Minutes, 9 March 1844

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Saturday March 9. 1844. 10 A.M.—
Regular Session.—
Names of members called, Not <​a​> quorum. present. 10 <​22​> minutes past 10 oclock Quorum present. C. [Councillor] was chosen prsidnt pro Tem.— Prayer by Counsellor .— Minuts of last council read and approved.
Petition of Geo W. Crouse and about 1170 others to open Knight st. read. and refered to a <​the​> committe on public grounds.
Petition, of Job E. Green. and 20 <​about​> 20 other to have fulmer street from. Mulholland to Parly st. worked. read:— and refered to the mayor
Petition of , & 18 others <​for the repeal of the Hog. law.​> read.— moved to lay petit[io]n on the tab[l]e.
C. T — would rather the be <​petition​> be refered to a commttee. .— would rather give 10 bu of corn— per hog than have them run at large.— A. [Alderman] . thought it a bone of contention.
Mayor, gave <​offered​> some of his reasons: <​in favor​> he was afraid no man in the would ever make a fence round his garden unles the hogs are sufferd to run at large [p. 5] and if the people thing <​think​> there is a hog land <​law​> they will not fence— and consequently will be eat up. by Hogs &c from the county &c.— The hog law has made more contention than all the hogs would, if they had been let alone— let the hogs run in the street, and the people make good fences. and phys[ic]ians have given as their opinion that a hog mud hole is a <​the​> most healthy of any damp place. And if we do not let the hogs run at large, the hogs <​& cattle​> from the country will eat the grass &c, of the & we suffer all the evils & loose all the benefit,— empound the county Hogs. & the owner will damn the empounded & the .— and fight again[s]t us. Let the city council, let the Hog & dog laws alone
That man that grumbles a deal about a dogs barking at him he is a great coward.— This is an <​a​> reasson why god withdrew his spirit from the earth. is because the people were so ready to take the life of animals.—
. had not much to say about hog law.—
— acknow[ledg]ed the corn.— approved the mayor remarks—
C. . would Like a law. to prevent keeping any hogs but the grass bread.—
, thought hogs ought to be free commoners.
—— spoke.— suggested to take time to look if <​over​> the laws before reporting <​granting​> petitins
said we have had the hog law and tried it. and is not aware there is very <​any​> less hogs,— C
Mayor.— remarked improvement in breed of hogs should should be made as in other cases, by public opinion.— said he was so much meaner— than a dog a dog—
. was certain the voice of the inhabitats of the were in favor of th hog law and and <​of​> having them <​it​> enforced.— that it was the poor who suffurd from the richer class keeping hogs.
C. . said, he thought there was 8/10th of the people were in favor of having hogs shut up.—
Mayor, said it was the principles of demoracy [democracy] that the peoples voice should be heard when ther voice was just. but— when it was not just it was no longer democratic, but if the minority’s views are more just, then Aristarchy would be should be the. governi[n]g principle, I.E. the wisest & best. laws. should be made. when . & will call caususes [caucuses].— & explain the subject to them— then we will hear them, & they can petition understandingly.— [p. 6] and beleived if he could explain the subject, that 99 of a hundrd would vote to have no hog law in this from it birth to its death. cannot believe in the doctrine of exalting the Majority when it must be brought about by, depressing the Minority.— in a greater degree spoke at considerable length. and would rather not tax a saddle hores than tax a dog— or shut up a hog.
25 minutes before 1. adjord [adjourned] 1 hour
1 o clock P. M.— council called
Quorums present, Motion to lay the Petitin on the table withdrawn motio it be Petitiond rejected.—
Petitin to grade river Hill North end of well at refund to Mayor.
Petition for opin[i]ng an alley thrugh 118, North & South. . & others owners.— Mayor suggested that the owners could open it at pleasure— by agreement.— objected. and spoke in favor of the petition.— . said he presumd the parties could could agree.— Leave to withdraw Petition
Mayor spoke.— on various subjects.
<​Treasurer​> Dr to — 375. acc passed.
Petition of . to his Endor[s]ement on City scrip for taxes, be ordrd to be allowed by the read twice Explanation by .—
Marshall explained.—. said he was in the same situation, & <​it was orde[re]d​> all the assessors endorsemets on scrip shal be allowed by the
Acct Bill of. ,— acct 44.00 <​$4.00​> refurd to Com. on claims
Mayor proposd to License Morrison &c <​to <​who​>— own the land opposite.— <​to​>​> make wharfs and collect wharfage.— & dispencd with wharf master.— that pay a tax of so for the landing of evry boat and he could tax the boat or not.
" . spoke.— no motion before the hour
C. .— spoke.— Do
— spoke.— Do
— " Do
— " Do
" Do [p. 7]
acc <​Bill​> of . for printing.— Blank tax recipts & assessing &c— $45.85. cts.—— allowed.
Motiond and carrid, that the committee on Municipal laws. be instructed to examine the wharf tax. relative to Boats, and reprt a bill, for an ordinanced to suit the case.——
Account of for burying a horse,— read referrd to Mayors Court.—
Motind [Motioned] & carrid that the be authrizd to audit , Marshall. an order <​account​>. for pay for his service. on the ,
Adjournd till next reguler Meeting
The has allowed . Marshal $64.25 for sundry services as marshal and assessor & collector— in 4th Ward. [p. 8]