Minutes and Discourses, 6–9 April 1844, as Reported by Thomas Bullock

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Prayer by , after which the Choir sung an hymn. Elder with no ordinary degree of satisfaction felt the privilege that he enjoyed this morning— want of health has kept him in silence for nearly five years.— violence of disease using its influence— seeds of disease &c all combined prostrated him he has come forth from his bed of sickness— for the first time in his character— <​he had not​> come before a conference for the last 5 years— I hardly promise myself lungs to make this congregation hear me— I shall do the best I can and the greatest can do no more— the history of this Church which I have known from its infancy— my text is Behold the Church of <​Jesus​> Christ <​in the last days​>— I can make a text for myself as well as Paul— I recollect in the year 1830 I met the whole <​Church​> of Christ in a little old log house about 20 feet square near Waterloo— <​we​> talked with great confidence and talked big things altho but few— knew 14 years ago that it would be as large to day as it is— we were as big then as we shall ever be. if we did not see this people— we saw it thousands larger— the people thought we were going to upset the government altho we were not enough to man a farm all [illegible] Elders— all the members met in conference in <​a room​> 20 feet square— was put in jail for reading a Book of Mormon— he came to see us— he after came to and said he was a convert— many things were taught, preached, & believed then we knew the whole world would laugh at us— so we concealed ourselves— we had things to say to one another that nobody else knew of— the all nations should flock to it— whole nations born in one day— we talked such big things. we could tell such things for the salvation of men— we were obliged to retire to our secret chambers and commune ourselves with God— <​we have now arrived at the age of 14 &​> can now choose our own Guardian— if we had told them, what our eyes now behold this day— they would not be believed, but the rascals would have shed our blood if we had only told them what we believed— we saw all things pass and repass— here I never could have been here— we were alone. we had to run and hide ourselves from the violence of the mobs. the time has come now, to tell why we did it— we were maturing plans 14 years ago which we can now tell— no secret plans— no combinations— you never would have been here had it not been for the little meetings we had— the cry of false prophet and Imposter would have rolled us— all things were engraved upon the hearts of them— never could be taken out of the heart— it was indelibly engraved— no power could obliterate— it— this was the period when God laid the foundations of the Church of God and laid it firmly— if any man said it was not the work of God I know they lie— some of you who know you have a house how long would it take to make you reason yourself into a believe that— you had no house who will rise or fall— but we know that here is the Church of God and I have authority before God [p. 1] I have slept with it I have walked with it and I defy men and devils to put him <​me​> out he <​I​> defied <​defy​> all— he <​I​> knows God I have gazed upon the throne <​Glories​> and visions of God <​& the visions of Eternity​>— I know it to be true— what has a man of God to do with the little things— he sits in the throne and laughs at you— one blast of his— sends you in hell— these are the beginning of good days shut up in a room eating nothing but dry Johnny Cake and buttermilk every man who had a little farm, or clothes, sold and distributed it— I saw the time that I had nothing to eat— nothing to wear— and yet it was the beginning of good days some says I want plenty to eat, to drink, to wear, and a good house to live in & then I will believe— but God wont do it— no wonder then that we should be joyful to day— glories gazed on— but told where Jehovah looked on— lo it is beauty— it is heaven— it is felicity to look on— I should marvel if it was otherwise— if a man tells you one glory one message, he is learning another— dont be astonished at seeing men in secret meeting asking God for things for your benefit— go back to the commencement of this Church and see what was concocted then, why then fear, dread— has god forgotten to be merciful— to mankind— did he ever concock any thing that was devlish for man— he could not do it, but I would hold him before he should do it— I have none of those fears, jealousies, dreads, &c whatever God does for me it is for to save me— your instructions, your doings shall be for my salvation— a man is a bad teemster who runs his team in the worst road— how much like the Gospel— I have been surprized (several Indians now came in) I have given this congregation thanks— I have higher testimony than that. I have given you the order of the beginning. I have handled, seen, heard things which I have not yet told— after this church began to grow— it was favored with men who were wise men— who taught your virtue— some sectarian— some men turn out things which the devil has revealed—— when Israel went up to Canaan— many were were snivelling and murmuring so it is in the last days— but they are not so well fixed as Moses was— for he gave them leeks and onions— for he killed them— and took better men into the land— but we are not going to it— they may go on the way to hell without a grunt after you— every year these things have been told of— many men have more wisdom before it is revealed— and knows all things before they are heard— I they understand more than God knows— if we get all nations we get all wisdom— the Great Jehovah sits in heaven and tells us how he wills to save men— I do not know whether there any are of these wise men, <​are​> here—
we talked about heaven’s plan of salvation— I will give some reasons why salvation only belongs to the kingdom of God and to that alone— to us peculiarly— will that be clear enough I discover one thing mankind has labored under one universal mistake about this— Salvation is always the result of Government for God always set up a kingdom by Governt. [p. 2]
I will say to the defiance of all men— that I infringe no man is not an honorable man if he is not above all law— I see in our town we have need of Government some study law only to know how many feuds, broils they can kick up and say I am above “I know my rights and will have them”— “I did not know it was the marshall or I would not have done it” he is no Gentleman— no marshall nor no any one else should pull me up— I would live a great way inside where law rules— I would live far above all law— it is far more righteous than living as they do—
<​(the Prophet)​> will rest a few moments from his exertion
The Choir sung 104th.
— I address this congregation with pleasure— to tell those principles— to enlarge their minds or produce any beneficial results I am well repaid— many things have been spoken by with edification— their hearts must be touched by those things that have been recited at pleasure— we trace the rise of kingdoms— of nations &c historians dwells with great minuteness into the history of those men who took the lead of those kingdoms— chieftains— republics— we look back to the time when this was under the rule and tyranny of G. Britain— we trace the names of Washington La Fayette &c— all men look upon this thing with as great a view as any of these things— how much more great— more noble <​are​> than these things— can we be surprized when we see an a man of God who can contemplate the glories— the visions of eternity— and a man of God who now beholds the things roll on which he has beheld in prophetic vision. where is the comparison of things which are past and things which are present— most men have established their kingdoms by blood by tyranny— whence did most of the mighty men get their glory— one history of blood, carnage and desolation— and yet these great men were called honorable by their deeds of rapine and slay their thousands— cause the orphans to weep and the widows to mourn— they have made themselves immortal— as great men the Patriot’s of this had a laudable view they stood up in defence of freedom &c &c but where is it now— alas the gold has become dim— where are those laws that say that all men are born free— where is the Constitution that says they shall worship God according to the dictates of your conscience— ye are exiles in a land of freedom— let it not be told among the monarchs of Eurpoe lest they laugh and say Ah Ah as we would have it— let it not go abroad that your are exiles— but tell your rulers all their deeds of fame are tarnished— are we now in a land of Liberty freedom No we are stripped of our possessions and our Government authorities say your cause is just but we can do nothing for you— here are thousands of men in bondage and you say you are in a land of freedom— shake off your fetters and proclaim us free— I spoke of this [p. 3] because it is one of the greatest, pure, best, and yet what a melancholy picture your cause &c Oh your venerable fathers who fought for your — mourn mourn over your s shame— we have one of the best, <​the most patriotic​> the most pure, as a pattern, and yet what a picture— here we speak of a La Fayette Washington Munroe Jefferson— and yet what has been done— those glorious truths men have done— scarcely has one generation passed away— and what is our situation 15000 men people petition Government but can obtain no redress— a few men in a log cabin to see the visions, through the vista, and behold the things of futurity— they were laying the foundat[io]n. of those things that had been, were, and would be, when I gaze upon this co. I gaze upon a Co. who will stand up in defence of the opprest of whatever country, nation, <​color​> or clime and they have received from the bosom of the Great Eloiheam. all power of mobs— &c &c cannot quench it— it is comprehensive as the designs of God expansive as the Universe— I do not care if he is a man of this Color, a Negro— or who he is I say cherish them let them expand— if the tree of liberty has been knawed by insects <​worms​> we will stand up in defence of our liberties & proclaim ourselves free, in time and in Eternity
The Prophet spoke— morning gone &c— choir sing the Red Man ¼ to 1.
