Minutes, 8 March 1841

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Monday 8th. March 1841.
City Col. met purst to adjournment— Meeting opened by Pray[er]
Minutes of last meeting Read.—
Colr. J. Smith moved that <​the​> general ordinances now before the Committee be brought forward seperately, for the Convenience of discussion.
Seconded & Carried.—
Colr J. Smith moved that be appointed City Surveryor,— Seconded, & carried.—
Colr J. Smith moved that be appointed Weigher & Sealer for the , seconded, & Carried.—
moved, and it was seconded, & Carried that the appointment of Collector for of taxes in the <​ be to​> , Collector <​the Assessor,​> seconded, & carried accordingly.
Moved, seconded, & Carried, that—— <​be appointed​> Market Master for the .
, , & , were sworn in High Constables for the .—
was sworn in Supervisor of Streets of the
Colr J. Smith moved, & it was seconded, & Carried, [that] be at liberty to address the Council respecting Nuisances, & he spoke accordingly.—
Colr. J. Smith stated that <​the​> Mill partly stands on the Street, & that no Logs can be put up to the Mill without being on the Street, & spoke at length.
moved that explain, how he came [to] have Title to <​the​> Premises upon which Mill Stands, and explained.
[p. 10]
stated that Ferry was Granted for one half Mile above, & the same length below the Mill, so that there was not any right to build a Mill without the privilege of the owner of the Ferry.
Colr J. Smith moved, & it was seconded, & carried, that the be permitted to state his knowledge of the Claims upon this Ground, & he did so.
Colr. stated his knowledge respecting the Ground having been made over in Trust, (or as Agent) to .
Colr J. Smith moved that a further time <​of Ten days​> be extended to for removing the obstruction upon the Street, seconded, & Carried.—
moved that the Labour Tax for the Citizens of for this year, be fixed at three Days.
Aldmn. spoke as to the necessity of making Roads & Lanes good, at <​the​> present time.
stated that there was much other Labour to be done by the Citizens this Year, & Recommended to not go to the greatest extent of Taxation.—
Colr. J. Smith spoke in support of the Motion.
spoke in support of the Motion.
spoke to same Effect.
Seconded, & Carried by Vote. —
moved that a Committee of four (one for each Ward) be appointed to ascertain where Work is most needed & to report accordingly.
First Ward— Col <​Aldmn​> .
Second Ward— .
Third Ward— Colr .
Fourth Ward— [p. 11]
moved that a Committee be appointed to enquire into the Circumstances respecting the Mill.
Colr J. Smith thought it unnecessary, & he will present Papers respecting it, at next meeting.—
withdrew his Motion.
Adjourned until this day Week, at one oClock, at the of Colr. J. Smith.—
8th. March 1841.
, Mayor. [p. 12]


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