Minutes, 3 October 1835

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Minutes of a High Council met Oct 3d. 1835
Presiding Presidents, & .
Joseph Smith Junr.
Opened as usual by Prayer.
Charges preferred against Elder & as follows.
Joseph Smith Junr. President of the church of the Latter Day Saints, Greeting
Sir, I prefer certain charges against Elder . (Viz.) of making expressions which is calculated to do injury to the great cause which we have espoused and manifesting a very strong dissatisfaction against the teachings of the Presidency of the church.
Also for using wrong expressions and threatning the Elders of the Church.
Yours &c.
Oct. 2d 1835
After conversing on this subject, it was agreed by & , that the matter should be talked over, and no doubt entertained, but an amicable adjustment of this matter could be effected: After digesting this matter; all difference of feelings was allayed and the wound was healed, Charge preferred against . That he spoke unadvisedly against . acknowledged his wrongs &, was forgiven.
Closed in prayer by  Clerk [p. 126]


  1. 1

    A 3 October 1835 entry in JS’s journal specifies that John Gould was accused of “giving credence to false and slanderous reports instigated to Injure bro Sidney Rigdon.” (JS, Journal, 3 Oct. 1835.)  

  2. 2

    JS’s journal entry notes that Dean Gould had specifically threatened Sidney Rigdon as well as “others of the Elders.” (JS, Journal, 3 Oct. 1835.)