Minutes, 4 May 1833

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A of assembled in May the 4th 1833 and appointed moderator who opened the conference with prayer after which arose and stated the necessity of building a school house for the purpose of accomodating the who should come in to receive their education for the ministry according to a revelation given on that subject March 8— 1833 voted unanimously that a committe[e] be appointed to superintend getting subscription for the purpose the following persons were appointed a committe[e] by the voice of the conference Viz there being no further business the conference closed
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    As one of the definitions of subscription, Webster’s 1828 dictionary lists “the act of contributing to any undertaking.” (“Subscription,” in American Dictionary.)  

    An American Dictionary of the English Language: Intended to Exhibit, I. the Origin, Affinities and Primary Signification of English Words, as far as They Have Been Ascertained. . . . Edited by Noah Webster. New York: S. Converse, 1828.

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    On 1 June the committee sent a letter to the churches that contained an account of this meeting and explained, “We have meet in conference and there agreed to form a subscription and circulate the same through the Churches and also appointed Hyram Smith Reynolds Cahoon and Jared Carter a committe to superintend this business viz of circulating subscriptions to establish a fund to build a house and to aid the Elders to attend this school and subscription are now in circulation among us.” (Hyrum Smith et al., Kirtland, OH, to “the Churches of Christ,” 1 June 1833, in JS Letterbook 1, p. 37.)