Minutes and Discourses, 6–8 April 1844, as Reported by William Clayton

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10¼ A. M.—
Prest. Joseph & came to the
Meeting called to order by Er
The choir sung an Hymn after which Prest. Joseph Smith arose to state to the congregation the business which would have to come before them. It had been expected that the little petty difficulties which had existed would be brought up, but it would not be the case. He inte[n]ded to give them some instruction on the principles of eternal truth but would defer it untill the last in consequences of the weakness of his lungs. The Elders would give instruction and then if necessary he would offer such corrections as might be necessary to fill the interstices. Those who want to sow the seeds of discord will be dissapointd for the wisdom of God will direct him in the seventh hour He feels in closer communion and better standing with God than ever before in his life— He was glad of the opportunity to appear in their midst. He thanked God for the glorious day that God had given us. He believes they will keep good order.
Prayer was offered by Er after which the choir sung an Hymn
said it was with no ordinary degree of satisfaction he enjoyed the pivilege this morning— circumstances had long kept him in silence nearly 5 years, It could hardly be expected that when desease had so long preyed upon he could arise before this congregation. He has came forth from a bed of sickness and has enough strength left to appear this A. M for the first in 5 years. He shall consider this important privilege sacred in his family history during life. He next referred to his inability to make the congregation hear but he would try. They circumstances by which we are now surround points out the principles of his discourse “Behold the church of God of the last days” is his text: He does not know that he can find it in the Bible. He does not think its necessary to have Paul make a text for him he would make a text for himself [p. [1]]
In 1830 the church met together in a room 20 feet square— and began to talk about the kingdom of God as tho, they had the world at command, although they have had not many people they had big feelings. They then knew that the church would become as large as it now is. They began to talk like men with authority and power. They looked the upon the men of the earth as grasshoppers. They felt as big then as they ever will till the day of God Almighty.— They saw by vision the Church of God a thousand times as big as it is now. And when men would come in they would say we wanted to upset the government although they was not enough to meet a woman with a milk pail. They met in a room 30 feet square held a conference and laid the foundation of the kingdom. He spake next concerning being put in jail for publishing about the Book of Mormon.— There were many things believed & preached at that time which have come to pass. He next explained why they had met in secret. They had things to say <​to one another​> which never existed in the hearts of any one and if they had talked in public they would have been ridiculed. They talked about the people coming as doves to their windows &c and a nation being born in a day God had great things to say for the salvation of the world which if told to the public would bring persecution upon us.
He referred to the Prayer by concerning our having arived at the age to choose our own guardian. If we had told what we believed— that the church would be as it is at this day— They would have come upon us and shed our blood— there we sat in secret— and there the glorious, visions and powers of the kingdom of heaven were portrayed before them. We had not a mighty congregation to shelter us. If a mob came upon us we had to run and hide up to save our lives. They time has now come to tell why we held secret meetings— We were we maturing plans to corrupt the world— destroy the peace of society— let 14 years experience of the church tell the story. The church would never have been here if we had not done as we did, in secret [p. 2]
Dont know that any thing has taken place in the history of this church we we did not then believe; it was written upon our hearts and never could be taken away no power beneath yonder heavens could obliterate it. God laid the foundation firmly, truly and upon eternal truth. How would you attempt to makes yourselves believe you have no habitations where you now riside with your family. Neither have we any power whereby we could ever persuade ourselves that this is not the church of God. We dont care who sinks or swims or oppose we know this is the church of God. The idea has never been out of his heart for a moment, and he will reap the glory of it when he leaves this world— he puts hell and wicked men at defiance and he will triumph in spite of them. He has gazed upon the glory of God— the visions of eternity in days gone by. What is a man to of God to do when he sees all the madness wrath and follies of our persecuters— he will do as God does he will sit and laugh. One breath from the nostrils of God will blow you out of existence to hell. Was it good days when we had nothing to eat but Jonny cake. Every man distributed what he had amongst the rest and did they best they could— He referred to the complaints made by the citizens of — when he had one of the cruedest smokey houses to live in that ever was he would thank God. If the people will do as they are told he will tell them what to do to get into the presence of God and then they would have Jonny cake and milk & water no more. Would not be astonished if even now if they should tell the glories and privileges to the world they would be rediculed and no wonder they shut it up in secret. Dont be astonished then if we even yet, have secret meetings— dont be afraid— There was no evil concocted when we first held secret meetings— and it is the same now. Has God forgotten to be gracious— he never was afraid; of either God or any other man concocting any thing to hurt him— he had faith to detect man even if he did he would ask God to detect them and would hold him fast [p. 3]
He is not afraid of such things. he has none of those fears, forebodings surmisings &c he put his trust in God and his directions, instructions and whatever he does is only for my salvation. He referred to a man running his team before he got his way prepared he would break his wagon— What he had already said was only to prepare his way.
5 of the Pottawattomie tribe of Indians appeared they were invited to the stand by the president.
continued. He was going to tell something that surprised him. At the beginning of the Church had the privilege of hearing seeing and knowing things which he has not yet told. After the church began to grow it was favored with monstrous wise men— they had so much wisdom that they could dispute what God said and what his servants said. They were opposed to virtue— They would say that had had revelations and visions and was as certain that God had given it as I was that the devil had. He referred to the children of Israel & leeks & onions &c. and. to those who are always yelling about what the church believes and opposing every good thing— Want devils to gratify themselves and if howling yelling yelping will do you any good do it till you are all damned. If calling us devils &c will do you any good let us have the whole of it and you can then go on your way to hell without a grunt. We have these things ever since the church existed they have come up with us. they have had so much wisdom they knew all about the kingdom before God revealed it. We gather of all kinds— if we get all nations we get all wisdom, all cunning and every thing else.
The sectarians cant be as wise as we are for they have only got the plans of man for salvation but we have got mens plans, The devils plans & the best of all we have Gods plan He did not know but we had some of these strange wise men present this a. m. He had merely given this as a part of the history of this church [p. 4]
He is disposed to give some reasons why salvation only belongs to the kingdom of God. He will give some reasons why salvation belongs to us peculiarly in contradestinction of all other bodies. Mankind have labored under one universal mistake viz that salvation was distinct from government ie that I could build a church without government and that thing have power to save me. When God set up a system of salvation he set up a system of government. When he speaks of a government he means what he says— he means a government that shall rule our temporal & spiritual affairs Every man is a government of himself and he infringes upon no government. A good man is above law and above government. He said Lawyer seemed only to study law— only for the purpose of seeing how much they could <​Go forth​> disturb the peace of the public without breaking the law He referred to the case of trial and the plea set up by the Lawyer. Gentlemen would not insult a poor man in the street but would bow to him as much as those who appear more respectable. We ought to live a great way within the circle of the laws of the land. The laws of God is far above the laws of the land. The kingdom of God does not interfere with the laws of the land— but keeps itself by its own laws
here stoped his discourse to rest—
The choir sang an Hymn
Er , being called upon to address the c[hurch] he did it with cheerfulness. He did it with such principles as he was in possession of and if his ideas would be benificial to any he was at all times amply repaid. He referred to s remarks concerning the early history of this church. No individual who has searched the oracles of eternal truth but his heart would be touched with the remarks this A. M. We trace with pleasure the rise of nations and kingdoms— Historians trace it with nicety— the men who took the lead in those goverments— their legislatures, kings nobles, Genrals &c. We look back to the time when this was under the Iron hand of oppression by — We reflect upon Washington Layfayete &c in whose bosoms burn the spark of liberty [p. 5]
These subjects are dwelt upon by our legislatures Governors &c with delight, but if these things animate them so much how much the more the things that are laid before us when we hear its history from one who has been with it from its infancy— (pres spake on) When we hear these things from the lips of one who has taken an active part in all the history of the church can we be surprised that he should feel animated and seem to burn with zeal. Most other kingdoms have laid desolate other kingdoms and established themselves in blood. The greatest chieftains of the earth, have got their glory by blood carnage and ruin— one nation built up at the expence of the ruin on of another and one man at the ex is made rich at the expense of another.