Prayer by — dismissed for one hour
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April 6th. 1844
afternoon meeting
The president arrived at ½ past 2. The Choir sung an hymn. Prayer by Elder The Choir again sung— said we were discoursing on the history of the Church of Christ— he had got tired of hunting the Bible for a text— I have heard many an excellent discourse made <​spoiled​> from a bad text— in the earliest history of the Church of Christ— the manner in which light was given the height & depth of conviction— all persons whoever they were who had turned away from the Church of Christ & said they did not believe. I give the lie— they do not believe that it is the Church of Christ for it was driven into him with an irresistable force— the things that were in its infancy done in secret are now made known to this immense congregation— there never will be anything but what will be your property but the time is coming when I every eye shall see and every ear shall [h]ear I happen to know all its history— and I intend to day that you and the world shall hear when God was revealing his will— I have been with the President for weeks seeking God with prayer and fasting— and when it was known that we were there— a mob of 20 or 30 ruffians came damning & roaring against us— our houses were surrounded— at this important period the heavens were opened to us— there was a Gent from came & spent a number of days with us— he walked out in a dark night & saw in one place a man armed with a rifle & he found no less than a doz. & he seen them all more than half a mile— & he swore he would kill some of those rascals— at last there got some hundreds of them— I was dragged out of my bed & was put on a large wood pile— some were putting it on me my head went thump thump upon the hard frozen ground— they then threw a quantity of pitch upon me and when they attempted to threw some thing else on me I fell and the next morning when I went to the same place I found it was a quantity of aqua fortis that they were going to throw on me— I think it right to let this congregat[io]n. know a few of these events— this Church has come up thro great tribulation, trouble &c &c & all the powers that the devil ever thot. of— there are men in your midst this day who fears neither men nor devils— you have men in your midst who you can do nothing with them— you cannot do any thing this side eternity with them no rebels no powers nor angels can do any thing with them & if you want to get rid of them you must send them to their father in heaven for you can not send them to hell for they can defy the powers of hell & all the combined powers of darkness— & all the universe has got to learn it either in this world or in Eternity— he talked with them as I talk with you My Son My Son fear them not— for I am Israels God— they have no fear for they have seen the very place they are going to— the know what sort of God— business— employment &c is there— they know all about it— there are men in your midst this day who you have got to sustain or you will dam yourselves— for if you do sustain them [p. 5] you save yourselves— if you do not sustain them— you will dam yourselves & go to hell any how— the Church is now just 14 & will now choose its own Guardian you have this day to choose your own Guardian— my text is the church of Christ— you may choose, refuse, accept, or reject— they will dam themselves & save the very men they want to kill. I have been kept by the power of disease for the last 5 years not to speak but I am determined this day to do it— God has called them by their name— he has talked with them— they have their face before them & you cannot turn them out of it— & if you get <​in​> their way you will be very likely to get kicked out of their way— you cannot court— flatter— nor turn them out of their way for they turn neither to the right or left— & they ask favor of yonder God & yonder god alone— they never give the world any cause to hate them— so stands the Church of God this day— God has bound it up to himself— have you ever seen a man that you cannot hate or curse I ever for hate is turned away & instead of a curse a blessing comes— you are come to a mighty conference— there is no man of God but what is like to it— depart from me ye workers of iniquity I never knew you an important point in the history of the Church of Christ & if you lose sight of it you lose sight of Eternal life. if you intend to hang me for treason— you must get ready— for the God of Heaven is setting up a kingdom of his own right in the midst of all— & swallow up all— all men want to get situations and so attempt to put it down but they cant do it— I want to be Sherriff— ano[the]r. Constable— anr. County Clerk some one thing & some another— when God sets up his Kingdom he sets it up above all law. all human law— but it is bound by the laws of Heaven which are far more holy. we are above the laws all the time— we manage our own affairs we are ready to pay our own taxes— our own expences— we will hang every scoundrel & rid the whole world of them— make gallowses is the most profitable of all businesses to hang up the whole of the devils kingdom— I want you all to know that God his building his Kingdom right in the & yet not breaking a single law of the world— no law shall ever catch me without catching themselves first— God teaches his kingdom to reverence authorities powers dignities & so be above all the laws of man— I want to be a King one of God Almighty’s own making that I may be a King & a Priest unto my God & all ye Kings Rulers Princes if you do not attend to it I will seal you up to the d—— of hell I dont care a single lick: about you— do not do as the nasty soundrels did in because we would not break any law go to work & murder us I dam such Gov[erno]rs. as those— I am not afraid of any thing about it [p. 6]
I determined to let it out if the wind blew all the trees down— or if there is a legion of devils round about— I want to be a King & will not do without it— what to be a Constable upon Earth— I do not speak of any thing out of disrespect— I have taken this labor upon me this day so that I may not be misunderstood I am telling you how I look at it— I would not rise up to take any office— the Kingdom of God starts up in the midst of a Gov[ernmen]t. & yet never break a single law— I am a man that lives entirely above all law & cares nothing at all about it— I live by other rules by other regulations— by more intelligence than others I am a man that abides the law of heaven— I hope I am understood I know too well of the laws of the to know what I am about— this is the reason we were mobbed in because we were a law abiding people— because we would not break the laws they would kill us— I believe God will purge this Church too— we have a Kingdom so organized that if it was set down among Angels it would be an honor to them— & as it is the world it is a light shining in dark places— I am saying in the presence of this people that God can build his King— without breaking our law of any Kingdom in any Country, Clime, language— notify the Congregation that I am full of preaching I have not <​done​> half enough, & is dismissed till ten tomorrow morning
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April 6th. 1844
Minutes of conference at
April 24th. compiled for press
Sunday April 7th. 1844
Morning meeting
The President arrived at 10 oclock when the Choir sung an hymn “The Spirit of God like a fire is burning”, an affectionate appeal by on behalf of the sick, and prayer by him on their behalf— after which prayer by Elder . The choir sung an hymn— The Prophet requested the people to have good order— suffer no talking— observe the police to keep order— dont say you cant do anything for us—” and the Constitutional power calls them to keep good order says the boundaries of the Congregation are much enlarged to what they were yesterday and requested silence in order that all if possible may hear and understand he will not give a detail but pursue the same subject & preach from the same text the Church of Christ, the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Daniel— the Stone— came to the character that the Prophets gave it so as to be the K[ingdom]— & give it the right to exist by any Gov[ernmen]t. whether Monarchical Republican or any other but to be entitled to the protect[io]n. of that Govt. we Intend to take a short view of the reasons why Sal[vatio]n. belongs to this K— & this K— only— & it is to that part of the subj[ec]t. we intend to rest on this morn[in]g.— it enteres into the very feel[in]gs— disposit[io]ns & feelings of a mans heart it is exercised upon principles that only belongs to itself & when it gains the ascend[an]cy. once it keeps it always, not by force of external law, but by voluntary obedience it is by this power it exercises its domin[io]n., it is by purifying the mind & making man acquainted with himself, God, Devil & every other thing— & which will cause men to obey with his last breath whe[the]r by being killed with wild beasts or any thing else what is the princ[iple]: of Salvn the Lord begins to teach him what things he can do & how he can gain the victory over every thing— Man would not know his power without being tried— wher. in prison, poisonous reptiles— but the world is led by the Devil because they feel they have no power & Man never learns this power but in the K— of God— no Govt. or Empire teaches this— one of the Great things of the K— of heaven is to teach man what power he has— & so obt[ai]n. victory for Eternal life— the contrast bet[wee]n. the K of God & of men— man has some inherent princl. in him. it enters to the sick bed— the plagues & pes[tilences]: of the diseases— plagues Dev[i]l. & power over all things.— heal[in]g. the sick. cast[in]g. out devils— is the quintesence of Saln. & living in the influence of it & is no less than the power of God & no T. K [temporal kingdom]— has power to save men wher. Political Civil or any other sort— I only proclaim it has an honest man— all relig[io]ns. in the world that do not tend— to this princl. have a direct tendency to blind men & lull men asleep— that the L[or]d. prom[ise]d. in the L. D. [latter days] to set up a K— in order to restore his powers to the world that he wo[ul]d. set up his K. in order to upset all false doctrines K. &c in order to give [p. 8] all the power to man & to hail the auspicious day when they wod. teach men in deed & in truth— there is no o[the]r. organizat[io]n. that ever existed but the K of God— Saln. is a complete victory over every or. thing Isa[iah]: s[ai]d. the Wilderness shall blossom as a Rose— the blind shall see— deaf hear— lame leap for joy dumb speak &c & yet men call it our Impn. & the Lord sd. that it shod be the very reason that the recompense of the Ld. shall come— the Son will come & save you, that you may have no more blind, dumb, deaf, lame, sick, Devil, how to rise above sickness diseases & to proclaim salvan in the midst of the Earth— now we ex: the power of God unto saln. shall beat the swords & spears into pruning hooks— men have learned to war ag[ain]st. one anor men have warred K agt. K— nat[io]n. ag Natn. but I now proclaim peace, brot[her]ly. love, Union unto men & teach a K not to war any more— this is more like Saln. & the K of heaven in the L D. has it not right to be in any K on the Earth but to turn all to peace union harmony power work[in]g in faith & to dwell any where I will set up a K in the midst of the E[arth] but it shall be peace, holy, triumph, let no man fear about being killed because the Ld. sd. shod. be the K of the world— & I say it will be no injury to the world if all the people of the world— if they were here in peace harmony &c they wod. leave off all tumult & uproar— he int[en]ds to serve the world as he serves us & he will do to the whole world as he does by us, by the bond of Union, [illegible] of love, faith &c & is that sort of K that is being brot. into the world— reflect seriously on this subject— the Gos[pel] of Christ always prepd the K of God— always found materials in order to save all who obey it— it is a very simple thing & requires very little, or any ordinary honest man can easily obey— no more honest sanctified &c than his neighbors— Saln. came to save sinners not good folks— all kinds of natn. tongues colors & adapted the sit[uatio]n. to all men— he sd. to all he opened the door for all a system broad & simple enough for all— there is more in a mans mind than he is aware of— when the S[avio]r. pub[lishe]d. his gospel to the world said he that believeth &c he came & proclaimed the G[ospel] only one single act of the mind was necessary— a man sd. he did not belong to any Church & was unworthy to belong to any— the G. was to suit this very man’s case— not to the honest & upright but to the corrupt & foul so that they may repent man does not know that God is looking down upon your actions like a father look[in]g. down upon his Children— Father I am not worthy the [p. 9]
