Minutes, 8 December 1843

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Special Sessions
December 8— 1843. 4. o clock P. M
Names of members called,— Prayer by the mayor. minutes of last council read and approved,
“An extra ordinan[c]e for the extra case of Joseph Smith and others,” was read twice, & the third time by its title and passed by unanimous vote.
Also “An ordinance to erect a dam in the and for other purposes” was read, & the rules dispensed with & read read twice by its title. and passed unanimously.
The mayor suggested the idea of passing <​that th[e] coun[c]il might pass​> an ordina[n]ce to suspend the operation of the statu[t]es [p. 23] in this , also the idea of petitioning congress to receive us <​the ​> <​​> under their protection, and <​acknowle[d]ge the , as troops, and assist in fortifying <​fortifications,​>​> <​& other purposes and​> a messenger be sent to congress for this purpose at the expence of the .— — & approved, also C[ounselor] .—
Mess , & were appointed a committee to draft a memorial according to the mayors Suggestion as above.
Resolved that the Citizens of this be called together. tomorrow morning to hear read the <​extra​> ordinanc[e] for the extra case of Joseph Smith & others, also that <​the​> Same be printed immediately
Adjourned to till Monday <​Tuesday​> <​morning next​>. at 10 A M . . . [p. 24]