Men did it because they had power to desolate nations & spread terror wherever they went & they are spoken of as great men. The patriots of this had indeed a plausible excuse for the course they took. They stood in defence of their rights, liberty and freedom. But where are now those principles of freedom. here the laws that protect all men in their religious opinions Where the laws that says a man shall worship God according to the dictates of his own consciens— What say ye ye saints, ye who are exiles in the land of liberty— how has the gold become dim. Let it not be told among the monarchs of Europe— Dont let the sound go forth lest they laugh. Ye saints never let it go abroad that ye are exiles in the land of liberty. Tell it to those who who robbed & plundered & refuse to give you your rights. Are we now in a land of liberty of equal rights— would to God I could answer yes but they have robbed us and slain us and our Government says your cause is just but we can do nothing for you— Hear it ye great men— we are here in exile in bondage in a land of liberty. If ye have any [p. 6] patriotism left come and proclaim us free and give us our rights. He spake of this government as one of the best of governments as one of the most pure and what a picture— Ye fathers who fought for your liberty blush for you[r] children and mourn over the degraded state they now represent. We are now talking about a government which set herself up as a pattern for the nations of the earth and oh what a pattern. If this is the best and most patriotic nation what is the situation of the rest. We speak of Washington Lafayete, Monro[e]— Jefferson who fought for their liberties & achieved one of the greatest victories ever won— and one generation has scarcly passed away before 15000 citizens appealed to the authorities for redress of their wrongs and they turn a deaf ear to our day cry. On the other subject we see 14 years ago a few assembled in a log cabin, they saw the visions of heaven and the glories of eternity. They were planting principles which were concocted in the bosom of Jehovah. They were laying a foundation for the salvation of the wo[r]ld. They have not yet begun to dwindle but the fire still burns in their bones. In this company he sees a company who will stand up in defence of the oppressed of whatever country they may be. I see it in their countenances, Thus that it is planted by the spirits of God and all the influence of mobs priestcraft &c cant quench it— it will burn— It is comprehensive & expansive as the univers and it reaches all the world— whether an Indian, Negro or any others that were virtuous & were oppressed you would stand forth in their defence. Cherish those principles and if liberty has been blasted in this nation we will proclaim ourselves free in time and eternity. We are laying a foundation for our religious and political salvation
The choir by request sung the Red Man after prayer by Er the meeting dismissed for one hour [p. 7]
April 6— 1844 2½ P. M. The prest. arrived at the
The choir sung an Hymn. Prayer by Er Another Hymn was sung——
resumed his discourse on the history of the church He made his own text— he got tired of ransacking the old book to find text— he had heard many a story spoiled with a bad text— he shant do so any more in these last days.
The church of Christ then was his text— he repeated the saying all those persons that were acquainted with this church from its organization and had turned away and said they did not believe it— they lied— he knew they did believe. there was nothing could prevent him from believing it— it was forced upon him He gave the reasons why some things were then held in secret— those things are now told in public. the plans devised in the secret chambers were not evil ruinous abominable or corrupt. There never will be any thing but will become your property— you will know it. The time is coming when it is to be proclaimed, when every eye shall see it and every hear ear hear— He would now give some more incidents of the history of the church There are items in the history of the church which you do not know. I have seen the time when God was revealing his will in secret places. He spake of a time when the prest. & himself had been locked up for weeks and had no time only to eat found. It was found out we were there, bandittis came to the place— some 20 or 30 men came rushing to the place cursing & blaspheming.
This was the reason why we were shut up. They never cease their warfare— At one time the heavens were opened for hours and we witnessed the thrones around us and had views of eternal things. A Gentleman from having heard rumors of the Mormons came to see us One night he went out of my house and found in the fence one after another a dozen men— he returned into the house in fury and got his pistols and said he would [p. 8] kill them but they run away. They were not yet weary of this— the[y] broke into my house. drag me out of my bed— out of the door my head beating on the floor. they dragd me over the wood pile. and on they went my head thumping on the frozen ground, after which they through threw tar and feathers on me— and endeavoured to throw aquafortis in my face but I turned my face and it missed me. The people talk about fears and troubles now but they have nothing to endure— that day has gone by. They blame us for working in secret— but if they will open the doors we will preach in their public places in their pulpits and on the house tops. Thinks he has said enough to shew that the church has come up through tribulation trouble sorrow dismay and all kinds of afflictions. There are men in your midst this day that have no fears of men or devils dont believe this people realize who stand in their midst There are men standing in your midst that you cant do any thing with than but cut their throat or hang them no power, principalities sword men or devils have power to turn them out of their course. If you want to get clear of them you must send them to their father in heaven— for you cant get them to hell— They feel an independence of soul and if there was no men upon earth to lift a voice for God but themselves they would do it. They have learned an eternal reality they have learned that there is a great God, a head to all creation— that he does not only take up the mountains &c but he takes up worlds. and holds the whole creation as a mere drop of his breath— He says to them fear not for I am your God and will take care of you— They dont fear death because they have seen the place where they are going when they die— they know the saviour is there— If they world dont want them they can send them to heaven and they can all go to hell together. There are men in your midst that you have either got to sustain or go to hell any how [p. [9]]
You have either got to sustain them or go to hell. If you cant bear the doctrine clap your hands. You are got old enough to choose for yourselves— choose life or death which ever you choose. You may choose refuse— receive or reject and no body has a word to say. If they kill these men they will only damn themselves and save them. They are such characters because God has spoken to them— he has revealed himself to them— he has talked to them as a father to his child, You have men that you can scare nor turn out of the way— their face is set right before them and if you undertake to turn them out of their course they may kick you out of the way. The wicked have only one way to rid themselves and that is to kill them for you cant court favors of them. If the world love or hate them they do it voluntarly— they never gave them any cause for eithe[r] You have got a man that dont want to forsake God and if he did he could not— he could not turn away from God if he were to try. He dont say what will this man or that man say but what does my father say. Some of you say we could put up with these men if we could see them repent you may as well look for hell to repent. I hope you will never forget this point of the history of the church He would resume his subject of the kingdom. and if any one would hang him for treason he hoped they now get their— gallows and rope ready for he would tell his story.
He referred to the complaints of office seekers because there men are in their road— Great men are afraid they are going to be ruined because God said he would build a kingdom. God intends to keep them fretting and howling all the time. God raises his kingdom far above all human law. His people are bound by the laws of heaven which are far more strict that human laws We are above the laws all the while and that is the reason why they never could reach us— We are ready to support them, pay our taxes &c— [p. 10]
They will people the devils kingdom by wholesale. It is on this principle that Jesus Christ always built his kingdom and he will build it so again. And I want this people to understand that God will build up his kingdom here in this place and yet come in contact with any kingdom. I dont care any thing about all the laws these men can make until they get laws enough to take them all to hell. God can build his kingdom at the foot of the throne of the Queen of and there is not a law to touch them. He teaches his people to respect the kings &c. I dont <​know​> that the time is far distant when I shall proclaim myself a king and a priest of the most High God and if you dont obey me you shall go down to hell. Come on with you[r] mobs, as soon as you please I dont care for them.