the Savior wants you just to believe that he tells you the truth, same as a tender father wants his children to turn again unto him— he who is a Strange[r] & does not understand the plan of Saln. may turn & be bapt[ize]d that he may be saved— it is impossible for any man to be better than he is now when a man is prayg. himself to God he is prayg. himself right into hell but when he calls oh my God I am unworthy I will obey— he is then taken by the hand & when he does obey he is made one of the family— the Lor[d] says come my son Dau[ghte]r listen to me— be bapd. & I will remit your all sins I will remember your transgressions no more. he will instruct you in common with all the rest the Saln. of every man & women turns upon only turn of the mind & can place himself so as to be a holy member of the K of God— if he decides agt. it he places himself in opp[ositio]n.— I need say but a few words on the Spirit— the Ld. says here is the 1st. act of obedience be bapd. & the very angels in heaven rejoice upon your decision to obey— did & they rejoice— every man has this power within themselves & have the power to make the heavens glad Oh Sinner did you ever think of that— that you have this power in heaven as well as on Earth— wod. to God if there is a Sinner in this Cong[regatio]n. that he may hear me— the Lord can wash thee as white as wool & as brilliant &c— I wod. like men that know not God just feel it for one moment— no man ever did a great thing until they did this thing & it is in the power with any scoundrel to obey & make the very heavens ring— let no man or woman say I am unworthy— but say I am just as worthy as my God will make me— do not blind your mind with Sect[arianis]m.— I was once a Reg. Bap. I had an embt., I called upon men to repent & yet I was hamp[ere]d. with my own teachings— & men went away sick— I understand how men are ignorant & do not understand I would to God that I cod. make myself more understood— meth[odists]— teach Repentance & get prayg. circles— & pray with[ou]t. any use & get an hyproc[r]itical conversion & fain a sham conversion in order to get rid of the world & I fain they carry their hypocrisy right down to hell with them— Satan has blinded the world he has told them all, but the truth— I have known the very young— go down down until they say that they are willing that God shd. dam them— Oh Shame Shame— God wod. say my little Child do you believe— yes my Lord good master I do— then wash away thy sins— you know Bror. Spencer that you was in the same sitn. that we were damg. the world [p. 10]
I want men women & every body to know their privileges— I have tasted that bitter cup that the d l gave me— if you are not on goods God’s right hand with the Saints you will be d—d— I never knew the time that I was ready to be d—d every one is ready to be saved— God intends to make men in thousands & millions to like the way— God will teach mankind that he is a K— and loves them, & they shall not want to go down to hell if they want to do— the Spirit— it is vastly inportant in the vast scheme of H[eaven] it is the crown[in]g. theme— Repent & be bapd.every one of you <​for the rem[issio]n. of your Sins​> that you may receive the gift of the H. G. [Holy Ghost] I have now in my hand the proclam[ation] made on the day of Pent[ecost]: in the 2nd. ch of the Acts of the Apostles in relat[io]n. to the Spirit of prom[ise] which is given for the L. D.— the mult[itude] gathered in the temple on the day of Pent it shews that they were entire strange[r]s to the plan of Saln. & only learnt it that very moment from the lips of the apostles they did not know that the[y] had cruc[ifie]d. the Son of God— these men were supp[ose]d. to be drunk— & every word & thot. came from the lips of the Apos[tles]: Peter sd. in the 16 v of the 2nd. ch of Acts ( read the ch) now observe that it was the only knowledge they had of the Holy Spirit Peter says that Joel promd. &c & he sd. that when he poured out his Spirit &c &c— Peter sd. this is the Holy Spirit that God shod. pour out upon the whole world.— ( read from the 31 v to the end) now observe minutely that this proclamn. was made after the Apos: had defined what the Sp[irit] of God was he told them what a thing it was— that you[r] sons & Dau[ghte]rs should be prophets your very domestics shall spring up & prophesy in the name of Israels God Oh that I cod. make the whole world hear— what I say: & Peter sd.— the Sp of God is a Sp of prophecy visions rev[elatio]ns. & cod. touch the very domestics in you[r] Kitch[en]— in the L D. says God I will give it to all flesh— this is the cream hear it all the Ends of the Earth— Repent said Peter when they were trying to ponder their way out from the very Gates of Hell— Repent <​be bapd​> every one of you out of this 3000 there must be some scoundrels he did not say you that are good be bapd. & you wicked remain until you are his— no— he told all, the wicked to be bapd. & they shod. have the H. Sp. [Holy Spirit] How long must a man wait upon the Sect. Scheme to get to see visions— you know as well as I that it would take seven Eternitys to begin— for God is not at the head of it— I have been called by an anxious preacher to get to an anxious bench until I can get the best cann. that I can be got, can I be got converted to God— no to the anxious bench [p. 11] & it says God says in the last days they shall prophecy— could I prophecy no. I durst not attempt— for I was not converted to God or he wod. have me prophecy agst. my hearts consent— for If I had the H Sp I should have been prophesy[in]g. God says it shall be poured upon all flesh, I believe you are all flesh with some bones & live in the L D & you shall have the gift of the H. G. you shall prophecy— your S. & D. shall get on the tables & prophecy— & by this you shall know that you are conv[erte]d. to God— & if you do not do it you are convd. to something else— let us not mistake ourselves to our own destruct[io]n.— it is to be the Gospel of the L D just as fast as people believe in the Scrip[tures]: in the N. T. [New Testament]— you have got to tell them to repent to be bapd that they may rec[eiv]e a remn. of sins & the gift of the H. G. under pain of the wrath of God— you shall go into all the world & preach the Gos to every creature you shall dream dreams see visions &c & if you do not preach that you are preachg. the Gos. of anor. K.——
decl[are]d. that Bap. will be att[ende]d. to in the intermission of this meet[in]g. & in the afternoon will be addr[essed] by Pres J. S. <​on the funeral discourse​>— & all who repent can attend at the foot of Main St. to be bapd. closed at 12— adj[ourne]d. till 2—
The Choir sung an Hymn “Praise God” betn. 15000 & 20000 persons present
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called to order & wanted for the 200,000 Shingles, Provision, Money, Boards Planks & any thing that is good— dont want any old guns or watches. I want to get up a small subscription among the Sisters & as some persons supposed that it was got up among the Relief Society. I did not ask it as a tithing, I wished about 50 cents to be had to buy nails & glass I knew that a small subscrip[tio]n. wo[ul]d. obt[ai]n. more than a large one— every Sister can do a little— there is not one that cannot pay 52 cents in six months, & I call again until I get about 1,000 dollars it only requires 2000 sub[scriptions]: I have sent it to & I fear no one this side Hell— & I was not to be deterred by any woman or any one except the Prophet, I want you to pay in your sub. to me so that they may say I bo[ugh]t. part of that glass & there names shall be written in the book of the law of the Lord— it is not a tax but a free will offer[in]g.— all things are done away— I did it myself— this is aside from the Female Society— I am not a mem[ber]: of the F. Society. I wish to accomplish something. I do not want to say that the purse that has got 5 <​8​>— the widows two mites were more in the eyes of the Lord than the purse of the rich— and the poor woman shall have a seat in the house of God who pays her two mites as much as the rich. We want to get the roof in, the wi[n]dows in [p. 12] so that we may be able to dedicate the this time next year— at any rate dedicate the lower room— you cannot make a— comparison with that & any thing that now is great things will grow out of that — there is a great & mighty power to grow out of it there is an endowment— knowledge is power— we have frequently difficulties with persons who profess to be L. D. S. [Latter Day Saints] when the Sac[[ramen]]t. will be adm[inistere]d. in the Lord’s it will do away with a great deal of difficulty that is now in existence— you poor Sisters shall have a seat in that I will stand on the top of the Pulpit & proclaim to all what the Sisters have done you will get a great portion of the Sp[irit]: of God enough to last you a week— & where we can instruct you in genl.— all the money shall be laid out as it is directed— I am one of the Committee— the Com: tell me the Quarry is blockaded. The Stone Cutters are wanting work it is not necessary for me to tell you who will come— I will prophesy you will do it— there is not one in the who will not do it— except a few— I described them once & you will always know them when you see them— they will keep hopping till they hop out of Town some are Tree Toads who climb the Trees & are continually croaking— we are now the most noble people on the face of the Globe & we have no occasion to fear tadpoles or Tree Toads— we never should give out our judgm[en]t. till we hear both sides— A cert[ai]n. Dutchman had a cause brought & heard one side & he s[ai]d. By Sure you have got the case & when the o[the]r. party brot. their witness he sd. ag[ai]n. by sure & you have got the case— if you hear of any one high in auth[orit]y. appears to apostacy dont cast out any thing against him but pray for him— I take a stand above all other nasty things— do you suppose we are going to bring difficulties before you—— no I do not want to trouble them with it— there is not a man who has had a difficulty— who wod. trouble this congregat[io]n. ab[ou]t. it— let them settle it themselves— dont think any thing abt. persons who are on the eve of apostacy— God will take care of them— there has been a great deal of bickering abt. the Messrs. Laws Steam Mill— it has been a great benefit to this — it has advanced the benefit of the — it has brought in thousands who would not have come here but as they saw that the Mormons had no horns they have got a good by it— the Messrs. Laws have done a great deal of good & when we can see any thing in the conspiracy it was presumed that the rascal who presumed upon them. & I do not believe that the Messrs. Laws would do any thing against me— it was the rascal who did it— he did it & I wod. not believe if he was to swear on a Stack of Bibles as big as Mount Etna— oppression never drove the devil from the heart of any man— it is natural for a man to be lead & not to be driven. put down iniquity by good works— many men speak without any contemplation but when they have a little contemp[lation]: it wod. not have been spoken—— cast over the mantle of charity over them to cover their faults— do unto others what you have them to do to you— it is well enough to root out [p. 13] all conspiracies— do not fear the very God of heaven will take care of you— I want to put out all bad things— let us extend the fostering hand & save all men. I want to save all men— I our Savior is competent to save all— he has given, & is able to save all from death & hell— I want a Savior who is great, important, who has all power &c I know a many men who have little bodies but have big souls— we have gathered out all the big souls from the Ends of the Earth— the Gospel picks out all the big souls out of all creation & we will get all the big souls out of all the nations— & we shall have the largest city in the world— as soon as the Gospel catches hold of a big soul it brings them all right up to Zion— Enoch told the people the Sp of God took all him up to an high mount: & saw the deluge &c— & he sd. his heart swelled to take all in but Popery could not take it in. it was too large for them— God Alm[ighty]: has made men souls according to the Society which he lives in— very few excep[tio]ns.— when men come to live with the mormons, their souls swell as if they were going to stride into Eternity & head from world to world— a man who gets so high in the mansions above— a cert[ai]n. good Sister came to my house & had heard so many stories that it troubled her it was unbelief— I told her she had too much faith— I tell you how may know very thing is true or not— it will trouble you, if you believe— & you had better get something to get rid of it— get humble before God & pray to him to judge it for you before this Conference closes I want to get all the Elders together— we are going to send out those Elders together who know how to preach nothing but the truth— the Elders of Israel
The President having arrived— the choir sung an hymn Elder prayed
