Minutes, 8 February 1845

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State of Illinois) ss [scilicet]
City of )
City Council Rough Book commencing February 8.1845. ½ past 10 A. M— Names of members called, a Quorum present— prayer by Ald. Minutes of last meeting read and accepted—
A discussion took place on the subject of swearing in the new council—
motioned “that the 2 councils sit together till noon”— carried— & then withdrawn
, spoke on the Election— some illegality may have taken place— it must be approved by this Council before they can take their Seats—
Moved and seconded that we hear the Report of our — and he read same—
—"— —"— it be accepted— and carried—
Ald , we are satisfied of the Election, and of the Council having taken their Oath of Office—
moved “that we approve <​accept​> of the Election <​of the new members”​> and that we request the old Council to remain during—— the day as a matter of courtesy.
said there is business on this table, that none but the Old Council can attend to—
suggests that an action be taken on it—
. said this is the Regular Session— & if the Old Council accept of the New Council, they (the new Council) must do that business—
spoke of his time as an old Co. being expired—
Co. the Old Aldermen must necessarily— act, until the new ones are fully authorized—
replied— the old Ald. need no new Commission. — the old ones must act until the new ones are qualified— the Council is complete as there is a majority without the Ald— <​spoke​>, requested to know if we are not dissolved— there is no more Old Council— & the new Council must do what they please—
moved that we invite them to stay with us this day—
, it falls on the old Mayor to ask the new one to take his seat—
Co. [Jonathan] Wright I understand it requires a Commission from the Govr. Before he can act— I consider the new Mayor cannot act until he receives his authority—
dissents from the Ex. in regard to a new Mayor— If I conceive aright the City Charter— we are a disorganized body without a head— and the old Mayor will have to act until the new one is qualified & I renew my motion that the old Co. be invited to remain—
moved that the old Co. be dissolved—
— if I understand it— the Old Mayor & Ald, must act, until the new ones receive their commission to act, but the councillors— when they take their Oath of office— they can act—
it only requires a majority of the Council to act— & I move that we invite the Old Councillors to remain with us—
the Mayor has a right to sit without a Commission—
said we all appear to be wanting to talk— I am satisfied that the old Co. is dissolved
The new roll was called— [p. [1]]
moved “that continue to hold his seat until the New Council call upon the new Mayor to take his Seat”— seconded and carried—
moved “that we invite the Old Council to sit with us this day” carried—
" That we appoint a committee to wait on them— & seat them— carried—
" That , & be the Committee & they made the request— the report accepted, & carried.
Ex returned thanks & they took their Seats again—
Moved & seconded that we appoint to be the Recorder— and carried—
do.—— do.—— to be the Marshall— do.
spoke on the proper officers to continue—
Moved and seconded that we appoint be Registrar of Deeds—— do.——
" " " City Treasurer—— do.——
read report of the
Ex . it will be necessary for the City Co. to have an active standing police— that there may be a Supervisor in each Ward to a good advantage— I suggest this for your consideration—
if we have a Supervisor in each Ward we can have advantage taken for benefit, it will be a good thing to have one or two Constables in each Ward—
it feels hard for some men not to have a Street to his own house, and yet have to work out <​his Street labor​> in another Ward—
Ald said the had been instructed to work out, on Streets most used—
asked if he would be satisfied to have one ward—
spoke— after Joseph’s death, I have obeyed every word that the new has ordered me to do— I have done the best I could—
spoke— suggested & motioned “that we hear the Report of the ”—
read the City Charter section— & sd. it wod. be best to appoint 4 Asst. Supervisors & make them Constables— mit. let the old nominate them—
Co. Wright thot. it best for the Council to appoint them— , Co. — would like to have four Supervisors—
Co. Wright moved that Jose be Supervisor—— over the 4th. Ward—
—— do—— appointed Supervisor of Streets for the City of together with three assistants” carried—
it is for this Council to say who the men shall be— & “moved that Lorenzo Clark— Benjn. Jones & — be the 3—” they are good men & are getting no pay <​for their services​>— carried—
moved that D. Hendrix be one for 2nd. Ward— not seconded—
Moved that the Old business be disposed of—
“appoint 4 Constables” named Benjn. Boyce 1st. Ward)
E J. Sabine 2nd. ")
Howard Egan 3rd. ")
D. M Repsher 4th. ")
carried [p. [2]]
“Be it ordained by the City Council of the City of Resolved that there be three asst. Supervisors appointed for the next two years”
I recollect a former time when there were certain persons appointed, it was fully discussed
the officers are appointed— we can put the ordinance first in the Ordinance book
moved that the appointt of 3 Assistant Supervisors be reconsidered— & that the men hold the two officers—
spoke— if a man takes charge of a Ward— he will get some remuneratn. & he may gain a little from his office— it was my idea to have different persons appointed the ordinance is just right to my mind— replied—
I dont believe <​in​> a Constable or Marshall; to be<​ing​> idle for one hour— to sit in his house until some one comes to tell him he is wanted— they ought to search out the very characters— & have their eyes about them—
An Ordinance Creating Assistant Supervisors
read 1 time— 2 time by Title— 3 time— bill pass— satisfied with the Title
spoke— of the way he conducted his business— I had three City Wards worked in 3 days my bill has been 63.00 of a year the highest—
replied— spoke— spoke— replied— “that the People of the several Wards are not to be taken out of their own Ward into another[”]—
motioned “that we take up the accounts rescind the former vote of <​3​> Asst. Supervisors”— as we are now drawing up an Ordinance in order to put it in the proper place— carried
we went to work & created 4 Supervisors for different Wards—
Motioned & seconded that Lorenzo Clark be Supervisor of 1st. Ward carried—
—— 2nd.—— carried—
Benjamin Jones—— 3rd—— carried
Spoke to appoint the men for the object of giving them some remuneration for their labors for the
Adjourned for one hour— 1 oclock P M.
