Minutes, 31 May 1844

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Friday May 31st. 1844 2½ o clock P. M. Council met pursuant to adjournment, president Joseph Smith in the chair,
After some conversation on promiscuous subjects by the members, the chairman remarked that the object of our meeting was to hear s report who has just returned from his mission. He called upon to open the council by prayer which was done, after which was requested to make his report.
Er then remarked [p. [257]] that he started from here a few days after his appointment by the council. He met at . They proceeded thence to and They were 7 days in going 2½ days journey on account of High Water. They were three days without provisions only what they could kill. At the latter place they tarried with the brethren a few days, and from thence went East to Wisconsin. One of the brethren went with him. They were 8 or 9 days, going 3 days journey, having to wade through the water up to the knees all almost all the while. They were 2 days and 2 nights and had [p. [258]] nothing to eat. They stopped at a trading house where they expected the Indian Agent to come soon. The brother went back from this place. The agent did not come. The Indians were not gathered. The chief of the Menomanee tribe came into Town. I put up with him. He is a very agreeable man, but could not speak English. A half breed came who was well learned in the English language but I had no confidence in him. I conversed with the chief, upon the object of my mission, and the old man acknowledged the plan to be good but doubted whether it [p. [259]] could be carried into effect.
I concluded I would come home and see what further council would be given under the circumstances.
The chairman briefly remarked that there had evidently been much difficulty to encounter in the mission but it had not been accomplished. He considered bound to make another attempt and fulfil the mission according to the orders of the council.
On motion the council adjourned sine die.
Clerk) [p. [260]]