The Prophet while I address you on the subject which <​in the fore pt. of the Con[ference]​> was contempd.— as the wind blows very hard it will be hardly possible for me to make you all hear it is of the greatest importance & the mo[st] solemn of any that cod. occupy our attentn. & that is the subj of the dead or the dece[ase] of our who was crushed to death in a well— & insomuch as there <​are​> a great many in this congre[gation] who live in this & who have lost friend I shall speak in genl. & offe[r] you my ideas so far as I have ability & so far as I shall be insprd. by the H S. [Holy Spirit] to dwell on this subjt. I want your prayer, faith the inspr. of Alm God to say things that are true & shall carry the testimony to your hearts & pray that he may streng[then] my lungs— stay the winds— & let the pray[er] of the Saints to heaven appear— for the prayers of the righteous avail much & I verily believe that your prayers shall be heard before I enter in the investign. fully of the subjt. that is lying before us I wish to make a few preliminaries in order that you may understand when I come to it [p. 14] I do not calulate to please your ears with oratory with much leang but I calculate to edify you with simple truths from Heaven— I wish to go back to the begin: of creation— it is necessary to know the mind decree & ordinatn. of the great Eloe beging. at the creatn. & it is necy. for us to have an understandg. of God in the beging. if we start right it is very easy for us to go right all the time but if we start wrong it is hard to get right there are very few who understand rightly the char[acter] of God— they do not comprehend any thing that is past or that which is to come & com: but little more than the brute beast if as man learns know nothing more than to eat, drink, sleep, & does not comprehend any of the desns. of God the Beast can the same thing eats drin sleeps— noes nothing more & how are we to do it by no or. way then the Inspr of A God I want to go back to the begin & so get you into a more lofty splen than what the human being generally understands I want to ask this cong: every man wom: & child to ansr. the questn. in their own heart what kind of a being is God I agn. rept. the questn. what kind of a being is God does any man or woman know have any of you seen, him heard him, communed with him, here is the questn. that will peradventure from <​this time​> henceforth occupy your attentn.— the Apos: says this is Eternal life to know God & J. C [Jesus Christ] who he has sent— that is eternl. life if any man enquire what kind of a being is God if he will search deligently his own heart that unless he knows God he has no eternal life— my first object is to find out the character of the true God & if I shod. be the man to com: the God & I com: them to your heart let every man & woman henceforth shut their mouths & never say anything agst. the man of God & If I do not do it I have no right to revn. inspn. if all are pretension to the God they will all be as bad off as I am they will all say I ought to be d d [damned?] there is not a man or wom who wod not breath out an anathema on my head & some wod. feel authd to take away my life— if any man is authd. to take away my life who say I am a false teacher so I shod. have the same right to all false teacher & where wod. be the end of the blood & there is no law in the heart of God that wod. allow any one to interfere with the rights of man every man has a right to be a false as well as a true prophet— if I shew verily that I have the truth of God & shew that [p. 15] ninety nine of 100. are false prop. it wod. deluge the whole world with blood I want you all to know God to be familiar with him & if I can bring you to him all persecutn. agst. me will cease & let you know that I am his senr for I speak as one havg. authy. & not as a senr. open your ears & eyes all ye Ends of the Earth & hear & I am going to prove it to you with the Bible & I am going to tell you the desns. of God to the human race & why he interferes with the affairs of man God himself who sits enthroned in yonder Heavens is a man like unto one of yourselves who holds this world in its orbit & upholds all things by his power if you were to see him to day you wod. see him a man for Adam was an man like in fashion & image like unto him Adam walkd. talked & comd. with him as one man talks & com: with anor. in order to speak for the consoln. of those who mourn for the loss of their friend it is necy. to understand the char. & being of God for I am going to tell you what sort of a being of God for he was God from the begin of all Eternity & if I do not refute it— truth is the touchstone they are the simple & first princ: of truth to know for a certainty the char. of God that we may conv with him same as a man & God himself the father of us all dwelt on a Earth same as J C himself did & I will shew it from the Bible— I wish I had the trump of an Arch An I cod. tell the story in such a manner that pers: shod. cease for ever— J: sd. as the Far. hath power in himself to do even so hath the Son power to do what the Far. did that ansr. is obvious in a manne to lay down his body & take it up— J— did as my Far. laid down his body & take it up agn. if you dont believe it you dont believe the Bible the Scrip says & I defy all hell all learnd. wisdom & records of hell togr to refute it here then is Etl life to know the only wise & true God you have got to learn how to be a God yourself & be a K. & God Priest to God same as all have done by going from a small capy. to anr. from grace to grace until the rest. of & sit in everlasting power as they who have gone before & God in the L D. while certn. indivdls. are proclaimg. his name is not trifling with us— how consoling to the mourner when they are cald. to part with a wife mother father dr. relative to know that all Earthly taber shall be dissolved that [p. 16] they shall be heirs of God & jt. hrs of J. C. to inherit the same powers exaltn. until you ascd. the throne of Etl. power same as those who are gone bef. what J. did I do the things I saw my Far. do before worlds came rolld into existence I saw my Far. work out his K with fear & trembling & I must do the same when I shall give my K to the Far. so that he obtns K rollg. upon K. so that J treads in his tracks as he had gone before it is plain beyond comprehensn. & you thus learn the first prin of the Gospel when you climb a ladder you must begin at the bottom run[g] until you learn the last prin of the Gospel for it is a great thing to learn Saln. beyond the grave & it is not all to be com in this world I sup I am not alld. to go into investign. but what is contd. in the Bible & I think there is so many wise men who wod. put me to death for treason I shall turn commentator to day— I shall go to the first Hebrew word in the Bible the 1st. sen: In the beginning— Berosheet— In by thru & every thing else Roshed the head when the Inspd. man wrote it he did not put the 1st. pt. to it a man a Jew witht. any authy. thot. it too had to begin to talk about the head of any man— “The Head one of the Gods brought forth the Gods” is the true meang. of the word— if you do not believe it you do not believe the learned man of God— no man can tell you more than I do thus the K God brot. forth the gods in the Head council— I want to bring it to English oh ye lawyers ye doctors I want to let you know that the H G. knows something as well as you do— the Head God called togr. the Gods & set in Grand Council &c when I say a lawyer I mean a lawyer of the Scrip. I have done so hither to let the lawyers flutter & let every body laugh at them. some learned Dr. mut. take a notr. to say thus & so— & are not to be altd. & I am going to shew you an error I have an old book in the Latin Greek Hebrew & German & I have been readg. the Germ: I find it to be the most correct that I have found & it corresponds the nearest to the revns. that I have given the last 14 yrs it tells about Jachaboa means Jacob— in the English James— & you may talk about James thru all Eternity in the 21 v of 4th Mat: where it gives the test. that it is to Jacob & how can we escape the dn. of hell witht. God reveal to us. [illegible] <​Latin​> says that Jachobus. means Jacob— Hebrew says means Jacob— Greek says Jachem <​Jacob​> German says Jacob thank God I have got this book & I thank him more for the gift of the H G. I have all the 4 Test. come here ye learned men & read if you can [p. 17] I shod. not have brot. up this wod not only to shew that I am right when we beg to learn in this way we beg to learn the only true God & when we find to know how to come to him & he begins to unfold the heavens to us & tell us all abt. it bef our prayers get to his ears at the be now I ask all the learned men who hear me wher. the learned men who are preachg. Saln. say that God created the Heavens & the Earth out of nothing & the reason is that they are unlearned & I know more than all the world put togr. & if the H. G. in me com: more than all the world I will associate with it— what does Bara mean it means to organize same as you wod. organize a Ship— God himself had materials to org the world out of chaos which is Element & in which dwells all the glory— that nothing can destroy they never can have an ending they exist eternally— I have anor. to dwell on & it is impossible for me to say much but to touch upon them— for time will not permit me to say all— so I must come to the resn. of the dead— the soul the imn. Spirit oh God <​man says​> created in the begn. the very idea lestens man in my idea— I dont bel the doct. hear it all ye Ends of the World for God has told me so I am going to tell of things more noble— we say that God himself is a self existing God, who told you so, how did it get it into your head who told you that man did not exist in like manner— how does it read in the Heb. that God made man & put into <​it​> Adams Spirit & so became a living Spirit— the mind of man— the min mind of man is as immortal as God himself— hence while I talk to those mourners they are only separated from their bodies for a short period— their Spirits existed with God & now converse one another same as we do— does not this give you satisfactn. I want to reason more on the Spirit of man for I am dwelling on the body of man on the subjt. of the dead— the Sp of Man I take my ring from my finger & liken it unto the mind of man the iml. Sp. bec. it has no beging. suppose you cut it into but as the Ld lives there wod. be an end all the fools & wise men from the beging. of creation who say that man had begin— they must have an end & then the doc of annihilitn. wod. be true— but if I am right I mit. with boldness proclaim from the house top that God never had power to create the Sp of man at all— it is no God himself cod. not create himself intelligence is self existent it is a Sp from age to end & there is no creatn abt. it [p. 18] the first principles of man are self exist with God— that God himself finds himself in the midst of Sp & bec he saw proper to institute laws for those who were in less intelligence that they mit. have one glor upon another in all that knowledge power & glory & so took in hand to save the world of Sp: you say honey is Sweet & so do I. I can also taste the Sp of Eternal life I know it is good & when I tell you— of these things that were given to me by Insp of the H S. you are bound to rece it as sweet & I rej more & more— mans rel. to God & s I will open your eyes in rel to your dead all things which God of his inf reason has seen fit to reveal to us in our mortal state in regard to our mortal bodies are rev d. to us as if we had not bodies & those revns. which will save our dead will save our bodies— & God reveals them to us in the view of Eternal dissn. of the body— hence the awful responsibility that rests upon our us for our dead— for all the Spirits must either obey the Gospel or be d-d solemn thot. dreadful thot. is there nothing to be done for those who have gone before us witht. obeyg. the decrees of God wod. to God thou I had 40 days & nights— to tell you all to let you know I am not a faln prop— what kind of characters are those who can be saved altho their bodies are decaying in the grave— the greatest responsibility that God has laid upon us to seek after our dead— the apostle says they without us cant be perfect— now I am speaking of them I say to you Paul, you cant be perfect witht. us.— those that are gone before & those who came after must be made perfect— & God has made it obligatory to man— God said he shall send Elijah &c I have a declar to make as to the provn. which God made from before the foundn. of the world. what has J. sd. all sins & all blas. every trans: that man may be guilty of there is a Saln. for him or in the world to come— every Sp in the Et: world can be ferreted out & saved unless he has comd. that Sin which cant be remd. to him— that God has wrot. and saln. for all men unless they have comd. a certn. sin a friend who has got a friend in the world can save him unless he has comd. the unpard sin & so you can see how far you can be Savior there is no thing that a man can commit the unpardonable sin after the dissn of the body & there is a way possible for escape not partarly d d— those that are witht. wisdom until they get exalted to wisdom [p. 19] so long as man will not give acct. of his sins a sinner has his own mind & is in his own condemner for the G. will the torment of the mind of man is as exquisite as a lake burng. with fire & brimstone— I know the Scriptures I understand them— no man can commit the unpardonable sin after the dissn. of the body but they must do it in this world— hence the Saln. of J. C was wrought out for all men to triumph over the devil— for he stood up for a Savior— J. contd. that there wod. be certn. souls that wod. be condemned & the d l sd. he cod. save them all— as the grand council gave in for J. C. so the d l fell & all who put up their heads for him all sin shall be forgiven except the sin agt. the H. G. he has got to say that the Sun does not shine while he sees it he has got to deny J. C. when the heavens are open to him. & from that time they begin to be enenmies like many of the apostates of the church of J. C of L. D. S.— when a man begins to be an enemy he hunts him— for he has the same Sp. that they had who crucd. the Lord of life— the same Sp. that Sin agt. the H. G. I advise all to be careful what you do— stay— do not give way— you may find that some one has laid a snare for you be cautious— await— when you find a Sp. wants bloodshed murder same is not of God but is of the devil out of the abundance of the heart man speaks— the man that tells you words of life is the man that can save you— I warn you agt all evil characters <​who sin agt. H. G.​> for there is no redempn. for them in this world nor in the world to come I can enter into the mysteries— I can enter largely into the eternal worlds— for J. sd. where my In my Fars. mansion there are many mansions &c there is one glory of the moon Sun & Stars &c. we have the reason to have the greatest hope & consoln. for our dead— for we have aided them in the 1st. princ for we have seen them walk in the midst— & sink asleep in the arms of J. & hence is the glory of the Sun— you mourners have occn. to rejoice for your husband has gone to wait until the resn. & your expn. & hope are far above what man can conceive— for why God has revd. to us— & I am authd. to say by the authy. of the H. G. that you have no occasn. to fear for he is gone to the home of the just— dont mourn dont weep— I know it by the test of the H. G. that is within me— rejoice O Israel— your friends shall triumph gloriously— while their murderers shall welter for years—— I say for the benefit of strangers [p. 20] I have a Far. Bror. Friends who are gone to a world of Sp— they are absent for a momt.— they are in the Sp. then shall we hail our mor. Fars. Friends & all no fear of mobs— &c but all an Eternity of felicity— mothers you shall have your children for they shall have it— for their debt is paid there is no damn awaits them for they are in the Spirits— as the child dies so shall it rise from the ded & be living in the burng. of God— it shall be the child as it was bef it died out of your arms children dwell & exercise power in the same form as they laid them down