Dont let the rascals do as they did in because we would not break law they brought on mobs, I pray to my God that they may be damned and I believe he will damn them. Dont want any office in this government I am determined to be a king— I would not have an office if you would give it me— would not be a king but be a constable of the earth. The reason why I have taken so much pains to day is because people are apt to misconceive and say things as they want them to be, The kingdom of God starts up in the midst of a government in defiance of its laws and never breaks one, I come to say that I am a law abiding man I would live above it. Wherever I get into a place where I say I am a law abiding man I want to be king— We live by principles which brings us much finer, tighter than human laws. Every tax laid upon him by the he intends to discharge faithfully before God. He knows the laws of the and what power they have got and what they have not They Missourians said they law did not offord them protection? because we did not break them. He believs God will purge this church and purge it [p. 11]
We have got a kingdom established so perfectly correct that angels would bow to it. God can build his kingdom any where he chooses and infringe upon no law and nothing but mobacracy and voilent outrage can ever disturb its peace.
In consequence of the stormy appearance of the heavens the meeting was dismissed until tomorrow at 10
April 1844
Conference Minutes [p. 12]
Sunday April 7th. 1844 10 o clock A. M.
Choir sung an Hymn— (Hossanna)
offered prayer especially for the sick
Er followed by prayer and the choir again sung
Prest. J. Smith had a request to make which he believed the c. would grant it. That they will all keep good order, and observe to mind the policemen who are round the outskirts to keep order. He requested the policemen to exercise their authority & on in the name of the constitution and continental Congress and god Almighty— we command you to do it.
— said in looking over the congregation he observed it to be vastly larger than yesterday. Wished profound silence that all may hear. Shall not be as explicit as yesterday. Shall pursue the same subject, from the same text. The church of Christs, The kingdom of heaven of God of Daniel— the mustard seed the stone Yesterday established one fact yesterday namely the peculiar characteristics which establishes it a kingdom. They would not only be in that gov[ernment] but would be entitled to the protection of that g Intend to take a short view of the reason only salvation belong’s to this k[ingdom] and to this only— why to this order of government tho this only. We rest upon the principle that the k of heaven is actually a government. It enters into the very feeling disposition and desires of a mans heart. It has its own way of exercising it authority and has the most certain way to effect its purposes— He admits that the obedience is a voluntary one not by force of arms— law— because men would rather do it than not. Tis this that gives it power over every other kingdom. It is on the exalted principle of intelligence— makes men acquainted with themselves God angels— and every thing in heaven and earth. This p. that the k. gains its influence. A man may be destroyed by the wild beast yet he will sing this song with his deying breath— Salvation what is it— upon what principle is man saved— He has got the principle in himself [p. [13]] God begins to teach him what is in him— In accomplishing this man is much tried. If he never had any conflict with Satan in the world he never would know he had power to fight him. If it was not for these trials men would sit down and let the devil overcome them. He never knows what power he has got till God teaches No people have this power but the people of the K of G [Kingdom of God] No other government has this power— or teaches this principle. Then one part of the K of H [Kingdom of Heaven] is to teach man what power privileges &c they have and he gives them victory unto eternal life. Under a contact between the kingdoms. Another thing has been told to him that man has a principle in him that rises above all things takes power over every thing— heard it said many times astonishing that man should say it is impossible to work miracles— It is living under the influence of this power that makes us believe it. No other kingdom has power to save men. Nether religious or civil— no power of salvation in it. He does not say this out of disrespect to any man. All religions then that do not put men in possession of this power have a tendency to believe man and prevent his obtaining salvation This is the reason that the Lord promises to set up a k. in the last days— he had promised to restore it — he would do it and remove all false governments wether civil religious or political. He would call upon the kings priests nobles to hear his voice when he would teach men the ways of life and truth. No other organization wher power unto salvation ever existed only in the k of G. Salvation is the complete victory over every thing. The prophets said the vallies shall blossom as the rose &c. When he looks at salvation it allows he has got it hear and he cant find it any were else and yet men say he is deceived. the wilderness shall blossom &c because our God shall come as a recompence &c He will come and save you by planting the k of h in your midst [p. 2 [14]] He will come that you may have no mor deaf dumb sick lame &c but that ye may have power to heal them. When we examine the power of the k of H. what nation has any thing to say against it. They shall beat their swords into ploughshares The nations has been at war one with another— sword has been unsheathed and death scattered over the earth. God proclaims peace— beat their swords &c and learn war no more. This is what God said he would set up in the last days. To cause sorrow desease and trouble to cease &c and bring down upon their heads all that heaven has to bestow. Know they were right then to set up a k. Shall be a Kingdom of gathering & eternal glory. Let no man be alarmed because God said it should swallow up all K’s. who would have objections. What injury to the world— if all the world were here and felt the same peace union &c we possess here how many men would be killed the next ½ century. The Lord says he intends to serve the whole world as he has served us He has given us a pattern— will bind them with the bands of union love faith stronger than death. Why is the world afraid of it— because they do not understand and are not partaker[s] of its blessings &c. Had a notion to talk a little about the gospel itself. The elementary principles by which God formed meterials to build a k. twas simple— did not require much wisdom to comprehend— and required no more than ordinary honesty to obey it. Christ came to save sinners not good folks— He said as far as to get in publicans sinners, harlots and all kinds— the thief liar scoundrel— he made it large enough for all these— says he it does not need a great deal of effort of mind and yet the decision of mans mind has more to do with it than men are aware of— He that believeth &c— What was required of the man— one single act of the mind & one only Heard a gentleman say sonce their meeting commenced he was not worthy to belong to any church. The gospel is proclaimed to meet this case— to those who are unworthy — not to the honest & upright but to the wicked & unworthy— When men begin [p. 3 [15]] to feele they dont know that God looks upon them as a father looks upon his child— If a father have a profligate son and the father told him to come and he would receive him— you would say you were not worthy. What would your heavenly father want you to believe— what would you want your son to do to receive just what he said— that he was willing to return to the government of the family. God sent out a proclamation in a few words— He that ‘believeth &c’ A man has not got to make himself better as well might the lepard change his skin. All that he can do is to give assent to what God has told him— him must not attempt to pray himself to God lest he pray himself away— the moment he believes God takes him into his family and deals with him as a son. Hard for man to accept a profligate son but easy for God to do it. The Lord says come my son daughter apostate believe what I tell you— be baptsed— that I may put you in my family & I will give you my spirit & make you one of my child[ren] God then begins to teach the whole family. The salvation of every man and woman depends upon one act If a man decides he will obey the proclamation he desides to be saved— but if he desides he is unworthy— he desides against himself because he will never be better than when he made that decision. The Lord says when a man decides to obey God the angels in heaven rejoice— did you ever think of it, that one decision would make the heavens rejoice— it is so. All men possess power in themselves to begin the commencement of their carreer for eternal glory. You have power in yourselves to make the angels glad when you say you will obey God. The Lord makes no difference between old men and young sinners the Lord can wash they soul whiter than thy silver locks. Would like men feel it for a moment. No man ever did a great thing untile he did this. then made the heavens rejoice— It is in the power of all to do it however wicked or corrupt— Let no man or woman say I am unworthy— Let all say I can be just as worthy as God will make me [p. 4 [16]]
