Minutes and Blessings, 28 February–1 March 1835

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February 28th 1835
The hour for meeting having arrived arose and made some observations, relative to the business before the meeting, then proceeded to open by prayer. The following are some of the names and blessings of the who were called and to be sent forth— [p. 164]
Elias Hutchin[g]s
Hinry [Henry] Shibley Lewis Robbins
Darwin Richardson
Daniel Stevens [Stephens]
Peter Buchanan Hiram Stratten [Stratton]
Levi Gifford
Salmon Warner
Alden Burdick Charles Kelly
s Blessing
You shall be blessed more than once your heart desired. You shall go forth and preach the everlasting gospel. You shall be delivered from your enemies. If there be no other way to escape them, you shall walk upon the waters. We ordain you to be one of the Seventy. Your tongue shall be loosed, The Heavens shall be open [upon?] your head, And you shall say as Paul of old, I have heard things unutterable, [p. 165]
You shall have the gift of faith. You shall have power to heal the sick, open the eyes of the blind; loose the tongue of the dumb and cause the lame to leap as an heart [hart]. You shall escape destruction, and bring to pass much righteousness
s Blessing
You shall be made mighty in the hand of God in doing good. You shall go from land to land and from city to city. And if you shall command the wicked to be smitten they shall be smitten; and you shall turn rivers out of their course if needful. You shall have power over winds and waves, and if you are faithful, you shall see many seafaring men converted and lead them to . You shall go even to the dark Isles of the sea. All your evil propensities shall be taken from you if you are faithful in your calling. The Angels shall have charge over you and bear you up, even so Amen
s Blessing
You shall receive a part of this ministry to bear Glad tidings to the . In the day of pestilence and war you shall be preserved, and no man from this day forth shall despise your youth, but you shall become a polished shaft before God. Your heart shall expand untill you become a man of great wisdom. You shall see the face of your Redeemer and he shall lay his hand upon you. If all nations shall combine against you, You shall be preserved. You shall be sent for by Kings and they shall hear and dismiss thee with honor You shall be spoken of among all nations as one of the wonders of this generation. You shall [p. 166] be made glad to see your fathers house coming to a knowledge of the truth Even so Amen.
s Blessing
You shall be made mighty in the name of your Redeemer. Your heart shall be filled with perfect love. You shall be made mighty like Enoch You shall be preserved from the ravages of wild beasts, the roar of lions, and the arm of the destroyer. You shall have power to heal the sick and to smite the waters. And you shall not sleep in the Earth; but do great things in the name of God. You shall teach the Gentiles in their own tongues the peaceable things of the Kingdom. You shall return to in a good old age with an army of Saints composed of many kindreds and tongues You shall be called the son of consolation You shall be a counsellor in the house of God,— amen.
s Blessing
Your ministry shall be great and you shall proclaim to various nations. Your faith shall be unshaken and you shall be delivered from great afflictions. You shall travel much and have power over evils and evil powers. You are a chosen vessel of the Lord, You shall be called a son of thunder, You shall receive many scourgings from the wicked but they shall not kill you, but they chase and you shall hide from them and be delivered. Your eyes are doomed to see desolations great & wonderful. You shall lead a flock to from the abodes of poverty. You shall return to the society of your family and that shall be a scene of rejoicing. You shall teach in ten different tongues. The wicked shall yet stone you and leave you for dead, but you shall be restored & do great Good. <​Amen​> [p. 167]
s’ Blessing
You are blessed and shall be above that which your heart has conceived to ask for. You shall wade through much tribulation. Your life shall be preserved, although many shall seek it. You shall speak in many tongues, and hear many speak in your own. You have a great work to perform in a far distant clime from this. You shall see great desolations. You shall see bands of Robbers. like the Gadianton: spoiling and laying waste. Your enemies shall not have power over you. You have to go far East & many shall call you blessed father and look up to such you as such, and you shall be a protector to the innocent. Even so Amen.
s Blessing.