the Bap of Water witht. the B of Fire & the H G. attg. it are necy he must be born of W. & Sp in order to get into the K of God & in the German text bears me out same as the revn. which I have given for the 14 years— I have the test to put in their teeth that my test has been true all the time You will find it in the declar of John the Bap (reads from the German) John says I bap you with Water but when J comes who has the power he shall admin the bap of F & the H. G. Gt. God now where is all the Sect. world— & if this sect is true they are all dnd as clearly as any anathema ever was— I know the text is true— I call upon all to say I (shouts of I) Alex Campbell— how are you going to save them with water— for John sd. his bapm. was nothing witht the test bap of J. C. one God Far., Jesus, hope of, our calling, one baptism— all three bap make one I have the truth & I am at the defiance of the world to contradict I have preached Latin Hebrew Greek German & I have fulfilled all I am not so big a fool as many have taken me for— the Germans know that I read the German correct— hear it all ye Ends of the Earth— all ye Sinners Repent Repent turn to God for your reln. wont save you & ye will be dd but I do not say how along— but those who Sin agt. the H. G. cannot be forgiven in this world or in the world to come but they shall die the 2nd. death— but as they concoct scenes of bloodshed in this world so they shall rise to the resurn. which is as the lake of fire & brimstone— some shall rise to the everlasting burning of God & some shall rise to the dn. of their own filthiness— same as the lake of fire & brimstone— I have intd. my remarks to all— to all rich & poor bond & free great & small I have no enmity agst any man— I love you all— I am their best friend & if persons miss their mark it is their own fault— if I reprove a man [p. 21] & he hate me he is a fool— for I love all men especially these my brethren & sisters— I rejoice in hearing the test of my aged friend— you never knew my heart no man knows my hist— I can not do it I shall never undertake— if I had not experienced what I have I should not have known it myself— I never did harm any man since I have been born in the world— my voice is always for peace— I cannot lie down until my work is finished— I never think evil nor think any thing to the harm of my fellow man— & when I am called at the trump & weighed in the balance you will know me then— I add no more God bless you Amen— the Choir sung an hymn at ½ p 5—
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Sunday April 7th. 1844
Conference minutes
Monday morning
Prayer by — after which choir sung an hymn
Prophet it is just as impossible for me to continue the subject as to raise the dead— my lungs are worn out— I will do so ano[the]r. day— I want a few words to the Elders you know very well that the L[or]d. has led this Church by rev[elatio]n I have anr. revn. a great grand & glorious revn. & this is what I am going to declare— you kno there has been great discus[sio]n where Zion is & when the gath[erin]g. of the D is & which I am eager to— the whole America is the Land itself N[orth] & S[outh] itself & is desc[ribe]d. by the Prophets that it sho[ul]d be in the centre of the land. the declar[ation] is that as soon as the & B[aptismal] font is prep[are]d. & so as we can wash & anoint the El[ders] of Israel there must be a place prepd for that purpose //— There are provi[sio]ns made until the work is comp[lete]d.— to be as K[ings] & P[riests] of the mos H[igh] God but as all to do with the — but there must be an express place built for that purpose & for men to be B[aptized] for their d[ea]d for every man who wishes to save th[ei]r F[athers] & M[others]— B[rothers] S[isters] & F[riends] must go thru the same— B[aptism]— A[nointing] W[ashing] & all the protect[io]n. of the powers of the Priesthood same as for themselves— the Elders of Israel shall build Churches unto the L[or]d & there shall they build Churches unto the Lr..— there shall be a Stake of Zion— it is a glorious procln & I reserved it to the last & desn it to be undestd [understood] that it shall be after the washg. & anointg. here— the place that the Ld. has est[ablishe]d.for the S[alvatio]n of the dead— there must be a par[ticu]lar place— I verily believe this to be the place— & men who wish to save their dead must come here to be B for their dead— & then may go back ag[a]in.— & I shall leave m— Brern to enlarge— it is my duty to teach those who err in doctrine— the Sp[irit] is will[in]g. but the flesh is weak— it God made Aaron to be their mouthpiece & made me to be their K. & their God— & if you dont like it you must lump it— I have given instr[ucti]on to in some principles— if he makes a mistake I will tell it
called to order to give prayerful att[entio]n. I will read some Scrip[tures] & will make obse[rvati]ons by the Sp[irit] of God— it is better for Pres & to make texts— I shall speak to sinners & shall read Obadiah <​(17v)​>— “But in Mount Zion shall be deliverance “&c on this Mt. Zion where the house shall be estab[lishe]d. there shall come Saviors &c you will be able to see whe[the]r. I stick to the text. & understand it [p. 23] as this idea of Zion & the estab[lishmen]t. among the nat[io]ns. it is a stumbling block to many & altho men may exclaim they rejoice in the Gos of Chris[t] we rej[oice] in faith, repentance bap[tism] for rem[issio]n. of our sins laying on of hand & the prom[ise] of the gifts— & signs following we rejoice in but when you say that Zion shall be estabd. in one place & it is must be estabd. by rev[elatio]n. & as they must be concentrated in one— but there must be a starting point the qu[estion]: is why is it if a Zion is to be estabd. why is to be built among the Gent[iles] & they read it shall be called the house of Jacob— before I talk of the Saviors that shall come up here— I shall preach to save Strangers — the Scrip says I say that there shall be a litteral Zion estabd. in a li[teral]: manner same as the Zion <​that​> is demolished I can bring 500 Scrip to prove it— at the latter part of the 4 ch of Micah the heads teach for hire &c therefore shall Zion be ploughed as a field— when it was plod. as a field— ans[we]r. When the vic[torious] Rom[ans] laid low the Temple & took captive the Jews. I want now to no [know]— whe[the]r there will be ano[the]r. Zion— therefore but in the L. D. [Latter Days] it shall come to pass— (if a man can contend with the living God let him enter the lists—) that it shall be at the tops of the mountains & all nations shall flow unto it— & many nations shall come & say & let us go to the m[ountai]n. of the L[or]ds. house &c Zion is the starting place— the princ[iples]: shall come from Zion in the L. D. there is a vast diff[erence] from “the last days” & “these last days” it was these last days in the day of Noah— Sodom &c Jerusalem dest[roye]d.—— but in the last days they shall come & “bring their gold & beautify the place— I can bring the testn. [testimony] of Micah & of living wit[nesses]: who have seen & handled these things— all the old Scrip— as collateral wit. & have all the liv[in]g. wit. to witness it & God is bound to raise up— Pro[phets]: to say where it begins— many are troubled at the house being called the house of Jacob— Earth hell & all the rest— cannot admit it to be estabd but why call it the hs of Jacob— 48 & 49 ch of Genesis— Jacob when abt. going to his last place call Ephraim & Jacob— J. held the powers of the Pre: [Priesthood] & the H. G. [Holy Ghost] was in him when he spoke it— Joseph brings his two sons Ep[hraim] & Man[assah] Ep. to the Right hand & Man to the left hand. he crossed his hands & put his right hand on Jacob— Joseph says not so— his younger Bro[the]r. shall be greater than he for his seed shall come a multitude of nat[i]ons. & let my name be named [p. 24]among them— Man[assah] shall bec[ome] a great people— but his younger Bror. shall bec: a multitude of nations & let the name of Jacob be named upon them & shall inhabit the midst of the Earth turn to the 49 ch— & blessing confirmed anew— Jos. is a fruitful bough— Isa. says some are to be broken off & cross over the sea— my Fa[the]rs. blessed me Jacob— I have wrestled with God & prev[aile]d. for you Ephraim to the utmost bounds of the everlast[in]g hills— in Egypt— the everlastg. hills—— 10 times as much on Ep as Man 33rd. ch of Deut. where Moses was going to give the law he calls the heads & blesses the heads of Ep & Man— & 10— of thousands of Man shall push them tog[ethe]r.— the Land where Zion is— if the Scrip are true & God will establiz Zion in the L D. oh that the cap of Jacob will rejoice David saw that the S[alvatio]n. of Israel wod. come out of Zion— 46 Isaiah— 12 & 13— Isa bears test[imony]: to the same— Paul says in reasoning when God was going to graft the Gen[tiles]: in— all deliverance & truth shall come out of Zion & all these will turn away the ungodliness— the Sons of Eph will administer Saln.— where is the Land to be estd. as Elijah Elisha got the mantle of Elijah so I shall have his now chap 17 close of it— “there shall be a rushing of the nations”— “Oh to the land shadowing with wings” be as a land as a winged Cimball— two broad spread wings this land sends ambassadors— Dr. Clarke says it has the baffled the skill of all to find out the land.—— but it is N. & S. America— rushing vessels they go I will intro. one natn. that will whip all the Sec[taria]ns. & I will go back to Far. Abraham who went forth & became terrible— in Egypt they were groang. under oppression— God calls on Moses— when in the natl. point of life— was terrible in the begin[nin]g. see the plagues of Egypt— cross over dry shod thro the Red Sea when Pha[raoh] was lost— these mess[enge]rs. shall go forth from the land overshadowing with wings. the Jews have long been trodden under foot— the house of Jacob is more distinct— & the whole house of Israel— the Jews have meted out— led captive, been spoiled— trodden down— the Sons of Jos[eph]— the Lamanites— a No. [number] of them were made drunk to make a treaty— they are retiring like the broken waves to the far west— but it is only heaping up wrath— there must be a place to start from David says in the 48 Ps. G[rea]t. is the Lord Little Zion was destroyed— Great Zion of God in the L. D. Kings will come & tremble for it is beautiful for [p. 25] sit— in Mt. Zion shall be deliverance— 102 Ps. thou shalt arise & have mercy on Zion for the time to favor her shall come &c now I am going to say something to please the old soldiers— (reads) all Gods servants bear test that Jacob is the man— he cod. not find Zion he wod. not sleep until he cod. find out a place for the Lord— we found it in the fields of the wood— the fields of the wood in : — it was beautiful &c & Isa says to be gathered tog[ethe]r: whe[reve]r. the broad rivers no ship shall go up it— this is the grand center the rallying point— you must flow unto it— by water Saviors shall come up on this Mt. Zion— the et[erna]l. principles of salvation— what are they in the last ch of Luke “thus it behove Christ to die” &c there is an Eternity of words if you read without comment— whenever Gods people preach they preach the same, to begin in Jerusalem— it was Gods Etl. fixed plan, it was not by preaching hell brimstone devil &c they preached J. C. [Jesus Christ] & the res[urrectio]n. for they had seen him— when they heard him— the son [of] man created a human-being— pure— matter & Sp[irit] & these two put togr. made a living soul death was the consequence of sin entering the world— God sent angels to guard the tree of life for fear man should eat & live fore ever in sin. man & all creation were weltering under the curse of an angry god— from the blood of Abel— there was no rem[issio]n. of sins when 4000 years had rolled J. C. came & took upon him the seed of Abraham all Jerusalem was wrapt in slumber when the angel came to a few poor honest shepherds when the a whole legion of Angels shouted Glory in the highest— a child was born & the Son was given— none had entered the chamber of death none ever shouted “Oh death” &c Empires had decamped & d[ispensatio]ns. arose— these habits are for the S[ain]ts to live in this Savior fulfilled all the laws of obedience— J. C never could have saved the world without he brot. in a new sch[eme] & that bap[tism]; bec[ause]: J. C is the door & the way— he laid his glory down & if he got in thro the window he wod. have been a housebreaker— alt every man who preached anor. Gospel but the Gos of J. C will all be d—d— they the Apos[tles] preached J C & the resn.