Minutes, 5 March 1844

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March 5 1844. (Special session 2 P.M
Names of members called. quorum present.
Mayor stated that he had called the council because that when the called on the steam boats for wharfage the boats declined paying, because & Morrisoe [Morrison] had told them that they owned the land and they need pay no wharfage to the .— And he called the council to know their views on the subject, as he had told that he should see the ordinances executed and if they <​boats​> did not <​pay​> he should blow them up, and all those who uphold them <​in resisting the ordnanes [ordinances]​>.— And every measure is taken to palsey the hands of the officers of the . and I want to know how to remedy the evil, or whether he should abandon the ordinances, &c
said that it was the mayor’s duty to Enforce the ordinance of the .— and that no man has a right to build a wharf.— without leave from the city
suggested the propriety of Licencesing those these who owned land or wharfs to collect a tax for the landing of the boat.
, concurred.——
Mayor said the land at <​on​> the waters edge was a street.
suggested the propriety of having the street worked, as soon as may be.—
. that if water street was existed all round the there had been constructing a nusance.
Mayor Spoke by <​in​> ixplanation, and said <​that said​> if the would make a wharf, he would give up what he had done
<​C.​> said— he wished the mayor to execute the laws of the
<​C​> concurred.—
<​C.​> —— proposed that water street be worked the whole length. [p. 3]
, said hewas <​I go​> in for executing the laws of th[i]s stated <​that​> Morrison said he had a Bond for a deed to land water mark.— and the could not take his pe[r]sonal right, and he obje[c]ted to the boats paying wharfage—
<​C​> , said if or Morrison or anyone else has built wharfs sinc that street was laid out, they could get no damage
<​C.​> , conside[re]d the ordinane passed good. & ought to be enforced
C. . believed it was our duty to stand up to the ordinances.
Motioned that By .— <​(See motion)​> that water street be that the City council instruct the mayor, to order the to open Water Street. from &c Joseph Smith. .
app[r]oved the resolutin Motions. that the road might be cleared. from Rafts.— and the rafts might also pay licence.—
said the uppr stone house was in the street.—— Mayor said that was the greatest nusance the was in the street.—
<​A.​> was in favor—
Motion carried unanimously—
said he had read <​the decis[io]n the post master general.​> that a letter has no right to go out of a vessel until it has passed the Post office.—
The question arose by. . & , who were Aldermen.— Mayor explaind that if the refused to grant a commission. it does not disqualify the officer elect. to act in [h]is office. consequently there was no virtue in the commission.— but the virtue of the office counts in th[e] election.
thought. they were aldermen all the time, or none of the time.
Mayor said he wanted all the Aldermen to the [be] added to the city council. [p. 4]
Moved <​by ​> that a committee of be appointed to revise the list of members.— of this council.
, spoke. . spoke of the corruption. of the clerk, in <​or​> governor in granti[n]g one commisin [commission]. & denying the others Elect.
spoke prepard to add all the old alderman, and save litigation.—
read from, the charter.
Motioned & carrid that all all the old aldrman be added to the List of members of this council.—
. said he considred the election made the aldermend and not the commission.—
Mayor said if I <​he​> had been Elected alderman and fil[e]d my <​his​> bond I <​he​> would act as counciller & Magistrate . . .
Adjournd to the next Regular meeting.— 4. P. M. [p. 5]