Minutes, 4 December 1843

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Monday evening December 4.— 1843. 6 oclock P. M. Meeting assembled according to adjourm met, house filled to overflowing.
The mayor made some observations at the opening of the meeting stating the object & its origin, be requested the assembly be calm and cool, but let the spirit of 76 burn in their bosoms, and when occasion requires say little, but act,— and when the mob comes mow a hole through them,
Moved by the mayor, that his appeal to the Freemen of the State of should be read with by Esqr carried, & read,
Moved by the mayor & voted that read his appeal to the state of ,— and read accordingly,
Moved by the mayer & voted to have the read the Memorial to Congress,— & read
By vote, the assembly expressed their unanimous approbation of the memorial
General Jos. Smith followed with remarks relating circumstances in , not mentioned in the Memorial.
vexatious Lawsuits 38 time Paid $150,000 for land out of my own pocket Borrowed $500 gold of at , [p. [3]]
<Nov 26 <​29​>. Dec 4th 1844
Minutes of A meeting in the Assembly room to Petition Congress for redress of grevances in > [p. [4]]


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