Minutes and Discourse, 1–2 June 1839

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A council of the of was held on the 1st day of June 1839 according to adjournment in
Met at the committee room and the council called to order and opened by prayer by
Present of the counsellors & <​pres​> Joseph Smith jr and were also present and most of the .
After the council was opened the room being crowded to overflowing it was adjourd to a grove
Joseph Smith Jun gave the seventies much instruction about what things they should teach and the manner of communicating the gospel to the children of men and on ma[n]y other subjects especially enjoining it upon the to keep and render a just account of all monies put [p. 79] into their hands for any purpose whatever which account should be rendered to the of the , and spoke at great length on the subject of every being just who has any thing entrusted to his charge and be able at all times to give an account <​of​> his stewardship
addressed the council much to the same effect, both of them enjoining it upon the to remember the bishops of the church in their travels, and on all proper occasions when it would with propriety be done, to solicit aid for the poor and send that which they might receive to the Bishop or Bishops to be by them appropriated according to the laws of the church.
Elder made known a request which had been sent to him to return to the late field of his labours in [p. 80] in the state of North Carolina which was considered and the council resolved That receive a letter of commendation a[nd?] be sent to the place where his labours were required and that Abra[ha]m O. Smoot be recommended to <​go​> with him as a fellow labourer Elder Dominicus Carter who had been labouring in the eastern part of this was recommended to return there again and to continue in labouring there as long as might be necessary
Elder communicated to the council a short history of the conduct of elder , and some of his teachings &C such as teaching that there would be of in all the world. That an elder was a and he had as much authority as any H.P. That he commanded some of the brethren from to flee from there by [p. 81] such a time saying that if they did not cross the river St Lawrence then they could not get into the states and that in addition to threatning to knock down elder Christopher Merkley on their passage up Lake Ontario; he publickly declard that the in made nothing of knocking down one another This last charge was substantiated by the written testimony of elder . Most of the charge testified to the truth of and refered to , John and George Beckstead Robert Burton and for testimony for the substantiation of the remainder
A charge having been prefered by elder Eller Stoker against elder William Niswanger for lying and defrauding some time before and the [p. 82] case having been defered from the council held the last sabbath till this day, and a press of business being before the council, the difficulty between them was refered to and who after hearing the testimony of the witnesses decided that the first charge was substantiated and that there was not sufficient testimony to criminate him on the other
Letters of recommendation were voted to, , Albern Allen, , Amos Jackson, William Wirick, Joseph Outhouse, Charles Thompson, Jared Porter, , Bradley B. Willson, George C Wilson Bushrod W. Wilson & Perrigrine Sessions
Adjourned till Sunday morning at 8 oclock.
clerk. [p. 83]
Met on sunday morning June 2d according to adjornament
The council opened by prayer and on application the following were voted to receive recommendations, viz
John Alleman, , Arza Adams, Michael Stoker & Elam Mecham
adjourned Sine die
clerk [11 lines blank] [p. 84]