I was once a sectarian priest a regular baptist & know all about, while I taught that religion. I had an embarrasment all the while and never could get it of[f]. I called upon men to repent & then told them they must get that spirit of God & they would go away discouraged. I know the sectarians <​baptists​> do not understand. The same difficulty among the Methodists, All to work to get something for the man which God never promises— they fain a hypocritical conversion to get clear of the reproach of the world & revel in hypocrisy till they go down to hell— They have either got to reach heaven or be devided by the world— Satan has blinded the minds of that the world— he tells them they must do something more. He has seen them go down, down, and he has heard them say they were willing God should damn them, damnable doctrine What would God have said to the little child: dost thou believe Jesus can save you— go and wash away your sin Calls upon God to break the shackles and let the men go free and come to the knowledge of Salvation. Want every body to see their privilege. All you my friends if you are not saved God will not be to blame. Do you believe that Jesus Christ will save you— He will do it if you will obey him. Not a man hardly in the world but what is ready to be saved— believ[e]s that God will make men by hundreds of millions willing to be saved— they will have to give away— God will teach men he is a king— he has power
Will talk a little about the spirit of God. heard a great deal said— not surprised that there should be a deal said— Wants to talk about as it was first proclaimed. The promise was “repent & baptised and read Acts 2— 38. In relation to one point— to the spt [spirit] of promise— that G[od] made for the people of the L. D. [latter days] Must give a view of the congregation assembled at that day— they were entire Strangers & ignorant of the plan of salvation— they did not know that faith &c had any thing to do with salvation. Did not know that the jews had crucified the son of God though[t] it was the result of drunkenness. That is the kind of congregation— they were dependent upon what Peter said of every thing [p. 5 [17]]
<​.​> read the 14th verse &c— The c will observed that is the only knowledge those persons had of the Holy Spt— Peter inform ‘(Joel)’ God would pour &c— Your sons and daughters shall prephesy &c Now says Peter this is the Holy spt this is what God promised to pour upon all flesh read from 37 to last verse. This proclamation was not made till after the apostles describ the effect of the spt— had distinguished it for all others— when poured out your sons & daughters will be prophets &c This then is the Holy Spt— I have found no other description of it. So says Peter and I am not at liberty to deny— What is the Spt of G— of Prophesy Revelation, that can touch the meanest domestic in your kitchen and shew him the things of heaven and roll back the things of heaven before his view. Will pour it up on all flesh. The Jews would not be mistaken. they were now councilling their way to salvation at the very gates of death— What should we do— repent &c. Why did he not except [accept] some of them should think in 3000 there was some scoundrels— black hearted— villains, harlots— why did he not say you who are worthy— no he said all— repent and ye shall get that spirit prom[i]sed by Joel. How long would a man have to wait on our old Sectarian scheme before he could prophecy &c— you know it would take 7 eternities to get it— never worked that way— different scheme and G. was not at the head of it. I’ll be told by a preacher to go to an anxous bench till I am converted. I’ll go and get the best that ever could be got at the bench— and when will I be— I am converted to what to God— no to an anxious bench. God shall give it to me. Shall come to pass in the last days saith God I will pour out my spt. &c— Could I with all the religion I could get act such or plea prophesy— I have no doubt I am changed am converted but not to God— he would have had me prophecying. And it shall [come] to pass in the last day &c! Is not that large— I believe I am flesh— you are all flesh— some born to support it— they live in the last days so How dos Peter talk to us— in the last days— (repeat the promise) [p. 6 [18]] Because I pour it out you shall know that you have my spirit and if you have not got this you may know you are converted to something else & not to God— Let us sum up the whole pro[c]ess— of salvation. I am authorised to do this from the N. T. [New Testament] because it was to be the gospel of the last days— What is a man authorised to tell the world— Why when he finds people that believe— tell them to repent— cease their iniquities and quit it— be bap[tized]— and they shall receive the H. G. [Holy Ghost] No man under the authority of the N T dare preachin any thing else— Men say “preach the gospel to ever[y] creature” do you tell them the spirit shall be poured out & they shall all prophecy. If they do not they preach another kingdom <​gospel​> and not the gospel of the Kingdom—
Here he was fatigued and had to cease
said he was requested to say by Pres Smith that the solemn ordinance of baptism will be attended to during intermission At 2 o clock Prest J. Smith will deliver s funeral address
Choir sung an Hymn.
During intermission 35 were baptised
At 2 P. M. said he wanted to speak something about the — We want 200,000 Shingles. Shall resume the works on the immediately— All who have not paid their tithing come on and do it. Want provisions, Money Lumber &c. Dont want any more old guns or watches. He thought sometime ago he would get up a small subscription so that the sisters might do something— In consequence of some misunderstanding it had not gone on as at first. was a matter of his own— not as tithing— gave a privilege to any to pay one cent a week— or 50 cts in the year— He wanted it by next fall to buy nails and glass. Difficult to get money. A great many littles make a great deal. The poor can help in this way Took the responsibility upon himself and called again upon the sain sisters— 2000 subscribers will get 1000 dollars— have sent that subscription to and to the branches [p. 7 [19]]
He was not to be dictated to by any except the prophet and God You can pay your subscriptions and it shall always be said boldly by me the sisters bought the glass in that . And their names shall be written upon the book of the Law of the Lord. Tis not a tax— but to procure something which shall ever be a monument of your works. No member of the F. R. S [Female Relief Society] got it up I am the man that did it. They ought not to infringe upon it I am not a member of the F. R. S. I am one of the Committee of L. H. [Lord’s House] I wish to do good, wish all the saints to have an opportunity to do something— want the poor to have a chance as well as the purse with $5. (The (2 mites) wants those who are able to put in two mites & they shall have a seat their and if they only pay 1 penny they shall have a seat in the as well as those who pay $10. because it is all they had. He wishes all to have a place in that . He intends to stimulate the brethren want to finish the this season— finish in the winter to dedicate next 6 April if nothing more than one room—. Will call upon the brethren to do something— cant make a comparison between the house of God & any thing now in existence. Great thing[s] to grow out of it great things contemplated. Language cant make a comparison. A great and mighty power to grow out of it— an endowment, knowledge is power— we want knowledge. We are annoyed with infractions— in the midst of those who profess to know the Lord When we once have a — administer Lords supper— having instructi[o]ns— it will do away these little evils— if we can have a privilege to confess our fault to god and one another evry Sabbath it will do away these— The femal[e]s Shall have a seat if they only pay 1 penny— to offer up your sacraments evry sabbath— you will feel well a whole week— you’l get the spirit— and will increase— We are now deprived of the privilege of giving the necessary instruction hence we want an house—. It shall be paid out for what you design it— it shant be paid for any thing else. The quary is filled with rock— stone cutters cut— come on with your teams [p. 8 [20]] As soon as conference is over come on with your teams and I will prophecy that you will do it. There is not one in the but what will do right if they know it. only one or two exception and they are not worth notice— God will take care of them and if he dont the devil will.
