Minutes, 3 March 1836

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Ohio March 3d 1836
The following Authorities of the assembled in the according to adjournment for the purpose of tra[n]sacting business for the Church (Viz.) The of the church, The of the Lamb, the twelve of the Church in , The twelve High Counsellors of the church in , The and his counsellors of . The and counsellors of Zion. The seven Presidents of the . The and Counsellors of the The and counsellors of the , The and counsellors of the : The and counsellors of the . and the and counsellors of the . Opened by singing & Prayer.
The Committee appointed on the 24th of February to draft resolutions for the better regulation of the of said church, made their report, which was read three times by the chairman of said Committee, After which an addition was made to the 6th article, extending the power of the chairman & Clerk pro-tempore, to act in the absence of the standing chairman & Clerk. The following is a copy of the Report of a Committee appointed by the authorities of the church Latter-Day-Saints, assembled in the in . Feb. 24th 1836, for the purpose of drafting [p. 140] resolutions to regulate the manner of to the of said which were to be presented to said authorities for their consideration.
Whereas the records of the several , held by the of the church, and the of many of the official members of the same, in many cases have been imperfectly kept since its organization, to avoid ever after, any inconvenience, difficulty or injury in consequence of such neglect your committee recommend.
1st That all licences hereafter granted by these authoroties assembled as a or by general conference held for the purpose of transacting the business of the church, be recorded at full length <​by a clerk​> appointed for that purpose in a in a book to be kept in this of the church until it shall be thought advisable by the heads of the church, to order other books and appoint other clerks to record record licences as above. And that said recording clerk be required to endorse a certificate under his own hand and signature on the back of said licences, specifying the time when & place where such license was recorded, and also a reference to the letter and page of the Book containing the same;
2d That this quorum appoint two persons to sign Licences given as aforesaid. one as chairman, and the other as clerk of conference, and that it shall be the duty of said person appointed to sign licences as clerk of Conference, immediately thereafter, to deliver the same into the hands of the recording Clerk,
3d That all general conferences abroad give each individual, whom they ordain a certificate signed by the chairman & clerk of said conference, stating the time and place of such conference, and the office to which the individual has been ordained; and that when such certificate has been forwarded to [p. 141]
to the person hereafter authorized to sign as clerk of , such person shall, together with the chairman of conference, immediately sign a license, and said clerk of conference shall, after the same has been recorded, forward it to the proper person.
4th That all in good standing & fellowship in the various of this , be requested to forward their present licences accompanied accompanied by their <​a certificate of their virtuous &​> faithful walk before the Lord, signed by the chairman and clerk, of a general conference, or by the clerk of the branch of the church in which such official member resides, by the advic[e] & direction of such Church, to the clerk of conference, whose duty it shall be to fill a new licence as directed in the 3d. article: And that all licences signed recorded and endorsed, as specified in the first article shall be considered good and valid to all intents & purposes in the business, in and spiritual affairs of this church as a religious society, or before any court of record of this or any court of record of this or any court of other country wherein preachers of the Gospel are entitled to special privileges, answering in all respects as an original record without the necessity of refering to any other document.
5 That the recording clerk be required to publish quarterly in a paper published by some member or members of this church, a list of the names of the several persons for whom he has recorded licences within the last quarter.
6 That this appoint two persons to sign as chairman and clerk of conference, Pro. Tempore licencens for the standing chairman and clerk, who shall be appointed as named in the 2d article and also to act in their absence in signing other licences. [p. 142]
as specified in the foregoing article
Feb. 27 1836
) Committee
The several bodies were then called upon for their decision upon the foregoing report. The being first called upon gave a unanimous vote in favor of the same. The were then called upon, and voted unanimously in favor of the report. The of received it by a unanimously vote. The & of received it unanimously. The and council of received it without a dissenting voice. The passed it unanimously. The also. The President of the , The of Zion, The High counsellors of . The and the , all concurred in the reception of said report.
Joseph Smith Junr. was nominated as standing chairman & as clerk.
as chairman and as Clerk pro tempore—
The several bodies were then called to vote upon the above nominations which passed by unanimous vote.
The resolutions offered to the quorums on the 12th of February regulating were then read, when a discussion was had after which, the Twelve recalled their previous amendments except three, (Viz.) , & ,
Council closed by prayer of
Clerk) [p. 143]


  1. 1

    Prior to the singing and prayer, JS “arose and made some remarks on the object of our meeting,” which he identified as “1st To receive or reject certain resolutions that were drafted by a commitee chosen for that purpose at a preceeding meeting respecting licenses for elders and other official members. 2nd To sanction by the united voice of the quorum certain resolutions respecting ordaining members; that had passed through each quorum seperately without any alteration or amendment excepting in the quorum of the twelve.” (JS, Journal, 3 Mar. 1836.)  

  2. 2

    See Minute Book 1, 24 Feb. 1836; and JS, Journal, 24 Feb. 1836.  

  3. 3

    A resolution offered on 30 January 1836 provides another example of church leaders’ concern about imperfect record keeping. At a meeting held that day, JS and the church’s presidency charged Alvah Beman with creating a “list of the names of the several Elders comprising his quorum and all other Elders in Kirtland”—a directive indicating that neither Beman nor the church presidency had a complete list of who had been ordained to that office. (Minutes, 30 Jan. 1836.)  

  4. 4

    The words “& faithful” are not present in the Messenger and Advocate version. (Minutes, LDS Messenger and Advocate, Feb. 1836, 2:267.)  

    Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate. Kirtland, OH. Oct. 1834–Sept. 1837.

  5. 5

    On 3 June 1836, Thomas Burdick wrote a list “containing the names of Ministers of the Gospel, belonging to the church of the Latter Day Saints, whose Licenses were recorded, the preceeding Quarter, in the License Records, in Kirtland, Ohio.” The Messenger and Advocate published that list in its June issue. Burdick submitted another list to the Messenger and Advocate on 3 September 1836. (List, LDS Messenger and Advocate, June 1836, 2:335–336; see also Minute Book 1, 24 Feb. 1836; and List, LDS Messenger and Advocate, Sept. 1836, 2:383.)  

    Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate. Kirtland, OH. Oct. 1834–Sept. 1837.

  6. 6

    Minutes, 12 Feb. 1836.  

  7. 7

    According to his journal, JS “made some remarks on the amendment of the 12,” after which Thomas B. Marsh “made some observations.” JS then called for the vote of the Twelve “to asertain whether they would repeal their amendment or not.” (JS, Journal, 3 Mar. 1836; see also Historical Introduction to Minutes, 22 Feb. 1836; and Minute Book 1, 17 Feb. 1836.)  

  8. 8

    From “when a discussion was had” to this point, the Messenger and Advocate instead has “a decision was had after which they passed unanimously.” Boynton, Pratt, and Johnson met with JS and the church presidency to resolve this matter about two weeks after the 3 March meeting. (Minutes, LDS Messenger and Advocate, Feb. 1836, 2:268; Minutes, 19 Mar. 1836.)  

    Latter Day Saints’ Messenger and Advocate. Kirtland, OH. Oct. 1834–Sept. 1837.