Minutes, 8 February 1841

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Monday 8th Feb.y. 1841.
[City] Counsel Council met purst to adjournment.
[Opene]d by Prayer by Coln
[An or]dinance in relation to the City Col read the first time [p. 2]
The Committee upon the Canal made their Report, which was read, &— Col Joseph Smith moved that it be accepted.— spoke on the <​im​>practicability, as so far as regards Expence, & Taxation.
Colr Joseph Smith spoke in favour of adopting the Report of the Committee—
stated that the People have <​the​> right to Consent to Taxn, but representatives not to put it on, of themselves.
Colr Joseph Smith again spoke in favour, as before mentd.
Colr wishes es <​thinks it​> all important that a Survey of the Canal shd be made, & wishes some Person to state, whether the intent is, that Ships shd pass clear through the , &c whether the Sand Bar wd be detrimental, or wd any Toll be payable by Ships.
Colr Joseph Smith moved for a Committee of the whole, & was accordingly called to the Chair.
The then took the Floor, & spoke in length in <​favour of report.—​>
, spoke to some effect.—
The gave further explination—
considered it a benefit, & that Mill priviledges were much wanted.—
recommends a Survey.—
Committee rose & reported, & recommended the passage of the resolution.—
Report of Committee Accepted.—
Report of Committee respecting <​the of​> the Town Platts, and <​Town​> City of
Moved & Seconded that report be laid on the Table.—
Colr Joseph Smith spoke in support of the Report.—
spoke at length, & wd vote for the reslns if he thought it could be properly vacated.—
spoke to same effect.— [p. 3]
Colr Joseph Smith again stated that Charter authorised the .—
stated that the Legislature intended the Charter shd Contain power to vacate & that <​it did Vacate the Town Platts &​> he wd oppose laying resolutions on the Table.
Spoke at length, & <​said he​> Considered <​that​> the Charter Vacated the Town Platts of .
Motion for laying on Table withdrawn—
Colr Joseph Smith moved that report be withdrawn— Motion withdrawn.
moved that Committee be at liberty to withdraw Report.— Motion put & carried and
Report withdrawn, with liberty to amend.
Moved & seconded that Col Joseph Smith be appointed to Contract for Survey <​of Canal​>, & to report.—
moved that rules be dispensed with, & to report progress.—
Colr Joseph Smith (Chairman of Committee) read report respecting Spirituous Liquors, Poison, Gunpowder, & &c.
Bill Recd first reading so far as first Division
Second reading— Second Division
Bill read the first time.—
An Ordinance in relation to the City Counsel Council, & other Officers read the second time
A Clause added to 2nd Section
Read a third time, & passed.
Adjourned until this day Week at One oC. afternoon
Sworn in supervisor of Streets—
8th Feby 1841
, Protem [p. 4]


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