He then gave a sketch of the pollywogs—
We are d[es]ignated by the alseeing eye— designated to do good not to stoop to any low thing, We are apt to suffer prejidice to get into our hearts in hearing reports— we never should do it— never should pass our judgement until we hear both sides He would tell a Dutch anecdote— who gave a decisi[o]n in favor of both sides. If we hear that such a brother that he has rather inclined to apostacy dont let prejudice arise— pray for him— God may feel after him and he return— never speak reprochfuly nor disrespectfuly— he is in the hands of God— I am one of those peace makers who takes a stand above all these little things It had been intimated that we would have investigation this con[ference]— do you suppose we will trouble this con— If I have a difficulty with a man I’ll go and settle it— let them settle their difficulties— There is not a man wishes to have difficulties settled at this time— they ask no favors— they can settle it themselves— Have no prejudices God is able to take care of them— Let God judge— do your duty— and let all men alone— Wish to speak about Laws Steam Mill, been bickering The Mill has been a great benifit to the no matter how much fault found. It has been the means of building up the — had not to 18 miles to get their grinding— brought in grain— brough[t] in people— although scared they would rather come than starve & they saw no lines It has been hard times— Laws has sunk their capitals and done good— It is out [of] character to cast any aspersion on the Mrs [Misters] Laws When we came to investigate the conspiracy— it was the presumption of that rascal — He supposed he could lead them into any manner of iniquity. He presumes they had no intention to injure any man’s life [p. 9 [21]]
The men gave in affidavit that said they would go into to tooth and nails— would not believe they would do it if swore it on a stack of Bibles as big as Mount Etna. Made those observations for the purpose of putting of putting down prejudice. If I was as full of the devil as an egg of meat and you undertook to oppress me nether if I was full of the spirit of God. Never undertake to destroy men because they do some evil thing. We ought to be careful what we say and take the example of Jesus cast over the mantle of charity and try to cover their faults. We are made to enlighten and not darken one another. Save and not destroy men—
It is well enough to root up conspiracy— but if you are in the right tract having God to guide you he will save you for God will save you if he have to destroy the wicked as by fire. I intend to put down all false influence. All that brothe[r] said was all right,— but it was said by the rascal . If I thought I should be saved and any in the con[ference] be lost I should not be happy, for this purpose Jesus effected a resurrection. Can prove it out of the Revelations. Would not serve a God that had not all wisdom and all power— the reason why I feel so good is because I have a big carcase— their are men with small bodies who have got souls like Enoch. Believe we have gathered all the big souls the gospel has been able to reach. The gospel goes all over creation searching out the big souls. It works just like a God We will gather all the big souls out of evry nation. You neve[r] saw a better people. There is a thing called an eye st◊◊◊ The gospel is similar and brings all the big souls up to Zion then will have a people big enough to be saved. Popery could not write what Enoch preached. Spt [spirit] caught upon a high mountain— showed him the distress of the people— destruction of the world— his heart sweled wide as eternit[y]. Popery could not receive any thing so large as that— Evry society are just like them— god has constituted them according to their capacity [p. 10 [22]]
A mans soul is generally fashioned after the people he lives with & if amongst the Mormons they will be large, and I dont care if they stride the planets as I stride the pebbles of — Can believe that man can go from planet to planet. A certain good sister came to my house and was troubled because she heard so many big stories. She thought it weakened her faith. I said she believed to[o] much. When any come to you with a lie You will feel troubled God will trouble you and will not approbate you in such belief— You had better get some antidote to break up that favor Humble yourself before God and ask him for his spirit. Let alone such nonsense— Tis better not to have so much faith than to have so much as to believe all the lies. To the Elders before this con is closed want to get you together— make a proclamation. want to take the time and use and hew you & make straight as possible I will make you as straight as a loons leg. Eve[r]y E[lde]r that goes from to preach the gospel if he preach any thing else we will silence him by the publich print, Want all the Ers to meet and to understand & if they teach any thing but the pure truth we will call them home
Choir sung an Hymn Praye[r] by Er .
Prest J. Smith called the intention of the con[ference] upon the subject contemplatd in the fore part of the con— as the wind blows hard it will be impossible to make hear unless profound attention— Subjects of the greatest importance, and most solemn that could occupy our attention, the subject of the dead ben requested to speak on the subject on the decease of who was crushed to death &c— I have ben requested to speak by his friends & relatives & inasmuch as great many here in con.— who lives in this as well as elsewhere who have deceased friends feel disposed to speak on the subject in general— and offer my ideas as far as ability— & as far as inspired by H. G. [Holy Ghost] want your prayers faith, the inspiration of Almighty God, the Gift of H. G. that I may set forth truth things that can easily be comprehended & will carry the testimony to your hearts pray that the L may strengthen my lungs cannot the wind that it may enter into the ear of the God of Sabaoth the fervent [p. 11 [23]] effectual prayer of righteous man availeth much— will speak in order to hold out. Before enter fully into the investigation wish to pave the way— make a few preliminaries— bring the subject from the beginning to order that you may understand the subject when I come to it. do not calculate to please your ears with superlatives of words oratory much learning, but edify you by the simple truths of heaven— first place wish to go back to the beginning of creation, then the starting point in order to fully acquainted with purposes decrees &c of the great Elohem that sits in the h. for us to take up beginning at the creation necessary to understand something of God himself in the beginning. If we start right easy to go right all the time— start wrong hard matter to get right. for beings in the world who understand the character of God and do not comprehend their own character— They cannot com from the beginning no the end not their own relation and is but little above the beast. If a man comprehends nothing more than to eat sleep and and not any more and what the designs of Jehova what better then the beast it does the same thing— eats drink, sleep & comprehends present and knows as much as we unless we are able to com by the inspiration of A God. Go back to beginning to lift you minds into a more exalted standing than the human mind is wont— want to ask this this congregation every man; woman, &c what kind of a being is God— ask yourselves I repeat the question what kind of a being is God. Any man or woman that knows any of you seen him? heard him? communed with him? Here a subject that will peradventure occupy you attention while you live— The apostle says this is eternal life! to know &c” that is eternal life if any man enquire what kind of being is God. cast his mind to know— if the declaration of the ap[ostle] be true he will realize that he has not eternal life. There can be eternal life on no other prinicple— 1st object to find the character of the only wise & true God [p. [12 [24]]]
If I comprehend so that the spirit seal it upon you hearts let every man and woman put his hand on his mouth & never say any thing against the man of God again but if I fail it becomes my duty to renounce all my pretensions to inspirations &c and if I should do so should I not be as bad as all the rest of the world. not a man would not breath anathema if they knew I was a false prophet some would take my life. If any man is authorised to take my life because I am a false teacher then upon the same principle and am I authorised to take the life of every false teacher and who would not be the sufferer— but no man is authorised to take away life in consequence of their religion all laws and government ought to tolerate whether right wrong If I show that I have the truth of God & 99/100 are false teachers while they pretend to hold the keys of God & go to killing them because &c would it not deluge the world in blood. Want you should all [k]now God— be familiar— If I can get you to know I can bring to him, & if as you will cease to persecute me I speak in authority.— What kind of a being was God in the beginning. hear all ye ends of the earth, I am going to prove it by the bible & the relation the human family sustains with God. 1st God that sets enthroned is a man like one of yourselves— that is the great secret. If the vail was rent to day & the great God who holds this world in its sphere in its orbit— the planets— if you were to see him to day you would see him in all the persons image very form of man. for Adam was created in the very fashion of God. Adam received instruction walked talked as one man with another In order to understand the subjects of the ded for the consolation of those who mourn for the loss of their friends necessary they should understand Going to tell you how God came to be God We have imagined that God was God from all eternity. These are imcomprehensible to some but are the first principle of the gospel— to know that we may converse with him as one man with another & that he was once as one of us and was on a planet as Jesus was in the flesh— [p. 13 [25]]
If I have the privilege could tell the story in such a manner this persecution would cease forever— Said Jesus (mark it ) What did Jesus say as the father hath power in himself even so hath the son power. to do what why what the father did To lay down his body and took it up again. Jesus what are you going to do— to lay down my life as my father did that I might take it up again. If you deny it you deny the bible I defy the records and wisdom & all the combined powers of earth and hell to refute it. Ha You have got to learn how to be a god yourself in order to save yourself— to be priests Kings as all Gods has done— by going from a small degree to another from exaltation to ex[altation]— till they are able to sit in glory as doth those who sit enthroned. I want you to know while God is being proclaimed that he is not trifling with you nor me. 1st principles of consolation how consoling to the mourner when calld to part with husband for their wife child to know that those being shall rise in immortal glory to sorrow die nor suffer anymore. & not only that to contemplate the saying they shall be heirs of God &c What is it— to inherit the same glory power & exal[ta]tion with those who are gone before What did Jesus do why I do the things that I saw the father do when worlds came into existens— I saw the father work out a kingdom with fear & trembling & I can do the same & when I get my k with I will present to the father & it will exalt his glory and Jesus steps into his tracts to inherit what God did before This is some of the first prinicples of the gospel about which so much hath been— You have got to find the beginning of the history & go on till you have learned the last— will be great while before you learn the last It is not all to be comprehended in this world. I suppose that I am not allowed to go into an investigation of any thing that is not in the bible— you would cry treason so many learned and wise men here [p. 14 [26]]
I will go to the old Bible the very Berosheit. make a comment on the first sentence of the history of creation— Berosheit Barau want to annalize the word— Ba in by through in & every thing else— rosh— next— the head. sheet where do it come from— when they inspired man wrote he did not put the Ba. there— But a jew put it there. It read in the first— The head one of the Gods brought forth the Gods— is the true meaning— rosheit signifies to being forth the Eloheim, Learned man cannot learn any more than what I have told you hence the head God brought forth the head God in the grand Council— will simplify it in the English language. The learned Docters who have persecuted me I want to let you know that the H. G.
