Minutes and Ordinance, Nauvoo Legion, 3 June 1842

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June 3rd 1841 1842
Court Martial met according to adjournment in the Lodge Room.
The officers took their seats according to rank. The Rank roll was then called
The returns of delinquents, from the Courts of Appeal were then produced so far as returns were made. [p. 16]
It was moved and seconded, that the assessments neglected to be made, as also those made and not brought to a court of appeals, or returned to this Court, be received at the next General Court Martial, and that the Judges, who sat in the last Courts of appeals, shall be at liberty to make returns of both delinquencies at the next General Court Martial. The subject matter of the motion was discussed, and the following resolution passed.
Resolved That the officers who have not held Courts of Assessment of fines, and Appeals, within their respective Regiments, since the 7th of May (1842) be, and they hereby are directed to hold, Said Courts at the next regular days after the July Parades, for both Parades.
brought froward a Bill containing several sections, which was read and on motion of it was,
Resolved That the Bill be brought forward by separate sections, The Court then went into a Committee of the whole and General took the Chair Each Section was then read discussed and adopted, the 4th section was amended
The Committee rose and reported, Read a second time by the title. Rules dispensed with, and read a Third time and passed unanimously.
Title Ordinance No 2.
Sec 1 Be it ordained by the Court Martial of the Nauvoo Legion in General court assembled That these shall be added to the staff of the Major General; two Assistant Adjutant Generals, with the rank of Colonel; and to the staff of each Brigadier General an Adjutant, a Sergeant Major, [p. 17] and a Quarter Master-Sergeant, with the rank of Lieutenant Colonels.
Sec. 2. Each Company shall consist of not less than thirty-two, nor more than Sixty four, privates; Provided, That Companies consisting of less than thirty-two privates may be attached to other companies— and companies consisting of more than sixty-four privates may have the surplus members attached to other companies— at the discretion of the general officers of the line.
Sec.. 3. There may be two musicians attached to each Company, in addition to the officers, non-commissioned officers; and privates, thereof:
Sec. 4. The Companies situated out of the Nauvoo Precinct shall not be compelled to attend the General parades in the City of , excepting the July parades; Provided that they hold an equual number of parades in their respective precincts; neither shall the officers, (and non-commissioned officers,) out of the Nauvoo Precinct be compelled to attend Courts Martial, or officer drills in the City of , excepting the July drill in each year.
Sec 5 The Companies situate out of the Nauvoo Precinct may hold their Courts of assessment of fines, and appeals, within the bounds of their respective Companies, on the days fixed upon by ordinance No 1.— and the said courts shall, in the case, [p. 18] be composed of the Captain as President— the Orderly Sergeant as Secretary— and the Lieutenants as members— and the returns shall be made as in others cases. to the Ajutant General.
Sec. 6. The Major General shall recieve the same compensation for inspecting, the recording, making returns, and other duties. devolving on him, as is now allowed by law to the Brigade Inspectors of the Mititia of the State of : the Surgeon General shall be allowed one dollar for each invalid examined and discharged: and the War Secretary shall be allowed fifty cents for recording each discharge aforesaid.
Sec. 7. No squadron of the First Cohort, or Battalion of the Second, shall consist of less than two nor more than four Companies; and no Regiment shall consist of less than two nor more than four Squadrons or Battalions.
Sec. 8 The ranking officer present at any law-making Court Martial of the Legion, (excepting the Lieutenant) shall be the President of said Court; and the War Secretary of the Major General, the Secretary: and all laws, or ordinances passed by the said Court Martial shall be submitted to the Lieutenant General for his approval or disapprovall— and in case of his disapproval, the act shall be returned to the succeeding Court Martial with his objections in writing; and if then passed by two-thirds of the Court it shall become a law without his signature.
Sec 9 That all laws and parts of laws, inconsistant with this ordinance, be and they are hereby repealed. John C
A petition was then read asking that the Court Martial would order a Fifth [p. 19] Regiment in the Second Cohort to be formed, and that Capts Worthington’s and Capt Huntingtons Companies from the Third Regiment should constitute the First Battalion and that Capt Allred’s & Capt Hamilton’s Companies constitute the Second Battalion of said Regiment, which was read on motion the petition was laid on the Table.
Adjourned for one hour.
Convened according to adjournment.
Resolved That the Third Company Second Regiment. First Cohort, commanded by Capt Follett, be and hereby is attached to the Second Battalion First Regiment First Cohort.
Resolved That Brigadier General be and is hereby appointed Brevet Major General.
The then spoke respecting the distribution of the arms which he drew for the Legion, which, after the subject had been discussed was, upon vote, ordered to be laid over to the next General Parade. and Quarter Master General of the Legion was ordered to give bonds to the Legion at that time.
Resolved That the thanks of this General Court Martial be tendered to Major General , for the able discharge of his duty since the formation of this Legion
Resolved That the Heads of Departments be Brevetted to the rank of Brigadier General to wit <​to​> Adjutant General the Surgeon [p. 20] General, the Quarter Master General, the Commissary General and the Paymaster General.
Resolved That Lieutenant Colonel is be and is hereby appointed Brevet Colonel.
Adjourned to the first Law day after the next general Parade
Approved June 6th 1842.
Joseph Smith, Lieutenant General Nauvoo Legion. [p. 21]