co., IL, Bonds and Mortgages, 1840–1904, vol. 1, pp. 31–32, 30 Apr. 1839, microfilm 954,776; Lee Co., IA, Land Records, 1836–1961, Deeds [South, Keokuk], vol. 1, pp. 507–509, microfilm 959,238; vol. 2, pp. 3–6, 13–16, microfilm 959,239, U.S. and Canada Record Collection, FHL; Cook, “Isaac Galland,” 270–275; Leonard, Nauvoo, 58.)  

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  4. 4

    In October 1839, the high council appointed JS as “Treasurer in the business” of the church. (Nauvoo High Council Minutes, 21 Oct. 1839, 25.)  

    Nauvoo High Council Minutes, 1839–1845. CHL. LR 3102 22.

  5. 5

    Church leaders had earlier considered using town lot sales to help fund a delegation consisting of JS, Sidney Rigdon, and Elias Higbee on its mission to Washington DC to petition the federal government. (See Letter from Hyrum Smith, 2 Jan. 1840.)  

  6. 6

    Extant minutes of the next high council meeting and of subsequent meetings do not refer to JS’s memorial.