Minutes and Discourses, 6 May 1844

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Monday May 6th. 1844 10 o clock A.M. Council met pursuant to adjournment. Present Joseph Smith[,] , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .
The council opened by singing and prayer by .
The minutes of the last council was read and accepted, and a letter from was also read and followed [p. [229]] by remarks from the chairman, concerning and proposed to appoint a mission to , Russia or some popular [populous?] Kingdom. All that is past before we enter this council is to have no influence on us here, and no body is to be put down for past conduct, as Ezekiel says. If a man forsake his sins they shall be remembered against him no more forever. But if he turn away from his righteousness and commit iniquity all his former sins return on his head”. He continued to speak on general principles at some length. The way to accomplish great things, is to be indefatigueble and never rest till the thing is accomplished. [p. [230]]
spake in explanation and concurrence in principle.
said he had no friends who were enemies to his head.
spake of his feelings and views in relation to the principles of righteousness & order of the kingdom.
Er spake on principles in general.
Er continued in the same channel.
also concurred and continued on the same subject.
At 12 o clock 20 minutes the council adjourned untill 2 o clock. [p. [231]]
May 6th. 1844 2 o’clock P. M. Council met pursuant to adjournment and opened by prayer by
. spoke in favor of Alman Balbit taking a mission to .
Motioned & Seconded that go to on a special mission—the motion was carried unanimously.
moved that meet the Texian Congress at their next session. Secd by .
proposed that select his own associates.
The chairman remarked that it is a standing rule of the council that but one member of the council could go on any one mission [p. [232]]
Motion for carried with the amendment.
reported that he had visited , and had advised him to keep still &c, and that all men who professed to be saints must support the church &c. said he had no bad feeling & had been appeased &c he was ready to meet on any honorable terms or receive any communication. He said he could do nothing, his wheels were clogged &c.
The chairman said he would do nothing again while God gives him breath.
reported that he had had a labor with the Laws without accomplishing any thing, but judged that they had taken a course which they [p. [233]] never would become reconciled, that said that if they would not buy out his property &c he would set up a press and go it to the death to get satisfaction.
He found in his office. He manifested no bitter feelings, Had nothing to do with the thing and did not calculate to leave.
He found at the landing. He seemed more stubborn than . He said that they had addressed the , who had received the charges and agreed to summon the Court Martial &c. They had also preferred charges to the Grand Lodge of . There were a multitude of Law Suits. had 2 Law suits, 2 and [p. [234]] some. There were some half score in all. They have appointed a number of proclaimers or lecturers &c was one.
The Laws manifested a determination to go ahead. They would not retain a standing in the church & be still
Er moved that we feel after the Laws no more but give them over to the buffetings of Satan. The motion was seconded & carried unanimously.
Er said if the take any notice of their complaints he would come here and it would turn to their discredit. The Grand Lodge could do nothing. He had been to labor with and both & did nothing but abuse him. [p. [235]]
The chairman decided that and the Higbees were included in the last resolution and were all given to the buffetings of Satan.
stated that the opposing party had stated that the church proved they were in the fault or they would not offer terms of reconcilliation
testified to the same.
The chairman remarked that we had cleared our garments.
was notified of his appointment. He thought there might be better men appointed but would go if the council had voted it. Would rather the Council had <​would​> appointed other men than choose them himself but would nominate [p. [236]]
The chairman remarked that was the design, for you to nominate and the council approve.
Er moved to adjourn.
moved a vote of thanks to for the able and satisfactory manner in which he performed his mission—carried unanimosly
remarked concerning their lumbering operations. About the 1st. of July their will be about 25 able men down from the who would be destitute when they returned home. We entered into a covenant to stand by each other He proposed that those 25 men from the North proceed to near Nachitoches—where was a brother named Chitfield having 18000 acres of land—and commence [p. [237]] farming. They can grow a crop of corn this season.
said the Lumber for the 2 houses would be ready by the first of July. Thought if there were men here who would like the business they could do better to continue the lumbering business, than sell at their present offers. He should never desert these men who have been tried & proved at the . They sawed [sowed?] 42 bushels of wheat last fall. They had become acquainted with the Lamanites. When we <​you​> once get their confidence, they will never forsake you. There are 10 or a dozen good houses and plenty of timber. No place where Lumbermen can do better He would be gratified to have those [p. [238]] families now at the go to
The chairman suggested the propriety of those families going to the and not telling who they are.
moved that go through the electioneering for the Presidency
The chairman remarked that all who could, should go electioneering, but must tary in Jerusalem untill they be endued with power. He enquired when the State Convention was to meet in . He did not want to forsake those in the . As we have no money we must go out in the world and command means, and work by faith & revolutionize the world, not by power, nor by might, but by pure intelligence [p. [239]] and prophecied in the name of the Lord the elders should have more power and more might and more means than they ever had before one hundred fold. Let them get up meetings &c &c and carry out the election. He want to go to and run for vice President
consented to run for the vice precidency if the council wished.
enquired if all should tarry to the State convention.
The chairman decided that it was not necessary for all to tarry.
moved that the brethren in the be committed to the council of Ers , [p. [240]] and —carried unanimously
reminded of a certain prophecy, and that the Lord promised to vex the nations and the nation could not be vexed worse than for Joseph to be president and vice President.
referred to a former prophecy and said I am satisfied God intends to do just what we are doing
The chairman confirmed it.
asked the privilege,— after Joseph had been President 4 years, that he should be president the next term which was granted, and he stated that as the Lord God lives Joseph shall be President next term and I will follow him. [p. [241]]
proposed that go to Kentuckey instead of .
said he was willing to go any where.
explained and objected unless go to .
explained and proposed going with .
Moved by that s name be mentioned as about to become a permanent resident of and the next week be published a [as?] vice President. carried unanimously
The chairman made some remarks about electioneering, in reference to mass meetings, caucuses &c.
The council then adjourned @ 4 & 20 m. [p. [242]]