The Lord has raised you up, called & chosen you, and your heart shall be set upon your ministry, you shall stand in it and have power to preach, baptize & heal the sick. From this hour, you must think not of clothing, bread or even life, but your mind mind must be diligent although you have many years to live. You shall be the son of the waters and preach in ships & on ships, and whole crews shall be converted and follow you to Zion. You were chosen from childhood to bring to pass much righteousness You shall hear the voice of the Lord, and answer here am I. and the Lord will reveal unto you great things. even so Amen
Adjourned till 10 o clock tomorrow
Prayer by [p. 168]
Febr March 1st 1835
Meeting convened at 3 o clock Pm. after the death funerel of Elder Seth Johnson.
s Blessing.
You shall be one of the Seventy. Satan has desired to have you that he might sift you as wheat, but the Lord has upheld you. The Lord has chosen you. You shall be an instrument in hands of God of turning Idolaters to the Lord. You shall receive great power from God. You shall have power over darkness & pestilence. God’s power shall be manifested through you. And after you have done great things, you shall return to your family in safety & peace and you shall not be a whit behind those of the same ministry with you. Even so amen.
Bradford Elliot[t]’s blessing
You are a child, but your Heavenly Father designs to train you up for usefulness. We confirm upon you the Priesthood. We seal upon your head all the blessings of the Ancients. You shall in due time be sent forth among the nations, and be an instrument in the hands of God of doing much good. You shall live to a good old age and see the prophecies fulfilled on the head of Joseph. You shall see the sons of God coming from far. You shall be among that number who shall see the Lord descend, and be among that number. Even so Amen.
s Blessing
The Lord has accepted your sacrafice. You shall be sent among the Gentiles and preach the gospel from land to land and from Isle to Isle. Your soul shall be compashionate. You shall be a son of consolation. You shall be like John the beloved [p. 169] deciple. You shall have power with God, that no tongue now can describe You shall see many days and have long life. The angels shall guard you and minister to you. You shall go where your heart desires, for you shall have great power with God You shall have power over diseases and plagues and do great good. Even so Amen.
Live [Levi] Gifford’s Blessing
You are a strange kind of a man. curious spirits trouble you, but in the name of the Lord Jesus we rebuke all the evil Spirits that have troubled you, and say to you that you shall overcome them You shall have power to show the simplicity and truth of the Gospel, and you shall have a peculiar gift to speak in other tongues and convince many. You shall be equal to your brethren in this Ministry, You shall be much persecuted but if your faith fail not, you shall return in peace. Even so Amen.
’s Blessing
You are a chosen vessel, even one of the horns of Joseph. Great things will the Lord require at your hand. for you shall push the righteous together from the ends of the earth, in hundreds and thousands. The visions of Heaven shall be opened upon your head. You shall have power over all things in the name of the Lord. Angels saw thee ages since & rejoiced over thee, Amen.
s Blessing
Your faithfulness has brought down great blessings upon your head. and you shall continue to receive them, for you shall have liberally, of all the blessings which the spiritual Kingdom can bestow [p. 170]
You shall have the wisdom of the serpent with the harmlessness of the Dove in proclaiming the Gospel. You shall teach idolatrous nations and converse with their priests and convert many. The Lord has proved you and found you worthy. You shall have peculiar faculty or sagacity in teaching and have great power. And the blessing of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob shall rest upon you. Your life shall be preserved & prolonged and you shall return to leading a company in peace. Amen.
The Lord called you when you obeyed the Gospel and you are one of the Seventy. and he will receive nothing but all your time and talents. You are disposed to be a son of Thunder, but if you are not very faithful you will fall and another will take your crown. But if you are faithful, you shall over come all things, and if so in your old age this pleasing reflection shall be your greatest joy. You shall pass through a scene where you shall hear many cry Hosanna, Hosanna. because they heard the truth at your mouth. <​Am[e]n​>
s Blessing
Thou hast been ordained an high-Priest, we seal upon thee this ministry. Tho[u] hast approved thyself before God. Thou hast called upon him to make thee an instrument in doing a great work and thou shalt do it. Thou hast longed to do great things and thou shalt do them by going to distant nations. Thy desire shall be granted in gathering up the Lord’s Elect. Thou shalt go and return with many blessings upon thy head, with songs of everlasting joy and no power shall overcome thee. Even so amen. [p. 171]


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