The grand councilers set in yonder heavens and contemplated the creation of the worlds that was created at that time. When I say Doctor & Lawyers I mean the D & L of the scriptures some learned doctor might say the scriptures say thus & so and we must believe the scriptures. He referred to an old Book (N. T) in the Hebrew. Latin German & Greek— find it to be the most correct— find it to correspond with the revelations I have recieved. It tells about Yachaubon the son of Zebedee— means Jacob. the N. T. says James— now if Jacob had the keys you might talk about James and never get the keys. Mathew 4— 21 verse it gives the word Jacob instead of James— how can we escape the damnation of hell unless God be with us— men lead us into chains— read from the Hebrew Yongacoub— Jacob. Greek Ichabon— Jacob— German He has got the oldest book in the world— but he has got the oldest book in his heart. Latin Yacobin— Jacob too Should not have introduced this testimony were it not to back up the word rosh— The head father of the Gods. When we begin in this way we begin to find out God— what kind a being we have got to worship— when we begin to know how to come to him he begins to come to us. When we are ready to come to him he is ready to receive us. Learned Docters tell us God created the heavens & earth out of nothing they account it blasphemy to contradict the idea— they will call you a fool— you ask them why they say dont the bible say he created the world & they infer that it must be out of nothing [p. 15 [27]] The word create came from the word Barau dont mean so— it means to organize— same as a man would use to build a ship— hence we infer that God had materials to organize from— chaos— chaotic matter— element had an existence from the time he had. The pure pure principles of element are principles that never can be destroyed— they may be organized and reorganized— but not destroyed.
It is as[so]ciated with the subject in question the resurrection of the dead Another subject— the soul— the mind of man— they say God created it in the beginning. The idea lessens man in my estimation. Dont believe the doctrine— know better— God told us so. Make a man appear a fool before he gets through if he dont believe it.
We say that God was self existent— who told you so? its correct enough but how did it get into your heads— who told you that man did not exist upon the same principle (— refer to the bible) dont say so in the old Hebrew— God made man out of the earth and put into him his spirit and then it became a living body. The mind of man— the intelligent part is coequal with God himself I know that my testimony is true. hence when I talk to these mourners what have they lost— they are only separated from their bodies for a short season. but their spirit exists coequal with God and they now exist in a place where they converse together as much as we do on the earth. Is it logic to say that as spirit is immortal and yet have a beginning because if a spirit have a beginning it will have an end— good logic— illustrated by his ring. All the fools learned & wise men that comes and tells that man has a beginning proves that he must have an end. and if that doctrine is true then the Doctrine of annihilation is true. But if I am right then I might be bold to say that God never did have power to create the spirit of man at all. He could not create himself— Intelligence exists— upon a self existent principle— is a spirit from age to age & no creation about it— all the spirits that God ever sent into the world are susceptible of enlargement— That God himself— find himself in the midst of spirit and glory— because he was greater [p. 16 [28]] saw proper to institute laws whereby the rest could have a privilege to advance like himself. I know that when I tell you those words of eternal life that are given to me I know you taste it and I know you believe it. Wants to talk more of the relation of man to God— in relation to your dead, All things whatsoever God has seen proper to reveal to us while we are dwelling in mortality are revealed to us in the abstract & independant of affinity of this mortal tabernacle— but they are revealed as though we had no bodies at all— tho revealed to our spirits & those revelations must of necessity save our spirit with them. Hence the responsibility— the awful res. that rest upon us in relations to our dead— for all spirits— who have not obeyed the gospel in the flesh must obey the gospel or be damned. Is there no preparation— no salvation for our father & friends who have died and not obeyed the decrees of the son of man— would to God I had 40 days & nights I would let you know that I have not a fallen prophet. What kind of beings can be saved although their bodies are moulding in the dust. When his commandments touch us it is in view of eternity— The greatest responsibility in this world. is to seek after our dead. they without us cannot be made perfect— It is necessary that those who come after us should have salvation in common with us— & thus hath God laid this upon the eves of the world hence the saying of Elijah Speak in relation to the provisions God hath made to suit the conditions of man. What hath Jesus said? All sins & all blasphemis every transgression except one there is a provision either in this world or in the world of spirit. Hence God hath made a provision that evry spirit can be ferreted out in that world that has not sin’d the unpardonable sin. wether in this world or in the world of spirits. Every man who has a friend in the eternal world who hath not committed the unpardonable sin you can save him. A man cannot commit the unpardonable sin after the disolution of the body there is a way for his escape [p. 17 [29]]
knowledge saves a man and in the world of spirits a man cant be exalted but by his knowledge. So long as a man will not give heed to the commandments he must abide without salvation. A man is his own torment hence the saying they shall go into the lake that burns with fire &c or as exquisite as a lake &c so is the torments of a man— I said no man could commit the unpardonable sin after the dissolution of the body— hence the salvation that the saviour wrought out for the salvation of a man if it did not catch him in one place it would another— The contention in heaven was Jesus said there were certain men would not be saved the devil said he could save them. he rebelled against God and was thrust down. After a man has sinned the sin against the H. G. there is no repentence for him. Hence like many of the apostates of the C of J. C. L. D. S. [Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints] they go to[o] far the spirit leaves them hence they seek to kill me they thirst for my blood they never cease— he has got the same spirit that crucified Jesus You cant renew them to repentance— awful is the consequence Advise all to be careful what they do— you may by and by find out that you have been deceived
He continued his discourse— & told of parents receiving their children. Concluded his remarks by Baptism
Choir sung—
April 7th. 1844
Conference Minutes. [p. 18 [30]]
Monday April 8— 1844
9¾ A. M. Prest. J. Smith took his seat on the and requested choir to sing an Hymn.