— here was the 1st. body quickened by the St. he became the first fruits of them that slept a Sp has not flesh & bones as you see men have— I am not as the meth[odists] say a hypocrite— for I have a body— Tho[ma]s. feel me & handle me & let me eat— the morning rolled away— the angel rolled away the stone broke the seal of t[he] tomb— here is the [p. 26] glory the resn. flesh & bones will have the resn., the flesh & bones of J. C. was quick[ene]d by the Sp. & the Saints will have the same tabernacle when the peopled heard the Gos they cried out what shall we do? Repent & be bap every one of you in the name of J for the remn of sins &c &c— it is Gods word— & if any man has an opin upon it will be d—d Paul says “as many as have been bap” &c Nicod[emus] marvelled J. sd. “verily verily I say unto thee” &c & a man who says to the contra[ry] is wrapped up in midnight darkness & priestcraft— now I want to find some thing for a writ of H C [] & for the dead— I shall first preach on the prisoner in prison— my friends were all good— what became of all those who died previous to the coming of Christ these doc[trines] <​are​> of God— Peter this gen[eration] have very overall knowledge of the things of God— these things were brought thro the revn. of God because God has rolled back the curt[ai]n. of ages— Peter 1st. Epis: 3rd ch— & 1st. pt. of 4th. ch— While J. the son of God was entombed in the grave— enshrouded in the prisonhouse of the dead— he was sent to bring liberty to the captive— & unloose the prisoners &c the voice of Sn. was echoed by all those habitations of the Sp.— he did not write <​//—​> much as Paul he knew 50 times as much— for he had the power to bind— & the serv[an]ts of God in these last days has the power to bind all this generatn. is to dn. God has always a cause for what he does Peter says for J. C has once suff[ere]d. has once been put to death & has entered the domains of the dead for for this cause was the Gospel also preached unto the Sp in prison that they m[igh]t. be ju[dge]d. accord[in]g. to men in the flesh accordg. to what men do for them in the flesh— when the Sp were taken from there is a day in which he will judge them in the bodies— it will raise a glory of the plans of Jehovah & is the light that was brot. from forth by this much injd. man— whom the world is not worthy of every man must be born by water fire & the H G. in the 24th. Isa. 2nd. Par Kings & Queens Rich & poor high & low all for them are interested in it it is for the scourg[in]g. of the nations— they shall go, & be visited in the future &c many shall go there— it shall be sd. this is our God we have waited for him in this mount shall the house of the Lord rest &c &c millions shall be shut up in prison while the Saints shall possess the K— in the 15 Cor: Paul says “moreover Brethren &c & after that Joseph & saw him in the heavens and that he yet lives [p. 27] “else what shall they do which are bap[tized] for the dead if the dead rise not at all” &c it is strong meat— you must have it for it is the L D every principle of God & Salvn. which were from <​bef​> the beging. of the world— why was Paul bap for his Far. & Mor. & why are you bap for your Far. & Mor.— what is the use of havg. for them if they are not benefitted by it— it is a plan that was preached by Paul. & which is brot. forth by revn. by Jos in the last days— & the man that lifts his voice agt. this doct. is worse than Nicodemus— I now want the H. C [] The L D S know what a H. C means— I have laid down our eternal fixed law of the K of God & many have died with[ou]t. hearg obeyg. & knowg. this fixed law— & accordg. to the law of the land a man involved in debt is thrown in prison— & is taken by the judgment on the exn. is shut-up in prison until he has p[ai]d the utmost farthing here are 2 men one a liar swindler knave false bror. deceiver— &c he has keenness enough to avoid detect[io]n.— is seized by exn.judgt. passed agt. him & is shut up in prison— an[othe]r. lives in the same town & is a man of God piety— faithful— & Thro some embarrass[men]t. is involved in debt is seized under the same law he pleads his goodness ignorance & honesty altho the Heavens weep he is put in the same prison with the bad man— one was a bad man & wod. not obey the Gos[pel] the o[the]r. a poor man & obeyed all he knew— he cant work— he is <​gettg ​> worse & worse— my eyes have witd. them no hope of recovery— he has been taken from a town many miles off— anr. man searches the laws & finds an H. C. what the or. man cannot do for himself— he pays the money & gets the receipt of it in the pres[ence] of wit[nesses]:— here are 3 or 4 wit: gets it recorded— & goes in his Chariot & goes to the prison & looses the prisoner— & he falls on his bosom & returns thanks for his lib[ert]y. & freedom— all this is no dream poor blind ignorant & ungodly lawgivers who devise a plan to save the body— & yet they deny the Et[ernal] God of devising a plan for redeemg. the Sp from the prisoner who has died in a anr. clime there is an ext eternal fixed law of God— the Savior, & the Apostles preached to the Sp in prison— the Savior Peter James Paul went right after the Savior to preach to the Sp in prison— we are now in the L D let P. & the apos & their dead go— on the tops of the mountains— beautiful for sitn. & the place which God had his eye on— on Mt. Zion shall come [p. 28] up Saviors— if any man will leave himself in the hands of the Potter he will come up a good vessel— the righteous are as bold as lions— [t]hese Saviors the sons of Jacob— the Sp of the living God will bear witness to it [w]here is Eph[raim] gone to— Glory to God for the old Bible Hosea— “& the Children of Israel shall abide many days without a King” &c Oh ye sons of Jacob You have got in among the Gentile Gods without bodies parts or passions—— Eph shall be desolate in the day of rebuke— Eph shall wander thro the wilderness— shall become the mult[itude] of nations— God placed more blessings on the head of Eph than upon the whole 12 natns. & Eph overthrew the whole— how can Eph mix themselves among the people just the same as the L D. S can mix among the people of — behold the record of Joseph which is the Stick & Record of Eph— which is the record of Joseph— the seed of Eph or Jacob is married from one nation to nation so that the seed of Eph shod be ready to push the people togr. when this record came forth— strangers have destroyed the strength of Eph has been spoiled— & he knew not that the blood of Jacob was in— God has had his eye upon a few families who have not mixed their blood— & when Eph stayed trembling he exalted himself in Israel— shall God choose Eph for the Saviors in the L D— Jeremiah I do not care how many honest men are before me bec[ause] they must embrace the Bible or be in Hell— Jer 31 ch when God chooses Eph he will have Jacob & Jacob will build the house of the Lord in Zion Jer 31 ch and I will be the God of all the families in Israel for “thus saith the Lord” &c
In conclusion God has commenced this Zion & Saviors shall come up on this Zion & God has given the Priesthood to Eph— & they shall come & fall down in mt.Zion & shall be crowned by my servts. the sons of Ephraim in whose hands is given power to bind in Earth & heaven— loose on Earth & shall be loosed in Heaven— every man that hears the fulness of the Gospel & will not be born of water & of the Spirit— I have no promise to them that they shall hear it in the world of Spirits— today if you will hear his voice harden not your hearts— Procras[tina]tion is the thief of time & has ruined— many— empires— the damning sin of unbelief has swept millions from the earth— & their Sp went forth into the world of Sp ask them the reason & they will say the damning sin of unbelief— closed at 5 min to 1. —preached 3 hours — the choir sung a hymn [p. 29]
called to order 25 min to 4 it is a matter of consequence that the El[ders] of Israel shod know when they go to preach to be like Paul to give a reason for the hope of his calling & if a man can<​not​> vindicate his cause they wod. be like the Ostrich hide their heads— one reason I speak to the Elders is in consequence of the 10000 reports from abroad— almost every man runs to him— to enquire if things are true how many sp[iritual] wives a man may have— I know nothing abt. it What he mi[gh]t. call sp wife I should not know any thing abt. it— in abt. ½ an hour after the man was gone— anor. wod. begin— the Elders tell such things all over the country. I am auth[orize]d. to tell you from henceforth that any man who comes in & tell any such dn fool doctrine to come in— to take away his licence— none but a fool teaches such stuff— the d[evi]l. himself is not such a fool every Elder who teaches such stuff ought to have his nose wrung— his name will be pub[lishe]d. & if found guilty his licence shall be taken— when Elders are sent to preach the Gospel they are not to preach any thing but the Gospel— to shew themselves approved & not fools. the Old man who went to preach such wonderful things is old Daddy Matthews the Tin man— I wish the El of Israel to understand it is lawful for a man to marry a wife but it is unlawful to have more. & God has not com[mande]d. any one to have more— & if any of you dare to presume to do any such thing it will spoil your fun for you will never preach the gospel— I despise a man who teaches a pack of stuff that will disgrace himself so— for a man to go into the world & talk of this sp wife system a man is as empty as an open sepulchre— if the coat suits any one let him put it into— I wod. call the Dl. my Bror. before such a man— the idea of marrying for Eternity is the seal of the Cov[enan]t. & is easily understand & as to speak[in]g. of it I cod. make all the world believe it— for it is noble & grand. it is necessary in conequence of the broken covenants in the world— I never see any Scrip[ture]: or Prophet that wrote every thing for eternity I read that what God joins togr. let no man put asunder— I see mag[istrate]s. & priests in the world— but not one who has power to join togr. by God— nor any priest that dare say he has the auth[orit]y. of God— there is not a sect[arian]: Priest in Christendom that dare say he has the authy.— when I look at the seal of the Covt. the Covt. is during the nat[ura]l. lives but it is an end there but what is done by the Lord has an endless durat[io]n.. No man is marr[ie]d. in the morn of the resur[rectio]n. but the seal of the Covt. must be joined by one who has authy. in order to have effect in the morn of the resn.— every principle that is com[mande]d to us has an evil effect— you are only sent into the world to preach— the 1st prin[ciples] of the gos[pel] to repent & be bap[tize]d. for the rem[issio]n. of their sins that they may rece[eive] the gift of the H. G. [Holy Ghost] all the mysteries are to be taught in where they can be taught so as to be understood— no Sp Wife every originated with me [p. 30] God Alm[ight]y. has given to us a plan of S[alvatio]n. Red[emptio]n. & deliv[eren]ce. & the power & authy of the H. Priesthood— u[nde]r. the Const[itutio]n. of the A. God. every thing belongs to man— legally & lawfully— if a thing belongs to me legally it cannot belong to any one I married me a & was the only one who had any write to her— till we had 5 Chi’d [children] the covt. was made for our lives— she fell in the grave bef[ore] God shewed us his authy God has shewed me that the Covt. is dead & had no more force neither could I have her in the resn. but we shod. be as the angels— it troubled me— Bro J sd. you can be sealed to her upon the same prin[ciple] as you can be bap for the dead what can I do for more 2nd. — you can make a covt. with her for etern[ity] & sealed to her— & she sd. I will act as proxy for the one that is dead — and I will be sealed to you for eternity— if there is any man that has no sense & will make any story of such a fact— his name shall be pubd.— it is a doctrine not to be taught to the world— there is a power to seal on earth & in heaven hong. the Sp of Elijah & Elias— a seal that shall never be broken & be in force in the morn of the resn.— one that is dead & gone is Sp. we will come up in the morn of the res.n— & every soul that is saved— will you believe this (loud shouts of I.) every good principle shod. be taut. to the saints but must not be taught to the world— no man must attempt to preach it I believe if a man has one Wife in this life & I know if I had 2 I shod. not know what to do— they might quarrel abt. me— & I might get a whipping one is enough— & warn all of you not to attempt it— if a man shod. begin to find you out you wod. get into some cell in — be careful what you teach— if you say any thing 1000 miles off it comes here— there are Gods Sts & the Dls. Sts.— & some carry it— if any man preach any false doctrine I shall disgrace him— God has com[mande]d. you to preach repentance to this Gen[eratio]n. if this Genn. will not rece[ive] this B of Mormon will have no greater— the remn. is too strong for the people— the world has no fair faith— you are not comd. to preach any thing but the 1st. prin: of the Gos.— there are many things that are good & great to the Saints— get the Wife that God & your Country let you have— if any bror. hears any person preach such stuff ring his nose— look out or he may be stouter than you— no man wod. have more than one wife or they will beat him— if I was a woman & got so fooled I wod. hide my head— I give the Sisters leave to ring his nose who teach such stuff— Ill bear you out in it— give him justice— if I cant get your Clear & the Continental <​Constitutional​> Congress can— why dont you teach what God tells you to tell & tell nothing more— remember the young Prophet who prophesied agst. the [p. 31] altar of Jereboam & who afterwards got decoyed away & was devoured by the lion just do what you are told to do— the day of choosing & anointing is nigh at hand & every man who does his duty will have his endowment— a man who preaches any thing contrary to what he is told will not be blessed or anointed or endowed it is the power of God that is going to convert the world nothing but the power of God every man <​that​> knows me that I have taught these prin: from the begining will live twenty years hence & you will then find that I have spoken the truth— it is as much as you can do to get them to repent— we calculate to send out abt. 1000 of you— put 1000 El together & you can raise a hell on Earth— & you will have a great deal of knowledge— we want you to be successful to bring your ten— & when the is dedicated we want to send out about 10,000 in about a year & a half the Savior was kind & merciful to the publicans & harlots— & it requires El[ders]— to have purity & virtuous— we are in a difft. dispensatn.— it is the honest & pure in heart that will hearken to the Ev[erlasting] Covt.— they are those that are noble— & good. he says they that give you food & clothe you— we want the honest in heart— the virtuous the noble— we want the good seed gathered here— let all men repent— & the El gather out the good seed & bring it to — we want you to understand that if you preach any thing wrong— you will be pub. We dont want bogus makers, counterfeiters— or preache[r]s of the Sp. Wife system— we shall see the wicked flee when no man pursueth— I want you to be wise servants & as harmless as doves— preach prin that will stand the test of ages— teach them good principles— & save souls there is not so much difference in the world as you may suppose— take away their prejudices— & the you will find them nearly like yourselves— and go forth as Men of God— be wise— you will find good friends wherever you go— drink deep of the Sp of Truth— a great & mighty work shall be wrought in the world— they are only waiting to hear the truth— have a well ord[ere]d life & a godly conversat[io]n. when thousands & tens of thousands shall flock to the standard— & go up to Zion— why— because they are good souls— have the knowledge of truth drove into you like a broadside— I am serious in what I say & it has the power of God with it— spoke an hour & half
