Minutes, 5 July 1842

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Tuesday Morning 8 oClock, July 5th. 1842.
City Council met pursuant to special Notice.
Names of the Council Called.— Reading of Minutes of last Meeting dispensed with.—
Col. presented a Bill, which was read, the Rules dispensed with, and after discussion, & the usual proceedings had thereon, unanimously passed into an Ordinance, Title agreed upon, as follows, to Wit, An Ordinance in Relation to Writs of
A Bill was presented and read, upon which the Rules were dispensed with, went through the usual proceedings, and passed into an Ordinance, by the following Title, An Ordinance, Creating certain further additional City Offices therein named”.
A. [p. 32]
A Bill was presented, and Read, the Rules dispensed with, the usual proceedings had thereon, after some discussion, and passed into an Ordinance, Entitled, “An Ordinance in Relation to public Shows, and Exhibitions”.
<​Order given​>
Resolved by the City Council of the City of , that an order be, and the same is hereby granted, to , upon the Treasury of this , for Fifteen Dollars, towards his Labour.
passed July 5th. 1842.
Joseph Smith, Mayor.
, Recorder.
A Bill was presented, & read, for the regulation of the Duties, and Fees of the City Auctioneer of the City of , which was referred to the Committee of Municipal Laws.
Adjourned until, Saturday next, July 9th., regular Meeting.— [p. 33]