Minutes, 4 September 1841

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Saturday 4th. Septr 1841.— City Col. met by appointment.—
Moved <​& seconded​> that be elected Colr. instead of Col Decd.— & he was elected accordingly.—
& elected Regents of the University instead of & both Decd.—
<​elected​> Professor of Mathematicks in the University, of the City of .— & Master of Arts conferred upon him.
spoke as to having Assessment taken, & Assr to give his Bond, it was Moved seconded, & adopted.
Moved seconded & carried, that be appointed (instead of ) as one of the Committee to procure a burying Ground.
Moved, that the Committee to purchase burying Ground be at liberty to purchase two Blocks for that purpose, one on each side of the , so as to agree with the City Plott— & same was Carried.—
Moved that the Committee be at liberty to lay off the <​Burying​> Ground in such form as they may deem consider most suitable. & same was Carried.—
appointed Sexton.
Petn. Granted to open <​& Grade​> that part of Partridge Street North of Cutler Street.
A resolution was [blank] Moved seconded & Carried, that the procure a Seal for the Corporation, & that orders be issued by him <​under said Seal,​> to draw Monies out of the City Treasury, signed by the , & Countersigned by the Treasurer Recorder.—
<​A Resolution was​> Adopted that <​the​> Bonds of Assessor & Collector be one Thousand Dollars.— [p. 22]
appointed as City Treasurer, & Bond to be given <​by him​> for One Thousand Dollars.—
Adjourned Sine Die.—
4th. Septr. 1841. [p. 23]