His lungs having failed he would call upon Er to read 1 Cor 15 ch—
Er said to cont the sub of prest S discours yesterday shall com[mence] by read 18 Cor.— from an old Bible— read—
Prayer by Er — choir sung an Hymn
Prest. J. said mpos. [impossible] to continue the subject as to rais the dead Lungs is gone— time to do things must wait— give it up and leave the time to those who can make you hear— will do it some other time— make a proc[lamation] to the E[lde]rs— wanted you to stay in order I might make this proc. You know the L[or]d has lead the churc[h] from [illegible]: Has another rev[elation] in rel[ation] to Economy in the church Shall not be able as largely as some other time will give 1st prin[ciple]— has ben great discussion in rel to Zion— prophets— make a proc that will cover a broader gd— the whole Americ[a] is then Zion itself— from North to South— that is the Zion where the Mountain of the Ld shd be— when Ers take up b will see it— dec— this morning are calculating soon as finishd— washing & anointing &c— when those last & more impt ordinance can be done— must be in a house— proc— made during time of laying found[ation]— where men may rec[eive] endow[men]t to make K[ings] & P[ries]ts— unto the most H G. [High God] having nothin to do wi[t]h temporal things but K of G. G has provided for a house to be built where we can get a House this the central place & where we can be baptised for dead— it is nec[essary], when we want to save our dead we go through all the ordinances same as for ourself from bap[tism] to ordination & end[owment]t. From henceforth I have recd— inst from Ld that Ers shall build churches where ever they raise branches through the States then build stakes— in the g[rea]t cities &c there shall be stakes— reserved the pro. to the last. All this to be read, that this work shall commence after the washing anontg [anointing] & endwment here [p. [31]]
The Ld has an est law in relation to the matter. there must be a particular spot for the sal[vation] of our dead. I verily believ this will be the place. hence men who want to save their dead can come and bring their families do their work and return to live and wait till the[y] go to receive their reward. Shall leave the rest for the brethren— tis my duty to teach the doctrine— spt is willing flesh is weak. God is not willing to let me gratify you— but I must teach the Ers and they should teach you He will make me to be God in your stead & they be mouth for me. Have been giving some inst[ructions] to to to speak to you & when he makes a mistake will get up and correct him.
, If c[onference] will give at[tention] will read from scrip[ture]— as the found[ation] of a few remarks for your edification. think, better for Pres S or to make texts than him— will address the sinner— read Obadiah— upon Mount Zion shall be deliverance &c— or in other words Jacob shall possess their possession among the gentiles— prop[het] declares on Mount Zion when they shall possess &c shall come saviours & k. be the Lds.
Wish all to und[erstand] the text— commens 17 v. 1st. as the idea of the establish of Z[ion] amg Gentiles is stumbling block to many— are ready to exclaim we rejoice in the gosple in faith as you preach it rep[entance]— Bap[tism]— Layin hands. G. H. G. [gift of the holy ghost] promise of Gifts as declared by Ers— best oh the idea of Z. God will build literal Z. well of course there will be Z when there will be stakes but will be a starting point. They say why is it if Z is to be est[ablished] why among the gentiles & why calld house of Jacob.— there is reason & of God and will stand— before talk of the saviours— wish to notice for strangers. When we drive them to ack. Z they tell us Z. was to be in Jerusalem— He take position— there shall be a literal Z— in a l place— after Z is plannd in Jer.— a long time after— it has passed away— 1st. fact he wants to establish, read latter pt 3 & fore 4 of Micah— [p. 2 [32]]
If any learned men— want to ask when was Z plowed Ans[wer]— when Romans came &c that was the only time when little Z was ploughed— waits to see if G[od] has need shall be another Z. In the last days &c— God has sd it shall come to pass— that the mountain of the Lds house &c going to be a Z after other is passed away— many nations shall come and say— <​let us [3 words illegible]​> let us go &c— word of the lord from Jer. &c— bey & be [bye & by] they will come together & take the earth— the whole world depends & upon the salvation to come from Z.— one word about the last days— dif. between these & the last days— referred to Noah— Sodom— overthrew the Jewish nation these last days— but when it says the last days age dispensation— that shall burst upon the w[orl]d then the nations shall come together to make the place of the G◊◊◊ feet glorious After this if a man will deny that God will establish Zion in the last days let him be ignor[an]t.— can bring testimony not only of Micah but of living witnesses who have seen & come to the mount of God &c, without rev[elation] we will not know what to do— Hundreds of the brethren have asked why is the that we are now building called the house of Jacob when building among the gentiles. Prophesy of Jacob Gen. 48.49 I called together his sons— & any other his two sons— he had reced the priest[hoo]d & had a right to prophecy confer blessing &c. Jacob is one thing Judah another. Israel another— Joseph brings his two sons E[phraim] & M[anassah]— the old man crossed his hands Joseph comes up & wanted to shew him the ways of life— takes hold of the old mans hands &c— I know it. he shall be y[e]t but his younger bro shall be gter than he &c— Let my name be named upon them— Ruben & Simeon took the birth right by transgression his seed shall become a multitude of nations. how many take to make a multitude.— Gen 49— the spt of God rests upon him & he says the same things— Joseph is a fruitful &c— by fathers blest me with the land of Canan I have prevailed with God & have got a greater blessing— the utmost bounds &c he rewar[d]ed 10 times as much on E as M— referred then to Deut 33— Moses calls the heads of the tribes & blessing them— blesses children of Joseph— Push the people together to the ends of the earth— [p. 3 [33]]
Jacobs name named on Ephraim— wants to find where he is— speak on the subject of the land— had a key word from pres S. If Scriptures are true God is bound to establis Z in the last days— referred to David— when God bringeth out the people in the last days. David saw that the s[ons] of Is[rael] would come out of Z— Isaiah 46. 12 & 13 vs God says he will place salvation [illegible] Zion for Israel my Glory. Paul says in reasoning when G. was about to try the gentiles by grafting &c he says as it is written the delivere[r] shall come out of Zion— the principles of truth by which did Isaiah tells us about the land chap 17— looking down upon the succeeding generations— shall be a rushing of the nations. Ho to the land (under admiration) shadowing with wings— [illegible] as a winged cymball— take this land is it stands joined by the isthmus of Darian— referred to Dr Clark— it baffled men of every age to say who these messenge[r]s— what their message— We have men can tell us— See them going in rushing vessels &c— nation meted out troden under foot— terrible &c go back to old Abraham terrible— go to Egypt when they were grong [groaning] under tyranny. God calld on Moses— they were terrible from their beginning in national point— see the plagues of Egypt— smites the Red Sea &c— How many arguments does it want to prove the Jewish nation trodden under foot. Show from the book that the house of Israel stands connected with the Z of the last days. refers to the Indians being made drunk & the nation formed what they called a treaty. There lands have been spoiled— cheated robbed &c. which wing is the work to commence be a definite place where God will start the work Psalm 48 The man that tells me this is the little Z is mistaken— place beutiful for situation, joy of the earth— North wing— kings shall come to visit it. Psalm 102 Thou o lord shall endure forever &c be a time of gathering— well might C[hris]t say he shall gather. read Ld remember David in all his afflictions &c— If David was going to find it in little Z. what a fool he was— when he could a gone out. he swore he would not sleep &c until he found out a place &c. Lo we found it in the fields of the woods— in the prarie— the place where God pointed out— in [p. 4 [34]]
Gather my people together until the indignation shall pass &c Isaiah. Saviour shall come on Mt Zion— more than one— want to know the eternal principal of salvation. wants to speak on the dead— last Chap Luke. Thus it behooved Ct to suffer &c. An eternity of argum[en]t in those words behooved Ct to suffer die arise than ress &c— want to find out the truth was preach at Jerusalem— when they prech— the same way The way they began is God’s eternal fixed plan for salv[ation] of men. They did not preach hell, fire & bows on womens bonets. They preachd J. C [Jesus Christ] & the resurrection. They looked back to the creation & saw God form a body & put in spt & becm [became] living soul— sin entered the w[orl]d, law of Salvation— man hurl[e]d forth into a wd of suffering all creation began to groan in anguish— the man, woman earth was cursed. Without the sheding of blood was no remission than the reason why Able offered— The saviour took upon him a body the seed of Abraham— did he go to the pious pr[i]est— no— all Jerusalem rapt in slumber the angel of the Ld came to the sheperds— glory to Gd in the highest good news to men. A child was born a son given &c— none during 4000 had entered the prison & lead the monster death in chains to exclaim where is thy sting &c— here is the personage. ages had passed away others arisen on their ruins— Believe that the design of God in organizing these taber[n]acles for spts to dwell in. Will hazard a positi[o]n— That the Lrd never could have saved the wd without a new scheme— bap. Jesus was the door the way &c— People say we will walk in the way but leave the door on side— The savior did not do so— he went in at the door. If he had gone into the window he would be tried for house breaking. Every one who has preached another gospel & other ordinances will be cursed Thus it behooves Ct to suffer &c. He became the first fruits of them that slept— a feel of me Thomas— feel of me— have you any thing to eat— The object of the worlds salvation was in the tomb. the stone rolled away the savior was from the tomb— here is good news The saints shall be fashioned like unto his glorious body— shall have flesh & bones— [p. 5 [35]]
Do you want to know what to do— repent & be bapd. &c.