the the Election the sending out of members has not been spoken of
concurred in what had been said— I shod. have supp[ose]d that the ordinary stock of common sense wod. have been unnecessary— the grand object is the promulgation of the Gospel, there is a feeling in mo. man— there is an aspiring theme that simulates all that tends to the grand object— that principle like all others is liable to abuses— I commenced my public life young— & have met with all cha[llenge]rs from the highest to the lowest [p. 32] there is a feeling in all men that they desire to let the people know they something I had a desire there shod. be a reality in it— persons often tell things they do not know themselves— & so bring them to shame— I suggest a gen[era]l. rule— every one has a lesson that will result in good to others— you have heard the highest literary characters when you see a congre[gatio]n. before you— you have in your person all the world knows— some try to think that the congren. know more than any o[the]r. people— & so prostrate themselves— men who have been proclaiming the 1st. princ[iples] want to break into something fresh— some principles are reduced to great simplicity in your mind & you want to go further with some idea as high as heaven & as expansive as Eternity— & you so astound them that they run away & cannot understand you— what is common to one neighborhood & is common to every other— you recollect the par[ticu]lar thots that came into your mind when you were first conv[erte]d— the same thots. one in the same sitn. as congren. as you had it is proof to you that they were the very truths that convd. you— I rise to give you some stand[in]g rules— the very things that convd. me will convert anor.— a few elementary prin: are suff[icien]t. to preach to all— ask yourself what would have suited me— & that will suit others— Solomon a man wields a mighty influence by his own deportment there is a cert[ai]n. deportment & behavior in a man— 3 mos. will make a man higher than the generality of society round him— steps are short— the victory easy— compare yourselves with ors.— guard yourselves agst all follies— rise in the majesty of thot.— be gov[erne]d. by wisdom— let common courtesy & deportment mark that par[ticu]lar
adjourn till 8. tomorrow morning
Monday, April 8. 1844
Conference Minutes—. [p. 33]
Tuesday morning april 9th. 1844
Bro was giv[in]g. remarks to all to speak noth[in]g but the truth— Bro. Snow preached what he knew— the people thot. he did not know much— but they soon found out that there was an unfathomable abundance of knowledge in him— some p[er]son had been in bec[ause]: they had heard Mormonism preached by a person who read his patriarchal bless[in]g. as an introd[ucti]on with a witness— & he ought to be ashamed— some men go out & get so swelled out [t]hat they can tell a pack of stuff— I wish men would use common sense— & not keep gabbing some imprudence— we are made free— free from the dan: of error— not at liberty to tell what you do not know— never tell any thing of a Bror. to disgrace yourself— if a man speaks the truth— God will save him— speak truth— consistency— preach what you know— if you do not preach all you know— give them one or two good ideas & they will think you are a smart man— & I testify that if a man preaches what he knows he will never be called in question— teach simple so as all may understand— teach so as to exalt the individual & if teach the simple truth to bel[iev]e in the L[or]d. G[od]— repent of their sins— be bap[tize]d. for the rem[issio]n. of th[ei]r. sins so as to rece[ive] the gift of the H. G. [Holy Ghost] & the field is wide enough—
Pres says what has been given is correct. the speech & conduct of Elders one towards anor.— one El. will speak evil of anor.— & while you undertake to trample anor. you will sink yourself— a man has sinkg. princ: but if his feelings are elevated— he will build up others & build up himself— just as sure as one El. tries to build himsself up on the destr[ucti]on of anr. he will surely sink himself— I wod. like to sit & hear one anor. talk for a week but as bus[iness] is press[in]g. we must hurry thro’— preach repentance to this gen[erati]on.— faith must go before rep[entance]: & of course must follow the course of laws for the remn. of sins so as to rece the Gift of the H. G. & then your mission is done. let a man who goes into the vineyard build up all he can—— if a man preaches any thing error— pray to God that no man may remember it any more— no El will correct anr. in public— without he has the sinkg. prin I call all the Elders togr. to witness that I wod. all use Charity for it covers a mult[itude]: of sins— the proc[lamatio]n. of J. S. [c]oncerng. the El going forth into the Vineyard— to build up the — get their endowm[en]t. & be prep[are]d. to go forth & preach the gos[pel]— you may build up Zion— learn to be men. & not children it was a perfect sweepstakes when the Prot. called N. & S. America is Zion— let us go to & build the with all our mi[gh]ts. that we may build up the K[ingdom]—— when estabd.— & her cords lengthened— it is a perfect knock down to the d—ls kingdom— there is not an El. who cannot build up a Church— how many men will give you large sums to build there— it proves the words of the Pro of the L. D. [latter days] the Priesthood is filled to every capacity in the world— there are blessgs & cond[iti]ons in that Pri[esthood] that suits every man— this will suit the cond[iti]ons of thousands. & bec: it is as broad as the heavens deep as hell wide as eternity— I am asked all sorts of questions [p. 34] abt. makg. Gods & devils & organ: the Et[erna]l. worlds— but we cod. not get it precisely into our understandgs. so as to make them— if we cames th the God we serve is the God of Ab[raha]m. Isaac & Jacob—— there is no need of breakg. the law of the Lord [Land?] if you keep the law of the Lord— I want a Wife that can take care of my Chil[dren] when I am away— who can pray— lay on hands anoint with oil & baffle the enemy— &. this is a Sp[iritual] Wife— the Sweepstakes is a perfect knock down to the d—l— we will build <​up​> the Churches— & establish Zion— this is a fire & cannot be put out— it has spread far faster than ever we did bef[ore]— if you kick us & cuff us we will turn the world upside down— & make the cart draw the horse— we want to build the — & have the roof on this fall— in the name of Israels God— there are hundreds of El who will sell to build the — pay up our Tithing— if there is some men who have not paid their Tithing will not get in there— let the Branches send teams with provi[sio]ns to work all the year— we are acq[uainte]d. with the views of Gen S. the Democrats & Whigs & all fact[io]ns. it is now time to have a Pres of the — El will be sent to preach the Gos[pel] & Election the Gov[ernmen]t belongs to God— no man can draw the dividg. line bet[wee]n. the Govt. of God & the Govt. of the Chil of men— you cant touch the Gos with[ou]t. infringing upon the comn avocatns. of men— they may have helps <​&​> govt. in the Church but it is all and once at last
April 9 1844
The — I never knew one proclamn. to be understood at once— wished to draw the attn. first to build the get your washgs anointgs. & endowt. after that to build up branches throughout the natns. we must do all we can to build the — & after that to build up Churches— the gathering will continue here until the has its endowts. & after that the gathering will be from the natns to the n. & S. America the Land of Zion— N. & S. A. are the symbols of the wings— the gathering from the old countries will always be to head quarters— & I have no doubt this conf[erence]: will do a great deal of good— we have every power & prin[ciple]: to teach the people— say what God says & say no more— never deviate one fract[io]n. from what God tells— you— remarks were very correct— give out the simple prin: a man never fails who only says what he knows— & if any man says more & cant give reasons he falls short— preach the 1st prin— preach them over again— a man will find day after day fresh things— you can enlarge upon it— so as to comprehend it verily so as to make it more plain— that scarce any honest man will list not obey it— adduce suff[icien]t. reason to prove all things— & you can convert every honest man in the world— the Gos of J. C [Jesus Christ] is not prevalent in the world— altho it is written in the holy book— you can prove it by the holy book they profess to bel[iev]e in— so strong & convincing that people will hear it by thousands— the Scr[ipture]s. says it is to you given to know the mysteries of God but to the world &c you have power— you are authd.— & put down every [p. 35] foolish thing you hear— a wise man will put it out of existence as he goes along for light cleaveth unto light— knowledge to knowledge &c we engage in the Election same as any other princ: you are to vote for good men. & if you do not do this it is sin— to vote for wicked men it wod. be sin— choose the good & refuse the evil all prin: have preyed upon us like wolves— dn. the rod of tyranny— curse it— let every man use his liberties accordg. to the Constitn— dont fear man or devil electioneer with all people male & female— to do the thing that is right— we want a President: not a party Pres: for a party disfranchises the or. part— have a Pres. who will maintain every man in his rights— I wish all to do all the good you can we will try to convert the natn. into one solid Union— I despise the prin: that divides the natn. into party & fraction— I want it to grow up like a Green Bay Tree— Dn the opposing Belligerent powers— what is the right of these let them have it— then if we were all in union— no one dare attempt to put on our soils— I dont like to see the rights of trampled down— I dm. all such things <​persons​> as wod. allow any one to take or any other place— & dn. all who attempt it— lift up your voices like Thunder— there is power & influence enough to put in a President I dont wonder at the old Carthegenian Lawyer being afraid of J. S. being elected— (the cleanest & biggest vote— & the most unanimous vote that ever was passed in the world went for Joseph Smith to be President)
//// as Pres Smith was makg. obvons [observations] it made me think of the 1st. time that I went out into the vineyard to Preach— I dwelt on one subject till it branched out <​like unto a Tree that was cultivated— until the branches shoot forth​> some suppose you had only seed to plant <​& that seed was an acorn​> & <​you​> spend all your time in cultivating it <​till it comes forth a great & mighty tree branching forth— & so it is with the 1st. princ: of the Gos: they branch out in all directions it is an eternal prin:​> I never preached any thing else but the 1st. prin: <​when first we went to we preached nothing but the 1st. prin & never preached on the gatherg. but as soon as they were bapd.​> they all had the Sp of Prophecy, & prophesied of coming to this Land <​as being the Land of promise & the time wod. come that they wod. come here​>— yet we never taught the Gathering— or <​Book of—​> Doctrines <​& Covenants​> if you tell the people to stay— they will gather here stronger than ever— if a man wants to cut any thing off you shoud. know how to restore— <​you shoud never cut off the laws of the people until you are able to make them others​> it is do not matter what way you convert them so that you convert them to the Bible— this is the thrashing floor there are great many heads green— & after to go throh the Smelt mill— & Fanning Mill then to be ground. & going to be bolt— but a many bolt away— if you get a cudgelling dont be mad— for your heads are green—
// we want to arrange for conferences— & Elders— we desn. to send Elders to diff[eren]t. Branches go & get up meetings— & protracted meetgs.— & election there— the Mothers are the p[er]sons who train the child. [p. 36]
Alfred Brown no choice <​​> George Lloyd
John A. Mc.Intosh Arkansas Libeus T. Coons Tenn.