2 oclock P.M.
Met pursuant to adjournment— names of members called— a quorum present
Standing committees made out, and accepted—
Co. Wright will the unfinished business now in my hands, have to be transferred to the new , I wish to know— I have no choice—
moved “that be appointed in the place of the Committees that is now in” [p. [3]]
spoke on the Marshall’s business—— & moved “that the accounts <​of the old Council​> be referred to the Committee on claims” carried—
Motioned that & fill the Committee on Claims this afternoon—
" the fine against be remitted— carried
spoke on his bill that would be allowed him according to the Ordinance of— the I have left out all accounts— the whole amount has cost me 50.00 to carry out the business— it has always been my object to save expence to the — he also submitted the Clerks Report of dues, to the Municipal Court— there now remains due 188.45¾— to the Court— repeals <​relinquished​> his amount due to him from the Court —
Motioned & carried <​seconded​> that be Notary Public carried
do. be Market Master carried—
do. — City Surveyor do.
do. — Flour Inspector do.
do Lorenzo Clark <​Benjn. Boyce​> Fire Wardens 1st. Ward do
do <​E. J. Sabine​> " 2nd. do. do.
do Howard Egan " 3rd. do. do.
do. D. M. Repsher " 4th. do do
do. — Collector of 4th. Ward do rescinded
do Sealer of Weights & Measures do.
Co. Wright enquired why a Collector was is appointed in my case— if there is no cause— it will throw me out of a situation—
presented a petition from Benj Aber & 17 others for the remitting of a fine for selling Spirituous Liquors (against Rufus Beach)
spoke upon the fine, and gave an account of the circumstance— & recommended that it be remitted—
said Rufus Beach came voluntarily & fined himself <​confessed judgment​>— he sd. he intended strictly to abide the ordinances of the
remarked & proposed that Col. take immediate action on it— & referred it the Com. of the whole house— carried—
— I do not know if it has passed all the regular course— it is a hard case to be fined under the circumstances— there are other men also fined— we have got to have the whole difficulty brought before us at once—
I am acquainted with the whole facts of the case— has let the day pass so that he cannot carry it <​to​> the Municipal Court— this Court is the only place that can remit the fine— Mr. Beach labours under difficulties—
— Br Beach actually undergoes grievances— if he means to do right, he ought not to be lashed for his refractory family— moved “that Br Beach’s fine be wholly remitted” carried— [p. [4]]
replied— I have no doubt will try to get his remitted— I have no doubt we shall <​have​> some trouble with it—
Co. I agree with the remitting of this fine— if he cannot control his family— putit away— Co. Wright spoke on the subject— there is no parallell case to this— replied—
Petition of & others to open Munson St. from Fullmer St. granted
do & — to abate taxes not laid out in City Lots gra abated
spoke in full on the above petition—
Petition of for 35 days labor— motioned “that he suspend collecting on the old debts until ordered to collect by the ” carried— and referred his pay <​bill​> to Committee on claims— <​allowed his claim 35.00. report accepted​>
motioned that <​the name of​> Warsaw St. be changed— withdrawn—
replied there is no way of bounding land by but by the names of Streets— & I should be sorry for the people to lose any thing by it—
Committee on Claims find the s accounts very correct— and report favorable— that he dont get paid for his duties— and allowed 75.00— for extra services
moved that the Committee be discharged from any further duties— carried
do—— the Report be accepted— carried— <​& that the be instructed to draw on the Treasury for the amount​>
Bill of for 11.10— moved that it be “allowed”
ordered to his issue his certificate on the Treasury for the amount in the Disbursement book— all except [Samuel] Marr & bills
read an ordinance concerning Steam Boats— passed Decr. 16. 1843— nominated . carried— and to have 50 cents each dollar as last year— carried—
Moved and seconded that be Pound master—
there was an order to restrain the from issuing City Scrip— & moved that the make out his report—
moved that the make out his report at our next Regular Session carried
read his report of Finance— and moved its acceptance & carried—
spoke about Bro. [William] Horner— Flour Inspector— & was replied to by
— do.— young men horseracing &c in the Public Streets— moved that an Ordinance be drawn out— spoke about a Committee being appointed to revise all the City Ordinances— . said that a Committee was appointed for that purpose, we have a tolerable pretty good set of laws now— it may be necessary for us to make some little thing of this sort— it is a great desideratum for us to get together the ordinances— and it will be a great benefit to the — Strangers— and all persons—
An Ordinance to prevent horse racing in the Streets— read 1st. 2 by the Title 3 time bill pass— satisfied with Title
spoke on the subject— It is a great curse to have too much law— Ald followed— suggested an alteration in the wording of the Ordinance— stated the case of Keegan—
Bill for of 2.00 for meal for the Police— allowed—
spoke— spoke— it is wisdom for me to do what I am going to do I simply resign the office of and appoint <​nominate​> Recorder— <​the Recorder Elect nominated​> and Dr. [p. [5]] be Deputy to — <​to be his Clerk— and both carried—​> spoke that it is the wisdom of God that this Motion was made— and my endeavors will always be for the good of this
Co. Wright spoke about some labor having been done on the Streets— followed—
Adjourned till next Regular Session— [p. [6]]