I have no opin[i]on, and the man that sets up an opinon of his own will be damned. Verily verily except a man be born &c He has now fixed upon the eternal principles of salvation. & he now wants a writ of for the benefits of them who died wihout the gospel 1st. the subjects of preaching to the spts in prison.— my mother was a good baptist &c— what became of all that died previous to the coming of Ct people might sd to the saviour what did you come for Peter— this generation have a very small idea of salvation. we are indebted to these men— and if I am damned I will love them. God has broken the slumber of ages rolled back the curtain &c 1 Peter 3 ch & 4th. For Ct has also once suffered &c. It tells us that while Jesus lay in the grave having paid the debt for us— in the prison house of the dead— ever doing good— the spt of the Lord was upon him &c Isaiah— he entered the prison house of the dead he began to proclaim liberty to the captives— and to the spts that are bound Peter did not unto half as much as Paul but he new 80 times as much— he held the keys and so has every servant of God who presides over the church— so has this man he holds the keys of power. Never was ashamed to preach and bear testimony for them. Peter unlocked with his key for what cause did God preach to these spts. Peter says for J C. has once suffered in the flesh &c— For for this course [cause] was the gospel also preached to those that are dead &c” or that they might be savid according to men do for them in the flesh. He says there is a day in which he will judge all men by the gospel— he cant if they have never heard it.
Dont forget the eternal principle of baptism by water as well as fire— Isaiah ch 24— prove another fact in which the salvation of the empires of the world are connected & interested Mathew 24:— 2nd. Paragraph— 1 Corinthans 15.— Morover I declare the gospel &c— John saw him in the isle of Patmos & after a great while Joseph & saw him and we know he is alive & I bear testimony of it [p. 6 [36]]
As a last extremity like a nail in a sure place— he says “else what shall they do who are bap for the dead &c” We have come to the last dispensation & must have all the [that] God has to give— all the baptism. H. G. [Holy Ghost] &c— If the dead rise not why are you baptised for them if they are to lay in the grave forever— plan devised around the eternal throne of God— established by Paul. brought to light by Joseph— and the man that will lift his voice against it is a heard harted retch unfit to preach the gospel. has a figure— the the L. D. S [Latter Day Saints] know what H. C [Habeas Corpus] means— have reason— have laid down an eternal fiat law of adoption into the k of G. [kingdom of God] I have shewed that many good have died without this privilege of obeying according to old English law— as man became involved was thrown in prison— law was irrevocable— was to be shut up in prison there remain untill he has paid the utmost farthing. Here are two men— a swindler, gambler, [k]nave, hypocrite &c but he has cunning enough to avoid detection becomes involved seized by writ condemned— carried to prison— deserves his fate. another man lives under the same law— good man. benevolent faithful— through some mishap becomes involved— law knows no difference— seized by writ— he says I am honest virtuous &c Law must have its course if the heavens weep— put in the same prison with the bad man— one man deserves his fate— that was to[o] proud to obey the gospel— the other never heard. They are now in this place— the Law holds him he cant work— the longer there the w[o]rse of[f]— wrse & wrse. by & by— & this is no dream, you have seen men died in prison— God be praised Laws are daming while this man is in this situation— he reflects he has been taken a gt way off— his friend sympatizes— he searches finds writ of Habeas Corpus— can do what the man cant do for himselfe, goes to the judge pays the judgment. gets the receipt gets it recorded in presence of witnesses— The judge is one witness He gets in his Chari[o]t, goes to the prison— the mans chains fall off he goes to his family— they praise the Ld &c All this is no dream. Men are willing to believe that [p. 7 [37]] men— ignorant lawgivers will say that the body was put there to pay the utmost farthing & yet they will deny God the privilege of devising a plan for their delverance fiat law— men die without hearing &c. the Saviour & apostles preachd to the spirits during their mission— where did Stephen Peter James Paul on go &c— where do we now go— to mount Z.— Let the Saviour Peter &c go— we will now come to mount Zion— to the tops of the mountains— to the place where God had his eye on. On Mt Z shall come saviours land shadowy wings. I feel like a young welp, there are lions— and the world will find thing[s] so. There are some of the sons of Jacob here— they sit around me. their blood will begin to rise— where is Ephraim is gone to— Hoshe— & the children of Israel shall abide many days &c
Ephraim is turned to his idols among god without bodies or parts prov Live testimony of former & latter prophets— 1700 fold cone cant easily be broken. God knows Ephraim— shall be desolate in the day of rebuke in the tribes of Israel &c God put more blessings in E than all the 12 tribes. How can E. mix among the people— just as the L. D. S can mix with the people of — hope they wait if the daughter marry &c God wants the blood pure— the record of Joseph comes forth in the hand of E. The eye that nevr sleeps has had his eye on some of the families— God will protect them & every arm that is lift against them shall be brought to the earth God said it. When E. spake trembling &c there he is— dead— gone— such say the people— he dont know it— shall God choose these men for Saviors in the Last days— Jeremiah 31— want to prove that as the Ld lives just so sure he will choose E. for his first born & then he’ll have Jacob and they will build the house in Zion “At that time I will be a God” &c
He that scattered Is[rael] will gather him or God has commenced to set up Zion— Saviou[r]s have come up— [p. 8 [38]]


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