Augustus A. Farnham Peter Fife no choice <​​> Aug
A. L. Lumeraux Samuel <​Salmon​> Warner no choice <​​> William G. Rule
John J. Riser Elijah R. Swaghammer <​​> Howard D Egan N. Hamp
Thomas Dunn Martin Titus Bradford Elliot
Edmund Elsworth Lorenzo D. Butler Alabama Joseph Rose
William H Ide D. H. Rogers Ky.
Andrew A. Timmons Arkansas Alvin Cooley N. Hamp
William D. Lyman no choice <​S. Car.​> William Brothers
Milton F. Bartlet Simeon A Dunn Jackson Smith Tennessee
James Carrol John R. Blanchard Sebert C. Shelton
Dyman <​Demmon​> Cornish Amos Davis no choice <​ Tenn:​> J. R. G. Phelps
Gregory Bentley N. Car: G Jared Porter
Joseph Mount N. Hamp Edson Whipple
N. Carolina <​& ​> O
Daniel Loveland Jacob Hamlin no choice <​Maryland ​> William P. Vance Tenn:
Francis M. Edwards Harvey H Omstead William Haight
leaves it to Tenn H. W. Barns <​ ​> Reuben W. Strong
John Cooper Daniel Shearer Patrick Norris Maryland
John Duncan Nathaniel Childs
Chapman Duncan Jesse Johnston <​​>
Joseph J. Woodberry James W. Phippen H. D. Beigs Buys no choice <​Tenn:​>
William H Woodbery John A Casper John H. Reed Ky.
W. W. Riley. Tenn John O. Angus Kentucky Thomas E. Fuller
James H. Vanhatte Vannatta John W. Roberts
Charles Spry Ky. William Batson
G. W. Crowse John S. Twiss N. Hamp William Watkins no choice <​Ky.​>
John Nichols Samuel P. Bacon Or M Duel
Samuel <​Robert​> Hamilton no choice <​​> George C Riser
David Jones James Pack no choice <​​>
S. Car: Morgom L. Gardiner <​Georgia​> Clarke Lewis
Joseph King Joseph L Curtis Levi N. Kendall
Homer C Hort Aaron Rizer Rager <​wants an experienced companion​> N. Car. Charles A. Adams N. Hamp
102 [p. 37]
Samuel White Alfred D. Young Tenn: Charles Thompson any place
William Corey no choice <​​> Martin Henry Tanner William H. Parshall
John Lowery Jacob T. Caststeel Tenn: Almon Bathrich
no useful <​​> A. M. Hardin
Samuel <​N.​> Richards no choice <​​> Henry B. Jacobs
William R. R. Stowell John D. Chase George P. Dykes any place
<​​> A. W. Whitney
S. H. Bridge <​S. H. Briggs——​> Warren Snow
William W. <​O​> Clark Justice Morse
Josiah <​H​> Perry Elijah Newman
Marcellus Bates Harvey Green where wo: good
Morris Phelps Uriel C. Nickerson do.
Pitherd Miller N Hamp D. D. Hunt Ky. Levi S. Nickerson n s g.
Elijah Read Tenn Jonathan Hampton Tenn:
William Seabury Rhode Is. Tenn Abraham O. Smoot Tenn
John Lawrence Increase Van Deuzen O. M. Allen
John Mackley John M. Powers Samuel Parker
William Savage Alabama Milton Stow
David Savage Thomas J. Brandon Alabama
Andrew H. Perkins Abraham Palmer
Hyrum Mott William Newland Melvin Wilber Rhode Is
Ly Hyrum Nyman Harley Morey N Hamp
John Easton <​Euston​> Houston no choice John Lovelace David Clough N Hamp
William Brothers Ethan Barrows no choice P. C. Ellsworth any place
<​Rhode Island​> <​​> And Orlando D. Hovey Philip H. Buzzard
Bushrod W. Wilson Allen Waite Zechariah Hardy
David Cantland <​​> Thomas Mc.Taggart no choice
David Candlin Wm. Nelson no choice Edson Barney
Henry H. Wilson Wm H. Folsom
Wm A. Duncan Wm Gribble no choice Jo Nathaniel Levrett
W. <​Abraham​> D. Boynton N Hamp Loran Babbitt Lorenzo Moore
A. W. Condit John Hammar
Henry H. Wilson William H. Jordan
Samuel E. Carpenter Alfred Bell Tenn
John Kelly no choice Jeremiah Curtis
[p. 38]
George John G. Smith Edward Carlin Charles White for ordination
[G]eorge W. Hickerson John Moon Jonas Killman do.
Levi Stewart George <​W​> Fowler
W. Fowler
[L]ysander Daton Henry M◊◊◊◊ <​e​> Mouer
James Nelson
Jacob Zundall Archibald Bates no choice
John D B. Walker Henry L. Cook Andrew H. Perkins
<​210​> Jacob Morris William W. Dryer
James Sanderson no choice Charles Hopkins Nathaniel Evett
Hyrum W. Mikesell do. John Vance Lyman Stoddard Maryland
Garrett <​W.​> Mikesell do. Samuel Mulliner
Jonathan . Duke do. Allen Tulley
Gilbert Goldsmith do. Warren Smith Tenn
Nathan Stewart
Armstead Moffit Tenn
David P. Raney <​Rainey​> Tenn
David Judah
James Graham
Orin D. Farlin
Timothy B. Foot Charles Hibbard <​242​>
Charles Wandell
Daniel M. Repshaw no choice George Chamberlain
Timothy S Hoit Stephen C Willard
John Holt N. Car:
Charl <​Pleasant​> Ewel— John F. Pitts—
Shepherd P. Hutchins
Miles Anderson Georgia
Thomas Dobson— William Snow
Washington Lemon
John Jones Delaware
Isaac Beebee Georgia J. L Burnham
William E. Higginbotham Thomas Hess—
James Holt Tenn David J. Kershner
[p. 39]
there has been instr[ucti]on enough to walk you[r] way quite through— if you want respect— respect yourself— see if there is any K[ingdom] est[ablishe]d. by the Al:y there is not a solitary man who can say so— they are all striving to be the greatest— that is the reason why God shod. set up a K in order to break in pieces all o[the]rs. K.— get the Const[itutio]n.— & see what it says ab[ou]t. voting— I hope you will not hold an holiday but use meekness & virtue this nat[io]n. shall destroy itself same as the big gun at — kill a many of the best men— let matters that dont come under your obs[ervati]on alone— give honor to whom honor is due
Tuesday April 9th. 1844 afternoon
afterwards gave a soul thrilling desc[riptio]n. of what is to be done by the Elders & advice which will be sure to drink deep of his instr[ucti]on—
[one line blank]
take care of yourselves, be wise— be humble—— & I curse all who degrade themselves as many have done bef[ore]: but magnify your call[in]g.— clear as the horizon— we have all manner of prejudices— we thank God for the Gos[pel]— the B. of Mormon— & the — & sing Glory to God— & yet those very chars will squeeze a sixpence— two inch long— we have all iniquity to bear we have the honor to be the first fruits— we contend with floods of opp[ressio]n.
go humble prayerful— trust[in]g. & bel[ievi]g. in God & what you desire to do— you will do it cease not to ask the Fa[the]r. what you shall do & he will give you the Sp[irit]. you know not the day of your visn.— what is asked for in the name of J. C. [Jesus Christ] will be granted power fell like the lightning— God was asked not to let be Gov[erno]r. & he was so God was sought to ask him to assist us from the & he is gone to hell Sq Warren of — it took 3 of him to make a shadow he is dying— he is cutting off the bitterest branches— look at — & God will deliver his faithful Saints you will be innoc[en]t. do a good work— come back & bring your sheaves— rejoicing every man has the prin[ciple] of practicing Godliness virtue & manifest himself as a servn. [servant] of the M. H God— lost his money by gambling & joined black legs those men who say there is evil— are evil themselves— this doctrine is the best for any man to practice good— ask of God that you may have wisdom to do all things— if you heard any thing of an El[der] preach false doct[rine]: ask of God in full faith that it may be taken from off the minds of the people— there will be no more Gen[era]l. Conferences held here until the is completed [p. 40]
[blank] [p. [41]]
we whose names are hereunder written do verily believe that it wod. be well to have a conference at Ottawa— Lascelle Co. Ill.
G[eorge] P. Dykes
Wm. Anderson
N B. There is an Elders Conference at Prince’s Grove Stark Co. half way to Ottawa on the last Saty. in May 1844
G. P. Dykes
[remainder of page blank] [p. [42]]
Meeting April 8 <​9​> 1844 [p. [43]]


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